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Beowulf is an epic tale of a hero seeking out fame and fortune. Beowulf is a youthful, strong and prideful guy who wants to show himself as the greatest person, and eventually gain kingship in his very own land. Jones Foster’s section, “Every Trip is a Quest(Except When It’s Not)” lays the actual rules of a quest. To ensure a trip to be a quest it should first consist of: a quester, a place to visit, a stated reason for heading there, issues and trials along the way, then the real reason to go generally there. The real reason for a search is always self- knowledge(Foster 3). Beowulf- even though it initially appears to be a quest by satisfying the first several rules- can be not a quest because he hardly ever attains self- knowledge. From your very beginning, Beowulf seems like a quest. You have the quester, Beowulf, on a trip to achieve glory. He goes toward Herot to help rid the mead hall of Grendel. Though his genuine reason is not related to defending by Grendel, he goes to destroy Grendel to be able to prove his strength, which can be his stated reason yet another significantly less clear cause is his quest for popularity, not understanding. He will not want to know in the event he is really the greatest, this individual just desires to be regarded as the greatest. Therefore automatically the first 3 rules happen to be accounted for. Create say’s the quester may be just an regular person, not really all that heroic, in fact generally someone aged immature(Foster 3). Beowulf is a well-known leading man, despite childhood.

As he arrives in Herot he begins to face his challenges, the to begin which is not as a beast. Unferth, Hrothgar’s son, disfavors Beowulf’s bravery and starts to argue with him, dialling him a boastful trick and saying that he refuses to win because he lost a swimming complement Brecca(Beowulf 28, 240- 241 and 258-269). To Beowulf, the questioning of his greatness is usually hardly an issue as he explains his aspect of the account. In return, this individual retaliates simply by saying, “Proud son, if the hands were as hard, your cardiovascular system as fierce as you think it, no fool would dare to raid your hall, wreck Herot and oppress really prince, since Grendel has been doing. ” (Beowulf 28, 324- 327). This effectively quails Unferth because Beowulf points out Unferth’s individual downfalls. Towards the end of this discussion, he has not learned anything, he actually seems even more overconfident when he speaks in almost a sarcastic method about his soon to get battle with Grendel.

When he battles Grendel he seems to lose one of his men, nevertheless since this individual never grieves, this doesn’t show up as much of a setback. Beowulf defeats Grendel by embodying the his arm and displaying the equip for all to find out. He doesn’t learn whatever in his struggle with Grendel. He still believe’s himself to be the greatest. Going into the challenge without a tool proves how confident he can in his abilities. His self-confidence rings authentic when he is victorious, because this self confidence is mainly depending on faith in himself, and he doesn’t reach a point in which this unbidden faith is questioned, he never actually comes to any kind of realization regarding himself. In the event that anything the battle with Grendel proves that Beowulf will not need help within a fight and is nearly immortals.

His next challenge he combats with Grendel’s mom. The simple fact that he is called to help clear Herot of its hottest enemy simply reasserts to him that he is the best. He would go to fight Grendel’s mother only and the reality he would not seek any outside support shows that he has not learned anything. Following he is completed he attempts out Grendel’s already dead body and precedes to cut away his mind. The fact that he provides won just one more battle and has not come to any realization about himself shows that this is simply not a pursuit.

Beowulf represents the more confident and self-assured side of people. He never concerns his abilities and is quick to defend him self. Beowulf is the classic leading man with his devoted and reputable nature, and completely shows the universal theme of very good versus nasty. His fights with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and with the monster are examples of a good pressure triumphing more than an nasty one. This can be seen today in well-liked movies and books, shows, cops getting criminals, or even in daily life, (such as paying your fees. )

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