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? Exec summary This report necessary spending excellent time on studying tones of promoting related info from countless sources of Nestle’s powerful Company MAGGI Quick Noodles. All information was crucial and needed to be evaluated with full attentiveness and determination, the study of MAGGI Noodles that was launched first in India in the year 1983, by Nestle Limited, which in turn became synonymous with noodles. This research tries to get awareness of MAGGI Noodles. The introduction supplies the company qualifications, operational & other important info provided by the corporation, which will assist in taking the decision for the best brand extension strategy for MAGGI Instant Noodles.

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We have concluded that MAGGI, being the product leader with 68% market share. We certainly have also covered up an important aspect of marketing – Marketing Mix. Every single company evolves their product integrating all the marketing combines to evaluate the feasibility of this product likewise MAGGI Noodles define that. Introduction: Maggi is a Nestle brand of quick noodles, soups stocks, bullion, sauces and seasoning.  The original organization came into existence in 1872 in  Switzerland, once Julius Maggi took over his father’s work.

At that time during industrial revolution in Switzerland created factory careers for women, who were therefore left with very little the perfect time to prepare meals. Just for this growing issue Swiss Public Welfare Culture asked Julius Maggi to make a vegetable food product that would be speedy to prepare and simple to break down. It was the first in line to bring protein saturated legume meals to the marketplace, which was then readymade soups based on legume meal in 1886. In 1863, Julius Maggi produced a formulation to add preference to dishes, which after paved the way intended for Maggi and other easy to generate food products. Besides two minute noodles Maggi also offers a range of merchandise.

However in India it was introduced in 1980s by Nestle group of businesses. Maggie got merged with Nestle friends and family in 1947. Today, Maggi is particularly well-known in India, New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria, the Philippine and Singapore for its instant Maggi noodles.

Current market situation: MAGGI Noodle is definitely segmented in respect to, “Demographic Segmentation and Psychographic Segmentation”. 1) Market Segmentation: AGE GROUP (7-12 years) MAGGI Noodles segmented in age groups (covering all era generations). MAGGI Noodles tastes such as Curry, Chicken, Masala, Tomato and many others are used heavily simply by all grow older generation specifically children. Kids and young adults love these types of flavors and the mothers’ feels relief thinking they owned or operated the best remedy for their children’s hunger.

The brand new addition or line exts of MAGGI Noodles will be: Maggi masala, Vegetable Atta Noodles and Dal Atta Noodles. These new products innovative developments have become favourate for both equally children, all their parents and even their grandma and grandpa; covering most age decades. 2) Psychographic Segmentation: LIFESTYLE: MAGGI Noodles product review- In this world of improvisation, innovation and advancement product is an abstract term. It refers to a problem fixing tool. And once “hunger” is definitely the situational trouble then MAGGI is the device to solve this issue.

1 . MAGGI Product: Here, MAGGI is a “Packet Noodles and Cup Noodles”. In this this introduced various product, these kinds of as- Dal Atta noodles, Chicken MAGGI, Masala MAGGI, and Veg MAGGI. 2 . Price: Nestle Ltd. provides priced MAGGI in a way that keeps the fact about price sensitiveness of Cookware developing countries in mind. They have an average expense per consumer as its costs are allocated among higher number of consumers buying the merchandise.

It can afford to provide these kinds of great benefits in low price as it has a low cost of creation. MAGGI Merchandise level diagram– 1) COCOLA NOODLES: COCOLA Noodles happen to be engaged in production, marketing, and distribution of numerous branded food products and sauce. Within the extremely short period of its entry this brand has been enjoying second leading location in the market.

COCOLA Foods Limited. is concentrating on improving the food habit of Bangladeshi Buyers through featuring more all set to cook products and ready to eat as well. COCOLA is also exporting its products to Australia, UAE, Kuwait, Arab saudi, Bahrain, Qatar and many other countries to enter into the list. Per packet cocola noodle: 18tk. 2) FU-WANG: FU-WANG fast noodles had been introduced in the market by FU-WANG Foods & Beverage Ltd. It holds a market share of 18%.

