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With this paper We discuss what point Horace Miner was trying to generate is his paper entitled “Body Practice among the Nacirema”. Horace’s daily news is about America but in the angle that America is a group of under developed country or such. We go through the individual topics, which will mostly make fun of American’s counter, and I explain what he can really discussing. I try to summaries Horace’s paper and put it in “American” terms.

Nacirema: The American Tribe

Within America we view yourself as one of the most, if not the most, advanced societies on the globe.

Most of us feel that we are only the best, but since you really look at a lot of the facets of our contemporary society in the eyes that Horace Miner supplies in his paper “Body Ritual among the Nacirema” you may continue to think in any other case. In Horace’s paper he shows someone how the United states could be viewed from the perspective of a even more advance, or more developed country.

You may realise of it while what aliens might watch us. Perhaps you could actually say a that an bad country could view all of us in this way also, but by the tone it seems that its intended to be a view of America by simply someone that sights America how Americans observe other ethnicities such as an African tribe or third world country or cultures of that sort. The key topics this individual covers take the vanity of Americans, yet he likewise covers doctors, dentist, counselors, hospitals, and a few others issues.

Horace starts by talking about the Nacirema shrine. The shrine is usually where the Nacirema worship themselves. This is certainly a bathroom. Since this is poking fun by Americans counter, wherever people focus their particular time upon cleaning and grooming and pampering themselves would be their particular shrine. How many shrines you have, and exactly how nice your shrine is definitely, is determined by how much cash you have. Just about every Nacireman by least provides one nevertheless. The Nacireman’s think your body is unsightly and disease and passes away if they don’t care for it therefore performing these “ceremonies” are important and dire to endurance and approval.

Now two parts of the shrine which can be most important will be this appeal box or chest that is built into the wall, and the typeface that is underneath this attraction box/chest. We all know these things as a medicine case and the sink that is under. Our drinking water supposedly comes from some magical water temple where a clergyman makes it genuine with events, which as you may know our normal water is offered by our local water firm who detox and snacks it to generate it filled with chemical or perhaps pure by American criteria.

Now through this charm field I mentioned before are a great deal of charms and potions and things, which in turn Nacirema believe that they can’t live without, and in addition they have numerous that they no longer even know what all of them are for anymore. Well since the charm box can be described as medicine cupboard then we are able to safely assume that these charm bracelets are medications, specifically prescription drugs. We know they are really prescription drugs because that they get them from your medicine men. Medicine men are just basically doctors. We must pay each of our doctors to get remedies and their solutions. In the conventional paper he details this because giving the medicine men presents. In real life I hear all the time that you cannot read doctors writing specifically on prescriptions and its humorous that Horace writes that they can write in a secret terminology that only the pharmacist can see, well, the herbalist as he puts it.

As mentioned before he also produces about dental office and specialist, or what he phone calls “the holy-mouth-men” and “the listeners”. Since oral cleanliness is something which is crucial in the Nacirema the holy-mouth-men are incredibly important. Their ceremony explained sound like a scene from the movie “Saw” but in most reality it truly is nothing more than acquiring a cavity filled. When he discusses the therepist he covers how they get rid of the demons from your head but in actuality they support get rid of your bad thoughts. The way this individual puts it even though it causes it to be seem like they will just hear and that’s this, that they provide no true purpose.

Horace then goes on to describe several other things that ill describe briefly. This individual calls hospital, “Latipso”, and he covers how crazy it is which the Nacireman also their persons there mainly because how terrible the care is. He makes a lot of decent factors but for one of the most part is merely more crazy tribal exaggeration. He creates again the way the Nacirema simply basically hate their bodies, of course, if their excess fat then they may eat and eat a group if they are lanky. He talks about boobs how they are either too big or perhaps too small , how girls get implants. He as well says that some ladies with implants show them away to make a great living, a. k. a strippers. Then this last topic he discusses is sex and just how were not meant to talk about this and we make an effort to prevent that but getting pregnant is still excessive (I mean that’s fully true. weve all found teen mom).

“It is not easy to understand how they have was able to exist such a long time under the burdens which they have imposed upon themselves. Although even these kinds of exotic persuits as these carry out real which means when they are seen with the perception provided by Malinowski when he composed “Looking from far and above, from our high places of safety in the developed civilization, it is easy to find all the crudity and irrelevance of magic. But with no its electricity and direction early person could not have mastered his practical difficulties as he has been doing, nor can man have got advanced to the higher stages of world. “”(Miner) This kind of part of the paper is what the whole paper is making entertaining of. This kind of piece of �pigramme is how americans perspective other cultures. We often say the same, that this a surprise that they’ve managed to get this significantly. I think America has made a little too complex in a few aspect and parts of our life’s are burdens. Existence here in America are not excellent and each of our customs defenatly aren’t both, so to assess another traditions that is for least mildly surviving is definitely wrong. We all cannot settle-back and judge cultures apply “magic” mainly because as the quote says, it is via these cultures that Us citizens came from.


Miner, H. (1956, June). “Body Ritual among the list of Nacirema” Gathered from


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