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The idea of using fresh edible blossoms in food preparation is certainly not new. Today, many restaurants use distinct flowers in their ingredients to get an amazing taste and then for a touch of classiness. Some plants are used for deserts; different flowers are blended together for making salads. Although who could have guessed that with the use of imagination, its sweet juice could be made into a excellant thirst quencher. Ixora Coccinea Linn, commonly known as santan, is very popular during the early days, wherein the children love sampling its licor.

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The researchers were reminded on this activity if they saw a television commercial showing that the licor was being sipped by the mature and the child trying the same. It gave the researchers an idea of using santan flowers in making a drink that would be healthful, nutritious and delicious that may be an alternative taste quenchers pertaining to carbonated drinks or softdrinks found harmful to our body. In studies produced, it was learned that too very much intake of soft drinks drinks might cause diabetes, obesity and bone tissue loss.

Statement of the Problem The researchers searched for to answer this questions:

a. Can Santan flowers provide as a substance in making a refreshing refreshment while figuring out if it is secure to drink? w. Do the removal methods impact the color, style and health composition from the Ixora Coccinea Linn drink? c. Will be their tastes acceptable? d. Are their taste similar with that commercial beverages in the market today? Significance of the Analyze With this kind of study, the researchers can easily learn that Ixora Coccinea Linn (Santan) flowers are not only used for decor and exhibits, but are likewise used to produce a delectable food and drink.

Many being thirsty quenchers which have been in the market today, like soft drinks, may well harm our body. So the analysts made it possible for you to try something new that can quench your thirst, fulfill your tastebuds that is certain to be unique mouth watering and healthful. The community could have a breakthrough of the gorgeous taste of santan bouquets and gain more expertise and imagination on their uses and what they could make out of it. Filipinos will have a fresh and refreshingly healthy drink made of santan flowers which can be sure to attract people.

We will have an original and delicious mouth watering drink that can be enjoyed by every member of the family. Scope and Restriction of the Study The group tried to come up with information that could help them number more regarding the nature of the santan drink for about per month. Each member from the crew got the data they necessary from the Internet. The group utilized numerous orange santan blossoms. These flowers were hard boiled and utilized its juice as the product. The group did not dedicate much because the materials they need are found in the surrounding and in their houses.

The santan juice being a product could have not recently been completed with no tools and techniques included. The tools employed in different approaches involved in producing the santan juice were saucepan, strainer, flavorings (calamansi extract and sugar) and water. The techniques that have been used had been cleaning, warming, and extracting activities. In conducting this study, the researchers a new difficult time in conducting the experiments because of time restrictions. Also, there is shortage of santan flowers.

The flowers are very small , for this reason the experts need to have as many flowers because they can, since they have to do several methods of extracting the drink. CHAPTER 3 Methodology Collection and Planning of Supplies Ixora Coccinea Linn blossoms (santan) were collected from your neighboring residences. The padding were rinsed thoroughly and dried. Three cups of distilled water was heated up in a saucepan. As soon as the water began to boil, the dried flowers of santan was added, and boiled to get ten a few minutes in cold, frigidity, frigidness, coldness.

Afterwards, that they allowed the petals to steep another ten mins. The blend was put from the skillet to a pitcher using a strainer in order to independent the flower sediment through the extract. Later on, the remove was tasted and was compared to a commercial juice drink. Then, the researchers stirred in a teaspoonful of sweets and a teaspoon of calamansi juice in a glass of santan extract. Finally, the research workers added ice and let the combination chill entirely.

They once again compared the flavor of the prepared santan refreshment from a commercially made beverage. The techniques that the researches used are found at www. congocookbook. com. and at www. yummly. com/recipe/Hibiscus-Tea. The analysts repeated the method using refreshing santan petals. They compared the drinks that were manufactured and noted their observations. They also asked other people exterior their group to tell the between the two beverages and compare it to from the commercial perspective produced drinks.


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