It is just a new item in the FU-WANG family, consequently, is the follower of the merchandise leader MAGGI. Currently, all of us assume it truly is in the Growth Stage. Right from the start, FU-WANG constantly trying to conserve the best quality common of usana products. Since the elements are accumulated from Bangladesh itself and it focuses on on mass production (Family Packs, High quality Packs), the expense per customer is lower than that of MAGGI.

Price: some cakes in one packet sixty five tk. 3) MR. NOODLES: Mr. Noodles is a label of instant noodles manufactured by PRAN. The brand is popular in Bangladesh it was popular merchandise category in the culinary part since the kick off of Mr.

Noodles this summer. Over the years, Mr. Noodles became a popular snack food product in Bangladesh. Stated to be “Easy instant noodles”. Its price per supply: 15tk Nevertheless , MAGGI’s competitive advantage is definitely its product differentiation.

It is very cheap and it provides good quality. Also it is the Market head in its sections and offers strong brand faithful consumer base. With broad variety of distribution route and product marketed in line with the need of consumer – MAGGI is utterly a successful manufacturer with impossible competitive benefits.

MAGGI quality is one of its most important placing tools. That knows that quality has a direct impact on the merchandise performance, as a result closely linked to customer benefit and fulfillment. MAGGI quality identify through its overall performance and its conformance quality. MAGGI features, one more competitive equipment for differentiating company’s merchandise from competitor’s product.

A few of them include: First Flavor, Rooster, Curry (a healthier alternative is also bought from supermarkets), Kari Letup (Extremely Spicy Curry) Chicken & Corn, Meat Oriental, Masala, Prawn, Dal Sambar ( whole wheat noodles ), Asam Laksa, Mozzarella cheese, Pizza (only in Saudi Arabia, was designed for a period of time in Australia. ), Chatpata, Tomato, Stronger Chicken, Veggie Atta Noodles (Whole whole wheat noodles) generally in India, etc . MAGGI noodles also produces cup noodles called “Hot Bowl”, and sells cup noodles branded “Cuppa Mania” in India. The design and type of MAGGI gives it competitive edge over the other products available in the market. The streamlined packaging of MAGGI is definitely convenient and classy.

It plays a part in the product’s usefulness and show. It’s actually shapes the consumer’s experience of the product. MAGGI Channels and Logistic Review: The cities are already saturated with MAGGI, as just about all departmental stores offer that.

However you may still find greater options to stretch its distribution channels for the rural areas. MAGGI contains a lot of circulation channels to fill. MAGGI can expose mobile-vans by which they can get larger pool of customers and make its distribution programs stronger.

Current distribution channel of MAGGI-: SWOT Analysis: SWOT is an acronym that is short for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the organization. This involves the careful evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the firm as well as it is opportunities and threats for the organization in the modern market. MAGGI SWOT analysis- SWOT evaluation of MAGGI brand obviously indicates the strengths of MAGGI as a Brand in Bangladesh market. The Brand was located to be a industry leader in the category of Noodles, with good customer loyalty.

Intensive division of MAGGI as a Brand was seen in urban areas of the nation. MAGGI has made several endeavors to revamp itself like a ‘Healthy Product” but right up until date the perseverance towards tag line is definitely low by the consumers. The manufacturer is in the growth stage of product life pattern with a good inclination towards the maturity level. MAGGI Noodles Strength analysis- MAGGI is usually from an exceptionally recognizable business Nestle.

Popularity is the superior advantages that are practically incomparable. MAGGI is known well worldwide by simply its exceptional advertising and visibility. It’s branding is usually obvious and easily recognized at the moment Bangladesh market. It is very easy to cook and exits as being a healthy food while using title of “Darun shaad darun pushti” MAGGI Noodles Weaknesses analysis- MAGGI carry out have a number of weaknesses that really must be addressed.

Person to person is probably a strength and weakness of each and every company. Although many people have good things to say, you will discover many individuals who are against MAGGI as many other companies to the current market while named prior to. Product is influenced by each other in line with the new marketplace segment. The industry fails to offer to country area.

Product is dependent on each other. MAGGI Noodles Opportunities analysis- Day by day the consumers are increaseing. Because Bangladesh is a tiny market, just few of the diversified flavors of MAGGI are offered here. However it is convinced that they will need to at least market the merchandise to see if it works as a trial.

