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Expenses Sikes is definitely presented as being a villain in Chapter forty seven when Bill kills Nancy and in the BBC adaptation of the book. In the section Bill Sikes kills Nancy ruthlessly following learning that she has advised the police about his decide on pocketing structure. The author, Charles Dickens, gives Bill Sikes as “a robber”, “a housebreaker” and “a murderer”. These terms reflect on Costs Sikes’s villainy in the book as they terms are associated with awful crime and criminals.

In the chapter when Bill Sikes learns of Nancy’s deeds he thunder or wind storms off in order to meet her however , he entirely ignores Fagin’s shouts informing Bill Sikes to be “not to savage” however Invoice completely neglects this and goes on to get rid of Nancy. Since Bill Sikes is eliminating Nancy in the book he listens to her pleading and her cries to get mercy while she begs for her your life. She surrenders to Bill Sikes with the symbol with the white tissue and starts to pray and cry yet , Bill Sikes completely ignores them and shows no mercy and kills her with 3 blows for the head.

It will take Bill Sikes three blows because rather than the two inside the film because he is far more consisting and this individual has come in to the house with the purpose to kill and so he can it with no extra force or perhaps effort in the film adaptation it requires Bill Sikes only two blows as they is far more furious and he came in for what reason the intention to instill pain thus he kills her in two visits on the head. In the film adaptation Expenses Sikes is portrayed to get less villainous as he shows regret towards the end however his silence makes him mare like a villain because people find out what’s approaching just the way Nancy realized.

As Expenses Sikes joined the room with Nancy after he read what Artful Dodger had he locked the door first and grabbed Nancy by the head. Nancy began to beg on her behalf life and she started to cry on the other hand Bill Sikes was not hesitant in picking up the baton and killing her. During this complete time he was silent and you could notice was Nancy’s begging and screaming. Following the murder Invoice Sikes says his initially words which can be “Get up”. These words and phrases are said in a remorseless and gruff tone about show no sympathy on her behalf.

After a handful of moments once there has been not any movement from Nancy Expenses Sikes starts to feel bothered. Fear begins to creep into his tone of voice as his intonation alterations and this individual realises that Nancy is usually dead. He feels upset and this can be viewed by his facial reactions in the film adaptation then the non-diegetic sympathetic music starts to enjoy. Bill Sikes is presented as a villain in the novel plus the film version however in the film he’s regretting what he has been doing to Nancy which makes him less of any villain while there is a impression of remorse and embarrassment.

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