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June 8th 2013Saturday As far as I know about volant is only struck the ball to the opposite direction devoid of letting the ball strike the net. Today, I invited 3 of my friends to my hostel to lecture me for 1 hour to learn more about volant, they are ready to teach me personally all their knowledge in badminton tournament, the rule and regulations and the necessary stretching.

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Firstly, I learn how to heat up my body, stretches muscles of my neck, legs, arm, and body system.

After that, We learn the rules of the game, the still left position in the service court represent the server’s score is odd amount, the right aspect means the server’s score is even quantity, every game the right side will provide first, in the event that win then simply continue to provide from kept, then correct then left and so on.

Every single round with the game will probably be supervised by a referee resting at the core court and 4 referees at the edge of the court to determine whether the ball is out or perhaps in the array of the courtroom.

Normally victory is going to determine in 3 matches, 3 complements 2 wins, point in the game for a man is either 21 years old points or 15 details, if match happen to be 20-20, winning stage will increase to a clean deuce, means one of the player has to be 2 items ahead to be able to win. Elizabeth. g. (22-20, 21-23). The first person who is the winner 2 fits first will win the sport.

After the spiel I had learned a lot of the essentials knowledge of volant. Tomorrow my friends will bring me personally to play a few matches of real video game that will apply the rules and regulations.

Summer 9th 2013Sunday 4pm-6pm All of us booked 2 hours court by grand Kampar sport sophisticated, at 4pm-6pm, because I just have my own lunch at 2pm, I had been told need to wait following few hours to be able to play sport. Today is known as a simply friendly match, all of us start off by simply stretching human body, wear sport shoes, equip with arm and calf support defender to avoid virtually any possible traumas, a racquet and shuttles. After that, we all start the match, it was a double player match, I serve the ball from the correct, and my personal team player safeguard the at the rear of of the the courtroom to catch high ball, and I guard the front part of the court to catch slow and low ball, occasionally we both swap position.

I am definitely not able to capture every ball the opposition player serve to me, and I realize that all things considered this time, We never consider actually there are techniques approach serve the ball for the opposite, the strength, movement of body, the way to hold the racquet and time on jumping will have an effect on the way of the shuttle service. I was being taught to bend down until my own eyes look above the net to see the direction in the shuttle when ever my challenger serve to me personally, when it is a high ball, I could place my own palm subsequent to my racket simpler to guess the timing and hit the shuttle without missing that. I must often ready to go on to sides, when the shuttle will go sideways, I hop 2 or 3 times to the left or right side to catch the shuttle, not blindly operating because jogging will make me feel tired easily.

After that 2 hours workout, I understand that using wrong technique to catch the shuttle or leap and area to the earth will induced me muscle mass cramp or making me injured. I understand that badminton is a very demanding sport to master and provide the shuttle differently can easily control the shuttle towards the direction which i want. June 11th 2013Tuesday 4pm-6pm

Today is the second training, same time and same place, as usual I heat up with stretching, and we decided to play a tryout of 21 items double participant match, and a friend being a referee seated middle of the the courtroom.

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