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1 . Evaluate the rendering of the Colorado International Airport Suitcases Handling Program? By understanding the case, it could be said that the Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System rendering was not effective due to the factors such as advanced technology, no proper implementation of time, lack of preparing and scheduling. Apart from this, there were many more challenges like the international airport opening was delayed towards the actual proposed date. Simply by considering every one of the reasons, it is usually said that the project was unsuccessful.

2 . So what do you believe were the top 3 factors that contributed to the project’s failure? There are many elements that triggered the project’s failure when compared to almost all strategy organizing, communication and timing plays as major factors in the project failure. Strategy Organizing:

This portion plays an important role inside the project. BAE made an agreement with Combined Airlines to get building a baggage system. However the project was a inability as the proposal of building baggage program was not contained in the construction program.

Therefore , there were lot problems after they started building baggage program due to that this system needs to redesign and fit in an additional place. Conversation:

The project team as well as the consultants have got a connection gap which will led to the lot of problems. Likewise, the job is not allotted in time as the projected previous work was prolonged compared to the proposed achievement time which will made the delay in completion. There were some issues between employees due to deficiency of communication just like the materials had been ordered, when the delivery was there automobile was not aware that those are needed and he repaid the delivery thinking that individuals are not essential for construction. In this way, it took even more days to get redelivery and the function got delayed in the distance.


For any project, timing performs an important position. Here in this kind of project, lot of problems brought up as home started before the completion of planningand no correct clear perspective was made by authorities. Frequently contractors had been late with the sight because that led to the start of that day operate.

3. Whom do you think is most responsible (Pena, Webb, DiFonso, Others)? By browsing the case analyze, it can be recognized that there mistakes done by the people who are invested in the work while there were lots of confusions together in getting the job done. Since this is a high spending budget project, people need to be pursuing the guidelines and become careful in enabling the work carried out and it’s officials responsible to keep the a record of the work. It might be observed that we now have lots of interruptions in the job process as all the employees are not up-to-date about the effort and only the managers will be known regarding the work. Due to the lack of appropriate design, the work was annoyed and raised to get the new designs being made and implemented. In order to avoid all the problems managers or perhaps officials have to reallocate the resources according to the exact schedule and also to be done when.

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