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Blair Hornstein’s personality through the Five Factor theory and Psychoanalytic theory. It includes 3 sources.

Personality ideas vary within their concepts, explanation and usage. Due to this variability one, while an analyst can determine and associate with individuality thereby understands people’s features, behaviors and the way communicate within their environment. In this paper the researcher has chosen the McCrae and Costa’s Five Factor Theory and Freud’s Psychoanalytical Theory to analyze a multimedia personality Blair Hornstein.

Blair Hornstein, a student of New Jersey is an 18-year-old woman who efficiently caught the attention of the multimedia, U. T. Courts as well as the U. T. President with her legal suit against her college Moorestown High School earlier this year. Her suit continues to be based on the fact that the girl wants to end up being the sole valedictorian of her class because she has An important grades while the school wished her to talk about the title with two additional students having a minus degrees. She refused and sued the School on the basis that she should have the sole name. The School objected her refusal on the basis that your woman suffers from resistant deficiency within the past two years and as a result received home tutoring whereas the various other two learners could not compete with her levels due to extracurricular activities at school which regularly lower class points. She gets been rescinded admission at Harvard College or university on account of plagiarism and at the moment awaiting decision at the Point out Court for the $2. six million suit as punitive damages (NBC 2003).

Via accounts of her goal, one can hold information regarding her character that she’s an academically talented individual with more than normal grades acquired in her senior years. The girl with also ambitious whose purpose in life will be part of the Flowers League also to become a legal professional.

What makes this “disabled” yet ambitious person to file suit her school for a simply title; for what reason did the lady sue but not attend her high school graduating ceremony; but most of all exactly what some of the factors that enthusiastic her to interact in a battle against the globe? These are a number of the questions that plague her friends, other students, professors and the visitors alike and which probably could be the result of the following ideas.

McCrae and Costa’s Five Factor Theory

According to the Five Factor theory, ” extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and openness to see (or culture) have been linked to many other nature and some behavioral and social outcomes. inch (McCrae Bahía 1999) At the heart of this theory is neuroticism or psychological stability which in turn combines all the five characteristics. Neuroticism is usually desirable in individuals and has been noticed to be attributes in the American social tradition. Individuals have to be emotionally linked to the external environment and their heroes are the response to the conversation between the environment and the inner self. By way of example an individual who can be

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