banana peel alternatively for a footwear polish

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I. Rationale

Banana is a software program starch for several tropical populations. Depending upon sostener and ripeness, the skin can vary in taste coming from starchy to sweet, and texture coming from firm to mushy. Plums are an good source of nutritional B6 and contain average amounts of nutritional C, manganese and dietary fiber.

There a large number of uses with the “banana; clown sap from the pseudostem, peelings or skin may be completely sticky to get adhesive uses, the large leaves may be used since umbrellas and many other.

One of these may be the banana remove. We eat banana almost every day. There are 95 bananas used in the UK exclusively, how much even more would it include the rest of the world?

Aside from us becoming satisfied from it, instead of throwing the peel after we eat or perhaps putting it aside why not use them. By doing this we can aid in lessening the chemical use in the culture, to maintain a greener environment and to reduce costs by using alternatives.

Instead of clown peel, is there another alternative for a shoe polisher? A great alcohol. Liquor is more effective compared to the banana remove because it can definitely clean almost everything while the banana peel may stain the shoe.


The study aspired primarily, to search for alternative means of a footwear polisher. Last but not least, to make a straightforward preparation and pocket friendly.

1 ) How do you utilize banana peel?

installment payments on your Will the banana leave a great odor on the shoe once it has been applied?

three or more. Does liquor have hazardous chemicals that may destroy the shoe?


Our goal to get our task is to talk about useful informations on how to spend less and to become resourceful. This finding is not going to benefit the individuals but also for each of our Mother Earth.


The review of the analysis focuses on the banana peel off and the liquor, on wich works best. For what reason the banana peel is among the alternatives for any shoe polisher, what’s in it’s skin area that makes it another solution for a shoe polish.,Banana peels are as useful as banana. The include antifungal, antiseptic and enzymatic properties that could be put to great use. In addition they’re wet and nourishing.,Banana peels are also used intended for water filter, to produce ethanol, cellulase, laccase and in composting.

Definition of Terms:

Antifungal- destroying fungal and their progress.

Antibiotic- a medication that inhibits the growth of or ruins microorganisms.

Enzymatic- of relating to, or perhaps produced by an enzyme.

Moist- slightly wet.

Nutritious- alimental, alimentary, nutrient, nutritious, nutritive

Purification- is when things are cleaned out and made natural.

Ethanol- an intoxicating liquor that contain this liquid.

Cellulase- an enzyme that turns cellulose in to glucose or maybe a disaccharide.

Laccase- are copper-containing oxides enzymes which have been found in various plants, fungi and bacteria.

IV. Components

¢Banana peel


¢soft material or comb

V. Treatment

1st, peel a bicycle seat and distinct the peel off into three pieces. Preferably, wait until you want to eat a banana rather than peeling one simply for your sneakers. Second, rub your leather shoes with the within the banana peel off. Use the same circular actions that you could use with regular boot polish. Don’t worry if this gets a little messy. Last but not least, Buff the shoe using a soft cloth. An old T-shirt or dirt cloth will continue to work well. This will likely removeany banana that may have been left behind for the shoe. (do this with all the alcohol)

VI. Time Desk

Time: Time: What to do/task:

1/29/15 Designate on who will bring the given materials. 2/1/15 Start the project.

VII. Budget

We defintely won’t be buying nearly anything because the elements can be found in the house.

VII. Supporters

Clarita Isabel Baran Donessa Kasandra Rule Villafranca

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