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Jonathan Quick

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Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

Satire and Irony in Dublin


Jonathan Swift can be widely viewed as the greatest article writer of épigramme in English language literature. Yet it is crucial pertaining to understanding Swift’s satire to be aware of that he was not really The english language. Swift was born in Dublin in 1667, to a relatives that formerly had emigrated from Great britain – because of this, he is generally described as “Anglo-Irish. ” Fast did his university research in Dublin at Trinity College, graduating in 1686. From here this individual became the private secretary into a politician and writer, Sir William Brow, and moved to England. Politics machinations, however , hampered Swift’s advancement within a political career – rather he would finish up taking a location in the Simple Church of Ireland, ultimately rising to the location of Dean at Saint Patrick’s Tall in Dublin.

Swift’s job encompassed both literature and politics. Like a wit and satirist, he was close friends with a of the finest writers through the day – especially the British poet Alexander Pope. Just like Pope, Quick was considerably concerned with the literature of Ancient Greece and Rome, and will use time-honored greatness as a means of reducing the pretensions of his contemporaries to size. This type of “neo-classical” satire is typified by Swift’s early fictional successes, An account of a Tub and The Struggle of the Books, published together in one amount in 1704. His most famous work, Gulliver’s Travels, can be published in 1726 – it is a generalized satire in human habit, by describing other human societies (of miniature people and of giants, of mad scientists, and ultimately an area populated only with discussing horses and human-like fierce, ferocious apes named Yahoos). Swift’s political satire was occasioned by the difficult situation among England and Ireland – his most famous work in this vein is definitely the essay “A Modest Proposal” from 1729, which satirized the English language exploitation of Ireland by recommending that perhaps the English can sell and eat the babies of impoverished Irish people for food.


The historical context of Swift’s satire hinges largely upon the situation among England and Ireland in this time period. Speedy was born not long after the Restoration, which was once England became a monarchy again, after a brutal Municipal War and a army dictatorship under Oliver Cromwell. Because the Detrimental War experienced religious triggers, Cromwell have been extremely brutal in his take care of Ireland and Irish Catholics in particular. The moment Swift was 21 years old – in 1688 – the The english language Civil War nearly started again, the moment King David II converted to Catholicism. The actions of the doj of 1688

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