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Conformity, Ethnic Id

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Ernie’s upbringing has trained him to be prejudiced against and afraid of big difference. If Ernie cultivated independent thought he might have reached several conclusions about what Anthony and Cico represent, and how their particular challenging classic beliefs can be ultimately a proper act. It is just because almost all of the other adults in the town feel vulnerable by people like Ultima that Ernie and the school children find it easy to ostracize Anthony. Ernie and the various other school children view Anthony because an incomer because of differences in language, religion and tradition. Their attitudes and actions mirror those of the major culture as a whole. Therefore , Anaya presents the college children as being a microcosm of American society.

Because he is treated largely because an outcast, Anthony evolves a more robust sense of purpose and private identity. If perhaps he had very easily conformed to the dominant tradition by being approved by his classmates, Anthony might hardly ever had created the will to question the status quo. Anthony is determined to probe what Ultima represents in the life, and what intelligence she and Cico have got. The development of personal identity and independent thought is a main theme of Bless Me, Ultima. The school kids promote Anthony’s self-development. Their negative stimuli become catalysts for Anthony’s psychological development. He can find directly why it may be important to challenge his parents in addition to the restrictive Catholic religion.

The school children in Bless Me personally, Ultima as well represent the conflicts between Anthony’s father and mother. Florence can be described as powerful character in the novel because of his vocal atheism and older awareness of religion being a cultural tool. Anthony can consequently reconcile his own concerns about Catholicism via his schoolmate. One of Anthony’s main struggles in Bless Myself, Ultima may be the desire to make sure you his mom and his failure to fully take hold of Catholicism. Simultaneously, Anthony sees it difficult to totally fit into his father’s difficult vaquero universe. The school kids as a whole represent conformity, although Anthony also can see how several of his good friends like Florence and Cico are able to straddle the line between total conformity and interpersonal isolation. Social isolation and mental illness are proved to be common consequences of nonconformity and independent thinking. For instance , Jason Chavez struggles socially because of his unwillingness to totally assign, to the dominant culture’s cultural norms.

When Cico will remind Anthony there are “many gods, ” Anthony begins to open up his mind to unique ways of thinking, acting, and being on the globe (p. 237). The “many gods” that Cico identifies parallel the diversity of individuals on the planet. Furthermore, Cico reminds Anthony that there is no need to flee to other countries as well as to look “to the stars” to find the many gods that watch over the world (p. 237). Instead, it truly is far more crucial to look “in our own backyards” or inside our own spirits (p. 237).

The school kids in Rudolpho Anaya’s new Bless Me, Ultima will be reminders showing how socialization effects identity creation, and how ethnic values become entrenched from an early age. Anthony need to find his own way, his individual beliefs great own beliefs. As he grows, he miles himself by both the anticipations of his mother and his father. Anthony seeks solace not only in his spiritual soulmate Ultima nevertheless also in the equally as open minded friends like Cico. Through his classmates, Anthony learns the danger of conformity plus the value of true a friendly relationship.


Anaya, R.

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