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Bandipur is among the most beautiful villages, where there can be described as living museum of Newari culture. A village where there is a crowning ridge and its main streets lined with all the traditional line houses. We have a lot of maintained Newari ethnicities with the coffee shops, bookstores and lodges. It is famous for historical temples with the eye-catching 18th century architecture and outdoor eating which has acquired distinctly European feel.

Bandipur is known as a hilltop community which is positioned in Tanahu Region, Gandaki region of Nepal. Bandipur is famous for the maintained, old time cultural ambiance. It has significantly dragged the interest of visitor. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census, completely a population of 9952 people residing in 1929 individual households. Bandipur was the control by Newari traders from Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu valley.

There are plenty of places which can be visited in Bandipur Bazaar. Like the famous historical Serenidad khadga Devi which is probably the most revered temples in Bandipur. It is exposed once in a year on the day of Phulpati throughout the festival of Dashain. One more famous place is the Bindabasini temple which is located on the key bazaar region and it is constructed in the pagoda style. On the New Year the Newari community worship this kind of goddess and wish to be content for the upcoming foreseeable future. There are also various temples like Chandithan, Mahalaxmi temple, Narayan Temple etc . the other areas like Tundikhel, surrounding areas, Paharpani Mahadev, Purano kacke (derb) and Tandrang Tundrung are a couple of the most beautiful spots makes Bandipur the most appealing one.

Bandipur is also famous mainly because we can encounter our old culture that can be lost from this 21st century and also to enjoy the organic beauty of Nepal and way of living of the cultural newar community. It also enable us to see how individuals are living in such situation where there is no this sort of technology offered. It provides the high quality accommodation in hotels and resort in Bandipur. Those who are the budget travellers, home stay is available in a number of old newar homes that offer bed and breakfast. Bandipur is most significant place to get tourist to see.


As, A large number of Newari persons lives in Bandipur they have their particular cultural beliefs, norms, traditions, rules and regulations. Newari community specific from the rest of the ethnic groups of Nepal. Newars are by linguistic and cultural community. In Bandipur, the Newars are primarily farmers and traders because the Bandipur valley acquired the suitable for farming land which can be mainly well suited for rice cultivation and also transact between India and China and tiawan. The culture used in newar is called Nepal bhasa, commonly known as Newari and has its own wealthy literature. The individuals living in Bandipur are Buddhist who stick to their main religion Yoga. The highest category is obviously the priest classes that are Shakya and Bajracharya. The people residing in Bandipur comes after all the practices which are contained in Newari Community.

In Bandipur, those celebrates every one of the festival extremely joyfully and lovingly. The primary Festival can be Dashain when they worship the goddess Durga. In Newar community, each of the people wish to get together with the relatives and friends. They will like to have feeling of the belongings, brotherhood and relationships. Mostly the newar community people want to have alcohols like beer, the special drink called CHYANG which is made by the rice and another special drink THO. These types of beverages are offered in the events like get-together and other celebrations like Dashain, Tihar etc . in just about every special occasion they celebrate and throw a celebration called BHOJ. The main type of party is usually Sukuli Bhoj. One of the most special festivals of Newari community is Indra Jatra which is celebrated simply by worshipping the living Empress Kumari where God Ganesh and the goodness Bhairav can also be worshipped. It is one of the most particular festivals famous among the Newari community. Through this festival generally, the Kumari are in the Shakya community.

There are plenty of foods which are mainly produced in the special occasion like Endast, Samaya baji, Chhoela, Chatamari etc . These are generally mainly popular in Bandipur Bazaar exactly where each and every popular dishes are prepared by every single restaurants. Every tourist want to taste the special food in Bandipur. The women presently there prepare delicious foods which can be loved by every single visitors. In Bandipur there are lots of Riverside hence the fishes are special known as sukeko maccha. These all would be the special meals which are genuinely delicious and good for the health. And lots of the tourist love the food that happen to be famous in Newari community.


  • To know regarding social aspect and economic environment.
  • To fulfil the requirement for field, go to according to the curriculum.
  • To perform a survey regarding to topic.
  • To enhance personal skills.
  • To create mass awareness.
  • To empower youth forces for creating social engagement.
  • To add awareness among the youths on significance of technical skill sets for individual growth.
  • To arrange pre-program orientation to village college students.
  • To examine the nature, opportunity, extension and magnitude of case work in the organization.


    Survey is a act to examine some particular purpose and also to inspect or consider the reviews and survey research is the collection of information attained simply by asking people questions by direct connection with peoples, through questionnaire or perhaps through on the net. Conducting review is the major research, where first step is always to collect the first hand data. The information accumulated may also be utilized subsequently by simply other celebrations in secondary research. Survey research is utilized to gather the opinions, philosophy and feelings of chosen groups of persons, often selected for market sampling. These kinds of demographics include age, gender, ethnicity or income amounts. Common types OD surveys include selection interviews and questionnaires, which consists of multiple decision questionnaires, viewpoints and polls. Now-a-days forms are sent out through estafette surveys, group administered forms or in -person drop-offs. Interviews could be hold in person or over the device and are often a more personal form of analysis than forms. Survey research is used escuela, government and business. Government authorities use research surveys to find out about their population to help better serve their citizens, when political candidates use survey research to gauge the preferences and opinions of voters. In academic, online surveys are applied in fields like demographics, statistics and social exploration.

    Field Visit

    An area trip can be an excursion which is carried out pertaining to educational and observational goal such as museum, a factory, or a historical site. Costly expedition while by number of students or research functions, to study some thing at first hand. It is a trip away from the class to permit the gathering of information at first palm. Field check out is very important to get the students as well as for every peoples life.

