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What Needs to Be Done

The research quite clearly shows that something needs to be done about the gender gap in literacy rates and the decrease comprehension and skill levels of male pupils. What is to some extent less crystal clear is exactly what needs to be carried out or tips on how to go about employing the necessary changes. This is not to express that certain strategies and methods have not been suggested, many of which have possibly been examined and demonstrated to have a positive impact, but developing a full teaching strategy that addresses this kind of gap in lots of ways requires an overhaul of general teaching practices that may be complex and difficult to concretely define not to say implement. Specific entrenched guidelines and techniques also increase the difficulty of applying the necessary adjustments to curricula and methodologies.

Education offers tended toward greater freedom for 3rd party exploration and fewer rigid instructions, and while this can lead to advancements in some areas for many learners it has been bad for boys in reading if not in other subjects (Booth et al. 2004). Offering more rigidly structured lessons and daily guided reading experiences with detailed recommendations and straightforward response activities may both go a long way towards bettering literacy in boys, even though these run counter to current applicable teaching philosophies in some ways (Booth et al. 2004). Clearly defined assessments and explicitly explained processes and explanations of reading material can help kids unlock the “secrets” of reading and improve studying comprehension and eagerness, which is fundamental to developing different reading abilities (Booth et al. 2004).

Right now, there is a policy in Ontario colleges that mandates the use of professional activity times to inspect curricula and the procedures of curriculum development, setup, and review. Policy 151 uses vocabulary that truly does relates to overall curricula for all students, nevertheless , and does not treat the need to take a look at sub-populations in the larger student body intended for specific troublesome areas and demographics, in an effort to make sure an equal opportunity at education for all students. Getting educators and administrators to focus on male students that do not confront other noticeable social or learning problems can be quite difficult, despite the obvious and compelling evidence that the demographic is being left for a disadvantage by simply current instructing practices. This policy has to be implemented over a more specific and purposeful basis if it is to acquire its meant effects of enhancing overall educational standards and successes and especially if it is to achieve the effect of bettering boys’ literacy and closing the male or female gap when it comes to reading skills.


There is an immediate and pressing have to address the continuing and developing gender space that is available in literacy rates and reading skills. With young boys increasingly discovering as non-readers as they progress through college, and beginning at youthful ages, they can be at a definite disadvantage in terms of higher education and opportunities later on. Addressing this matter early in education is definitely

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