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Authors often use their pieces of work and various literary elements to explain their particular philosophy in certain “ways of life” that human beings possess. In Lord with the Flies, William Golding shows his approach to human nature along with his intense plotline of fresh boys receiving stranded over a deserted isle, trying to make it through by themselves with limited assets, and then with time losing all their sense of civilization. Initially the males combine themselves under one, but as the storyplot progresses, the boys generate different views on endurance thus creating divides in the group.

This leads to several different altercations where boys consider behaviors that are barbaric. Through the entire book, Golding’s use of imagery portrayed the characters while cruel. It can be through the explanation of their actions that Golding depicts a pessimistic perspective of human nature. Across the textual content, the author has several examples showing his pessimistic views, but first and foremost the one component that shows the brutality of human beings is Jack’s constant behavior towards Piggy.

Golding writes in one disagreement, “He took one step, and capable at last to hit someone, trapped his fist into Piggy’s stomach.

Piggy sat down with a grunt” (Golding, 71). The two main opponents through this argument were Ralph and Jack, and yet when Piggy made a single statement tallying with Ralph, he received punched in his stomach which caused him to smash his glasses. This physical violence is continued through the book, and it is directed towards Piggy by others who may have forgotten how you can respect each other. This offer illustrates Golding’s pessimistic views by describing the many ways humans shed their impression of proper and wrong.

Over time, Jack’s usual behavior becomes unpleasant and aggresive which holds against the humane ways of the world now, and rather dates back to the all-natural nature of animals. The violence that Jack communicates from time to time as well shows the cynical figure he has turned into with no humanity around him. An additional example related to Golding’s view on human nature plus the negativity it includes is the approach the littluns are remedied in this publication. In the novel, he explains, “Roger stooped, picked up a stone, directed, and put it at Henry” (Golding, 62).

Quite simply, Roger an old boy makes a decision to physically try and injure a young child for no reason. Golding attempts to show that there must be a problem with Roger to enjoy torturing Henry. His depiction of human nature is usually shown throughout the mental photos the reader gets of the fear Henry is definitely put through. Roger was established to scare the little young man into cry without a valid reason of doing therefore , except for the very fact that he had no self-discipline and was allowed to become so unruly. It implies that without the laws and rules of the culture, the young boys were behaving like wilds animals.

The final act of cruelty that depicts the pessimistic sights of human nature was in the final when the males were stripped of their gentle qualities. Robert mutters, “He didn’t state. He acquired angry to make us connect Wilfred up” (Golding, 159). Jack experienced made the boys tie Wilfred up for no purpose, and was planning to overcome him up in front of all of the other boys. Having been going to work with him as a toy and play with his life simply because he seemed it. Jack’s cruel patterns towards Wilfred never a new reason as well as the other boys allow it proceed because we were holding scared for own lives.

The civil thought of having value to get other people’s life was lacking from these kinds of boys’ brain, and rather the barbaric thought of inflicting pain was taking over. This kind of example proves Golding’s take on human nature is pessimistic as they shows that essentially, these boys are evil and malicious. Due to all of these examples of rudeness, the author shows that human nature actually is depressed and bad. In the book, the good that society generally pushes upon the boys is not really present and therefore the natural qualities of individuals are displayed. The young boys retrogress back into time, and be very raw.

With no ways or self-discipline, the boys are re-acting in not positive ways creating a dominospiel effect of awful events though out the entire book, until the end when finally preserved. Golding portrays a very melancholy look about humans and their innate tendencies as he entirely breaks down selected traits humans have worked for ages to build. As they continue to bring cruelty to their world, the boy lose civilization and the sugar layer it puts on mankind’s all-natural behavior. Golding breaks down these kinds of boys and shows the real core of human nature.

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