Another prospect that is the capacity for MAGGI to buy out their rivals. This prospect rarely presents itself in the world of organization. Product have been acceptable in youth Strong presence of regional category competitors Objective: MAGGI Instant Noodles may be the product innovator in the category of instant noodles, capturing business of 68%, penetrating 6th lace households. Nestle, the world’s greatest food organization, reported first-quarter sales development that beat analysts’ quotes, helped by sales of MAGGI Noodles.

MAGGI potential clients with their power to the current industry. Positioning initially Nestle attempted to position the Noodles inside the platform of convenience aimed towards the working ladies. But it found that the revenue are not obtaining despite large promotion. Analysis then showed that Children were the largest consumers of the trademark.

Realizing this, Nestle repositioned the brand towards kids applying sales special offers and clever advertising. MAGGI has always positioned on its own as “Healthy noodles” as it described prior to. At present- Issue- Key aim of Nestle Business with the title “Good Food, Great Life”.

Foodstuff and refreshments plays a important role in people’s life- not only due to enjoyment and social delight of consuming together, yet more much more terms of personal health and diet. Nestle can be committed to provide their buyer, consistent quality, safety along with value for money and convenience. Superb taste is definitely the fundamental of their products and customer appreciation of good food. Supplying priority upon nutrition, health and wellness Nestle comes with their product MAGGI Noodles with the title- Maggi 2-Minute Noodles. MARKET STRATEGY: Concentrating on of MAGGI: MAGGI main target is usually children, then women and aged.

Today MAGGI Noodles having its attractive and variety of fresh flavors efficiently targets kids, working ladies and elderly all in one. But Nestle at the first stage was targeting on the house girl. Very soon this realized that its target segment is not them. That evaluated and understood that children ought to be its principal focus. And so they altered their mission to ‘To become the number 1 recommended snack for children in the country’ and came up with two moments noodles which targeted children aged several to doze.

Nestle as well targeted your house lady by simply introducing the health noodles. Place be consumed as the complete food that gives the calorie and meet all necessary health requirements. For these variations they launched the new positioning “MAGGI is the foremost, tasty and healthy noodles (for children), which may not be compared. ” Marketing Mixture: Elements of market mix: MAGGI Marketing mix describe the 4ps- 1) Product: MAGGI has come up with various merchandise s according to the needs of consumers. Some of it gains total popularity plus some becomes failing. Developing a merchandise involves understanding the benefits it will eventually offer.

These benefits are communicated and delivered by simply product feature such as top quality, features, and elegance and design and style as described before. MAGGI is a merchandise which is a method to obtain Protein, Calcium supplements, and Dietary fiber and added vegetables. The inspiration pertaining to comes from the going buyer preference to get a healthier lifestyle. 2) Packaging: MAGGI is jam-packed in the discolored packets.

The tip of the box is archived so that the items can easily be leaking without wasting it. They have solved the problem of storage. The fullness of packet is improved so that the contents can be easily poured without much wastage. 3) Promotion: MAGGI has already developed its company awareness and today it should increase advertising to build brand inclination.

However MAGGI still continues to build brand understanding by portion MAGGI Noodles to people at no cost (sampling). Currently MAGGI occupies almost 78% of the noodles market. Hence it is absolutely the market innovator. So it ought to focus right now on creating brand preference. The number of tv set advertisements of MAGGI noodles in Bangladesh is very small compared to that of India.

In Bangladesh they use more newspaper advertisements than television advertising. Thus the promotional strategies of MAGGI ought to now be altered. 4) Locations: Places identifies the location wherever products can be obtained and can be offered or acquired. MAGGI Noodles is not only renowned in cities but likewise rural areas. It is deservingly available at quantity of retail retailers and malls.

So that buyers can easily buys the product with no big effort. Positioning of MAGGI: MAGGI is location itself as being a differentiated merchandise. The market is very sensitive to taste and can rejects virtually any flavor in the event that dislike.

Consumers typically choose products and services that give them the best value. Therefore, dedicated marketers want to position their very own brands around the key rewards that they present relative to contending brands.

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