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Patient Legal rights

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Excerpt via Research Daily news:

This step would likewise require an assessment from the various “what-if” outcomes which may result from writing the innate information with all the mother just, both the mom and the daddy, or nor of them.

Fourth step

Based on the foregoing considerations, the physician would seem to have an moral responsibility to share his breakthrough discovery with the mom, but the decision to share this info with the father should be on the discretion in the mother. This task would demand a careful analysis of Mexican culture’s views on these issues and what situations might interfere with the decision.


One of the regrettable consequences of the human condition is the have to make tough decisions based upon limited details that can have profound effects. The research confirmed that sufferer autonomy is a particularly crucial area in which the outcomes of ethical decisions can include life-or-death significance. The amount of medical information that needs to be provided to healthcare buyers involves many considerations that needs to be taken into account in formulating an ethical intervention, but there is absolutely no “one-size-fits-all” procedure available mainly because everyone is exceptional. Consequently, there is also a need for a flexible ethical decision-making model that can help clinicians weigh the various factors and reach an informed and timely decision. In this regard, the transcultural integrative decision-making model was proven to provide a useful framework for this purpose.


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