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Benihana of Tokyo has been incredibly successful for the last 40 years since 1964. From a small restaurant, it has developed into a chain of styled restaurants. The achievements of Benihana have been attributed to the superb total quality management (TQM) process especially in maintaining the overall exotic ambience and the good quality food offered. All these talents contribute to providing an unforgettable cusine experience to its buyers and are mirrored in their capability to retain consumers which is proven in exhibit 4 in a way that 65.

% of their consumers are come back customers. Benihana is able to lessen cost effectively without affecting the quality of food and services provided. Via Exhibit 1, total costs of sales are kept to 35-45% of total sales. Their particular attempt to lessen operating costs is also reflected through a sensible net profit margin of 0. 5-9% of sales. Benihana used floor space successfully to decrease labor costs and rent. The elimination of the conventional home with the hibachi arrangement enables the company to hold labor costs low as well as, give plenty of receptive service.

This boosted their dining encounter, through regular interaction with consumers. Benihana also is targeted on setting up their particular businesses in areas with high visitors, especially in the business district areas. Rent is normally higher during these areas. By using floor space more proficiently, Benihana will be able to serve more consumers during peak period and allow for much more sales to protect the higher rental costs. The idea that Benihana adopts is the fact consumers are dished up at all their tables with freshly ready food by chef.

Simply by only featuring 3 choices to buyers, this decreases food costs and wastage. Benihana’s lower food costs are also reduced through the use of clean ingredients, exactly where storage can be minimized. The primary process flow of a Benihana restaurant is different from an average restaurant. In Benihana, the orders intended for the soup, salad and beverages used by the waitress while the order for the main dish is taken directly to the cook. This allows Benihana to speed up the process movement, and help to make it better, as it eliminated the ready time in placing your order and receiving their very own orders.

While the food is definitely freshly prepared, the production circulation is very short as there exists limited motion to the meals being shifted from the storage area to the dining tables where food is being well prepared. As food is being offered on the spot following being prepared, this allows Benihana to maintain their quality with the food, and this satisfies buyers as demonstrated in their reviews in Display 4, in which food is the main highlight of Benihana eating places. Benihana is likewise able to lessen labor costs through the use of a basic management structure in every single of their cafe.

In addition , many chefs and servers would crystal clear the dishes and set the table for the next consumer, unlike the utilization of cleaners in typical eating places. This likewise reduces labor costs. Benihana success is also attributed to their very own TQM system where the management also highlights the importance of quality control in every employee’s responsibility. They emphasize quality in their advices like the superior quality food offered, and the causes of food are usually selected cautiously. Benihana as well highlight quality in the process of serving all their food for their consumers.

However , the management of Benihana also encounters problems despite their raving success. Their attempts to look into franchising didn’t move as prepared as Rugged was unwilling to give up it is control, and he believed that these dispenses were not very well equipped with the knowledge and knowledge to run a food organization, especially one that relates with Japanese culture. In addition , Invoice Susha, the top of Businesses for Benihana recognizes that if Benihana wants to still expand, it will eventually face larger costs regarding rental and shortage of properly trained employees.

Even though Benihana has been proven that their uniqueness cannot be duplicated easily simply by competitors, authorities have been guessing that the uniqueness of Benihana is only a fad but it will surely not previous. As Benihana is providing not simply products, but also the service, they must continue to emphasize and turn their TQM, as in this industry, workers are important input resources and by implementing TQM, it will have positive impacts on the assistance being delivered.


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