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A Critical Respond to Beowulf Following reading the storyplot Beowulf because translated by Burton Raffel, I saw two aspects of this story crafted in the Anglo-Saxon period. The moment reading the story you notice that there are multiple aspects of paganism and of Christianity contained in the story. Many scholars have debated whether of not just a monk might have written it during the paganism period or whether a second author may have added to the story later on in history. I believe that this might have been authored by a monk who chosen to add to that while this individual wrote the first.

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I that even though questionnable ideas were implemented in the story, the Christian ideas are more visible. Firstly, there have been many pagan ideas available. One of the non-Christian things that Beowulf wonderful men performed was to drink at Herot. (19-20) The men there by Herot were drinking and some were intoxicated which is a sin in the Holy book. Other pagan ideals include that of Beowulf being total in himself and wanting to always be remembered instead of doing it out of the kindness of his heart. 19-20) During this part of the history, Beowulf covers how many monsters this individual has slayed and how he may be remembered for killing Grendel. He also covers this at the end of the history when Beowulf is about to die. (37) He says, “¦ The brave Geats build us a tomb, when the funeral flames have burned up me, and make it Right here, at the water’s edge, high on this throw of area, so sailors can see this kind of tower, and remember my name¦ Secondly, in the story I believe that the Christian aspects of the story overpower the pagan morals.

I think the fact that story of Beowulf tightly resembles the storyline of Christ in the Holy bible. In the Bible, you have the conflict of Jesus and Satan, in addition to the story you could have the issue of Beowulf and Grendel. It also presents the good versus evil idea as well as the Bible. The story likewise refers to Grendel as being a descendent of Cain (14) in the very beginning. This comes from a tale in the Holy book. Taking this kind of story one more step additional, you can seite an seite the loss of life of Christ to the fatality of Beowulf.

In the 14 section, practically described as the “Final Battle he assumes on a monster, (also a type of Satan) and ends up preventing and beating the dragon. Beowulf beats evil nevertheless pays a cost in the end. Just as Jesus died on the get across to defeat evil for all of the world, Beowulf also offers his life while beating “evil to save the Geats. In conclusion, I really believe that the Christian overtones of the story overwhelm the questionnable beliefs. In the long run, I think a monk may have written this kind of and integrated the Christian beliefs in the story.

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