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Grants or loans

Study Abroad Grants SCHOLARHIP INFORMATION SHEET CIP prizes these funds to help support SJU undergrad students with financial want in covering the costs of studying abroad for a session or academic-year program. Prizes are made twice a year. Scholarship or grant award portions vary and depend on monetary need. Prize amounts will be estimated being between $500-$3, 000 each and are granted on a want and merit basis. The award is credited to a student’s SJU account. This kind of award depends upon college students completing the overseas examine abroad software.

SJU reserves the right to modify or rescind the prize. QUALIFICATIONS Students must:?

???? be full-time undergraduates enrolled in a qualification program in SJU in time of application. be chasing full-time academics course fill abroad meet the minimum total GPA requirement for the designed program submit a FAFSA form to ascertain need have an application status of “complete according to SJU and intended software meet application criteria of CIP as well as the university/program where they are making use of.

Trainees may get a grant just before being acknowledged to a examine abroad program, but the merit will only become once CIP has received official acceptance notice directly from system.

inform CIP of intent to participate in a timely vogue and complete this software. be in great academic and disciplinary standing at moments of application and throughout duration of program submit the application form and typed composition to CIP by: April. 15 for the spring study abroad and Mar 15 intended for fall & year analyze abroad. ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES 1 . Upon completion of the study in another country program, students is REQUIRED to send a crafted report to the Scholarship Committee within two (2) months of the completion of the studies.

The statement shall describe the program plus the course of studies, with responses on the program, the institution frequented, the housing/living experience, and the benefits based on participating in this program. Instructions means do so will probably be furnished for the student after receipt in the award. 2 . Upon completing the program, the student will finish and go back to CIP a Program Evaluation form. 3. Upon return to grounds after completing the semester or year abroad, the student pledges to attend by least one (1) CIP study in foreign countries event every semester to help promote the program he attended or encourage analyze abroad on the whole.

Note: Applications must be total and submitted on or perhaps before the program deadline times of Oct 15 for the spring study in another country and Mar 15 intended for Fall and Year analyze abroad. Late applications can not be reviewed. The scholarship committee will satisfy after the software deadlines to review completed applications which met the criteria outlined over. Students will be notified with their status by approximately past due November for spring study overseas and early June pertaining to fall and year study abroad. Middle for International Programs 5600 City Garottere Phila., PA 19131 610-660-1835 ph 610-660-1697 fernkopie.

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