    Students are likely have an educational experience that they never could have had in the classroom. Field journeys help pupils interact with what they are learning. The experience goes beyond reading about a concept, students can see it, manipulate it or perhaps participate in it physically. College students are able to observe elements using their eyes rather than reading regarding it and thinking what they are told because its in print. Visiting a farmville farm and milking a real cow is much more effective than browsing about milking a cow. Field trips provide entertainment for students. They often times serve as an effective motivator for students, stirring up excitement because the trip nears. Disregarding away from the regimen provides kids with a refresher that might make them more focused in the classroom. Learning and entertaining make a fantastic combination. Field trips take those book listening to advice from the classroom and lengthen it to our lives. Students typically question the value of subject areas they research in class.

    While field trips require a great deal of operate and strength, broadening the horizons of the students will probably be worth it. Inside our country at any time school will need to organize educational tours in order that it can pretty much enhance the skill of students.


    Observation is among the process of methodologies which is most essential whilst preparing statement. Observation can be described as systematic info collection strategy. Researchers make use of all their sensory faculties to examine people in natural settings or perhaps naturally occurring scenarios. Observation of the field setting involves: continuous engagement in a setting or perhaps social scenario.

    You will discover six types observation that are required for just about every report producing. These declaration helps to establish our objective and that which we have we all observed throughout the activities. The key types of observation will be listed below:

  • Everyday and technological observation: An observation with all the casual consists of observing the ideal thing by right place and also at the right time with a matter of possibility or by simply luck whereas a scientific observation means the use of the equipment of the way of measuring.
  • Natural Observation: In this type of observation no efforts are made to deliver any type of change in the behavior of the observation. This involves the behaviour in the normal setting from this type of observation.
  • Subjective and Objective observation: Each of the observation provides the two key components that are subject and the object. This issue refers to the observer while the object refers to the activity or maybe the type of procedure which is getting observed.
  • Direct and Indirect remark: In direct method of observation the persons come to learn how the viewer is actually present in which sort of scenario is this individual present. Right here indirect declaration involves research of physical recording by some of various other means just like electronic or photographic.
  • Controlled and Non Handled observation: Manipulated observation means the type of declaration in which a few of the external makes influence and such observation hardly ever lead to a number of the improvement in the precision exploration results. Low controlled statement are made inside the natural environment and reverse for the controlled statement.
  • Activities

    Three locations were selected as web sites of the discipline visit carried out by college or university management: Ghale gaun, Bandipur, Gorkha. Because of the heavy rain fall we could certainly not visit Ghale gaun and Gorkha due to high risk of landslide. Through this field go to, I was designated to do several activities for the student welfare in Bandipur village. I acquired chance to expose my expertise, skill and knowledge gratifying the subjects requirement of our course. Since field visit is very important for each student existence and every college students should go in different places every year.

    In Bandipur, first day we went to silkworm industry. There we learned the process of how silk is made and precisely what are the different stages for creating silk. We also learned about the products crafted from silk which can be one of the resource for the economic activities in that village. Second day, we attended shree bhanu primary extra school in which we set up library for the student, decorated the class and sent out them with the new notebooks that happen to be required for the studies. All of us conducted various activities that are related with entertainment and studies. We as well conducted simple hygiene classes including processes for brushing, washing hands and private cleanness. We were also involved with recreational activities with the student by engaging all of them in outdoor games like football and various ice-breaking online games.

    Basically, it can be said that theory without practice is empty and practice with no theory is usually meaningless.


    An important part of learning is recording the results, experiences, tips, and other thoughts during the study course in a alleged learning survey. A learning report as a result supports the professional learning and personal growth.

    Our visit to bandipur village educated us a great deal about the miserable lives of the college students residing presently there. In this discipline visit I learned lots of things on numerous factor the social factor and the monetary factor from the people moving into that area. As the social component includes the factors which in turn affects the lifestyle such as religion, family or wealth. Place change over time. In Bandipur the sociable factor has influenced individuality, attitudes and lifestyle.

    When we speak about the growth of the country, we take various factors into consideration and education is one of them. Like a part of this educational visit, I was provided a chance to educate and interact with the small town children. In bandipur, My spouse and i went to shree bhanu larger secondary institution of Bandipur where My spouse and i came to understand that there is only one private college and many federal government school. There may be less education facilities and many of the time children are demotivated to go to school about regular basis because of distance. The lack of simple equipment and facilities necessary in schools is also a major drawback.

    We went to to man made fiber worm sectors and learn the process of how man made fiber is manufactured.

    The main aim of this kind of visit was to create a proficient and stimulated rural Nepal through education and as a student this allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge and new activities. We possibly distributed new textbooks for the students right now there to enable these people study. System also takes on a very significant role inside the learning procedure. Probably none individuals can analyze in sloppy surroundings. So to take a advancement towards this kind of we painted the rural classrooms and gave them a totally new look to be able to create an environment and reel in the students the enthusiasm to examine.

    It absolutely was altogether an amazing and great experience that was extremely knowledgeable.


    After conducting the survey, I actually get to figure out more regarding the education and knowledge about small scale industries. In Bandipur, we all visited man made fibre worm sector and other educational institution. There are different companies that operates with in goal to accomplish selected tasks or achieve the goals. Every industries have got its own composition and each people are given with their tasks according for their experience and qualifications.

    In Bandipur, we also visited shree bhanu extra primary institution which was founded in 1954s. There is only 1 private institution and different government school. The possible lack of equipment and education establishments is a key drawback which will bring road blocks in progress bandipur. Insufficient proper travel facilities demotivate the children to go school in regular basis. There is no appropriate connectivity from one place to another. But with the proper implementation of government plans and local participation there could be increment of progressive changes.

    Hence, it was an excellent pleasure to perform social actions at Bandipur as it was favorable place intended for our report.

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