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The Article concludes by reiterating the IOM’s recommendation to carry on with the current immunization applications in the lack of any good and tangible evidence on the contrary. [Michelle Meadows]

The last few years have induced intense issue on the autism and vaccination topic with research benefits supporting both sides. A study by weibel et. al (1998) concluded simply by stating a rare but important link between measles vaccine and brain encephalopathy between children. [Weibel et. al] Another examine by Singh VK ainsi que. al (1998) implicated measles virus induced autoimmunity in autistic children. [Singh, et. al] the very fact that Doctor Megson’s prescription of supplement a therapy via cod liver essential oil capsules corrected or considerably improved the situation for her autistic patients will serve to confirm the ‘G alpha proteins’ theory and therefore the link between autism and DPT vaccination. Also, just lately a hepatitis protein strain was taken out from a similar retinoid receptor gene (RAR beta). Hence, it is possible the fact that pertussis toxin induced G. alpha healthy proteins defect could be the cause for vaccine related autism. [Mary Megson] Furthermore, additional researchers have reported that only since 1988, after the multiple vaccination system of MMR was launched, there was clearly a surge in the incidence of autism and related mind disorders even though the previous twenty one years while using single measles vaccine registered a very low incidence rate. [Andrew J. Wakefield] Thus giving enough cause to suspect that there probably some website link between the mixture vaccine MMR and the development of autism. Though there may not be conclusive evidence against vaccination it is still within affordable limits of medical question that vaccination may be related to development of autism.


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