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Benin Bronzes could be an example of tradition and manifestation encapsulated in art work. Though these artifacts in themselves contain so much controversy because of the approach that they had been originally achieved, it brings cultural, racial, and visual representation to a society that sometimes appears to forget that there were once societies significantly different from their own. These Benin Bronzes in themselves have historical portrayal from a moment now overlooked and very tiny appreciated (Gore 2008). These are examples of artifacts that need to be correctly situated in places that will bring large amount of interest and understanding of their value.

The best location to show the Benin Bronzes would be in a place that would be attainable by all those who wish to prefer the cultural and aesthetic significance of these artifacts. Museums is a great choice, but just those that are completely dedicated to the maintenance of old values plus the original culture of the Benin Bronzes. The Musee du quai Branly would be an example of an establishment concentrated about presenting the ideals of art within a non-Western perspective, as a result safeguarding the purity of these art pieces. It is of high value to be aware of that the physical and aesthetically appealing highlights of these artifacts should be shown in a stylish way to give credit to the beauty of what they in fact represent (Fur 2009).

Manifestation of lifestyle in artwork is absolutely almost everything. One cannot appreciate the substance of the musician architecture without right classification from the art in observance. This is exactly why such objects as the Benin Bronzes are to be exhibited in a location that accentuates its important qualities. They are pieces of art that represent an occasion in Photography equipment history which was forgotten and has become mare like a story of folklore than it basically was at a single point in time. It tells the storyline of creation in these ethnicities, creation that still is available in some areas of Africa, as well as for those that no longer possess this, it is a part of their ancestory (Gore 2008). Depicting a moment of serenity and cohesiveness during a time that no longer seems to have that in mind justifies to be shown in a position where persons not only head to visually notice it, but also to appreciate its worth beyond those of monetary purpose. The Musee du quai Branly specializes in the understanding of skill so that the public understand the significance and showcasing these kinds of arts in this location can be appropriate if allowed to be seen by all of the who really understand it is significance.

The Benin Empire’s history can be depicted through this skill. In order for that to be valued, the location by which it is to show up needs to be in one that makes a brief history its biggest priority. Knowing that the Benin empire experienced so much rivalry and turmoil in order to preserve what it was as a whole, the actual location of those artifacts extra pertinent to people interested in protecting what is legally theirs. To ensure these bronzes to be in

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