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Micro environment factors that the organisation settings. eg workers product, price, place and promotion, it can be considered to be the local environment in which business works and owners are aware of the impacts that they can be faced with. Macro environment factors are the types which the enterprise does not control and may impact the business. eg political, economic, social, legal and technological factors. the planet are always changing so the companies must always adapt. Market environtment the action outside promoting management capacity to build and maintain a succefull relationship with customers, environmental surroundings always modify and both customers and marketers speculate what the future will bring





All businesses need consumers, they should be well-balanced around buyers.

The company`s advertising plan should aim to entice customers through products that meets the requirements and would like and good customers service


Employing staff with very good skills and experience is important.

Personnel bring an influence on your business by means of ongoing training and promotion opportunities, this method begins at recruitment stage. Training and development play a critical part in obtaining a competitive edge


Multimedia can be branded, televised or inline, confident media could make the enterprise or their product and negative multimedia can break the company. an enterprise needs to control the press so that the mass media can help promote positive reasons for them and reduce negative celebration on their status.


Supplier offers the business together with the goods they need to carry out their very own business activities. A suppliers behaviour is going to impact the business it suppliers If a distributor provides poor service this might increase timescales and merchandise quality, and increase in natural material





This relates to the government procedures and types of procedures which is exercised through laws and consist of all legal factors such as

Governmemt view on lifestyle and religious beliefs.

Taxation policy about tax rates and offers.

Politics factor can lids can generate advantages and opportunities pertaining to organisation. FINANCIAL

KFC organisation is suffering from national and global economic factors like cost of time, interest and inflation prices, economic development rates business cycle prices and unemployment rates. due to recession the income from the kfc features dropped down and most from the employees had been jobless and the rest personnel were staff few hours as well the company was required to cut down all their costs


It’s the cultural and demographic aspects of the external macro environment. the pontential of the employees who result from different again grounds and work together in the kfc, and customer trends and factors which the kfc has to consider as per their needs and wishes of the consumer such as within lifestyles and change in consumers needs and wants.


This is driven internationally which reduce s the minimum of creation levels and several of the technological factors are recent scientific developments. Interaction technology has now become the most significant aspect in applebees as when the customers are mostly delighted and satisfied with the service including the latest technology that can be found in the Applebees. the most recent technological method that are used to serve buyers faster are such as digital displays, wireless head phone for the staff cooking food utensils.


The kfc needs to maintain regulation and rules related to the hygiene factors such as staff training regarding the food and safety, personal hygiene, Clean work environment and proper usage of the items. this also deals with the legal environment in which the company operates.


Durability, Weaknesses. Opportunities and hazards. Managers must start inspecting the internal environment by looking into ineffciencies inside the organisation and will also look exterior to the exterior environment and things going on independent of the business. environmental verification allow managers to use the information gained throughout the scanning procedure to decide what strategic actions the company needs to decide to use create a competitive advantage.


Training and development, managers help with everyday running from the organisation. the must be liable in creating an energetic and valuable work environment and customer support. Ensuraing top quality products and cleanliness is sent to all clients at very good speed and with a laugh.


installment payments on your 1 SEE THE CASE study one particular from phase three of your prescribed book 2 . 1 . 1 Solution question 1to 3 from the case study

1 . Do you think there is a business opportunity for a cigar pub in Mamelodi? There is no income opportunity in Mamelodi because there are three cigar bars in exposed and the marketplace is so youthful.

2 . May be the window of opportunity nonetheless open intended for cigar pubs?

Window of options is not really opened, since already they may have three cigar Bars which their their particular target market is usually young.

3. How does15419 Sanyana begin exploiting this opportunity to start?

Sanyana must head to an area that may be has no cigar bars and busy marketplace

2 . two You have recently been appointed like a functional director. You will be in charge of marketing department. It is advisable to revise the existing marketing strategy. Answer the following concerns in light of your new appointment and task task:

How will you apply planning, organising, leading and control to manage this kind of department?

Managing a department is skill that requires great planning and development and enables the manager to devise approaches, make decisions and implement action. Planning is the process of determining in advance what cost regardless of whether it is a long term priorities. Selecting, Motivating, training and appraising staff. Establishing Strustures and devices through which activities are organized. Making decisions embodying decisions in recommendations an providing as the best of the office interrelating the various parts of the job

. What skills you need to use and develop to be able to manage this kind of department? People skill ” people usually work with these whom they will like or perhaps find pleasant to be around, or at least have good personalities the moment dealing with consumers.

. Technological skill ” In the world that individuals are living in marketing professionals must have the technological skills to take advantage of these mediums. Advertising through online community allows the communication of media promotions and marketing promotions in realtimeto customers

. Project administration skill ” Marketing need to display the skill set to conduct acuto project supervision where marketing plans take advantage of the micro opportunities.

. Promoting Research skill ” It will help determine how prior products available in the market have been provided to buyers and how a fresh productcan ideal be strike the market.

Is decision making essential for foreseeable future planning? explain why Decision needto manufactured wisely underneath modifying instances with different amount of knowledge regarding alternatives and consequences. In extention your decision making may be a group procedure. Consequently the manager must apply concepts of democratic decision making seeing that those involved in the decision making method will feel an interest in the response to the process. You should evaluate personnel in the office. how can “control assist you with performance appraisal

Employees will probably be appraised on all areas that they will be responsible for through scoring system on how they can be doing with their present responsibilities fair, good or very good. that appraisal can be quite a great tool to monitor and control efficiency on their obligations.


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