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If you could have asked me a year ago if there is a difference in the competency level between a nurse who may have their relate degree and a health professional that has all their baccalaureate level I would have said, “No. That answer will not have been an honest one, but instead an answer delivered from aggravation. When I is at my 1st year of nursing college, our instructors informed all of us that all throughout the nation Magnet hospitals were pledging that they were simply going to hire entry-level rns who had their very own baccalaureate degree moving forward.

That reports was disheartening because I had developed just improved careers and was considered lucky to get in a two year affiliates degree system, especially as nursing schools everywhere had been saturated with applicants. Some expect to emerge from school and have to dive in to a BSN program to keep myself valuable. The American Association of faculties of Nursing jobs states that; “Quality sufferer care hinges on having a well-educated nursing staff.

(Rosseter, 2012, l. 1) Today as I appearance back inside my three years of nursing encounter, I must acknowledge that a higher education in breastfeeding would benefit not only my personal ability to find and keep work, become a program to continue my own education but also it can benefit how I procedure planning for my personal patients proper care. I now believe that a higher education level delivers with that the ability to not merely understand how an individual came to be underneath my attention, but also why.

If the patient comes to my hospital with a wound to his leg which same individual has diabetes, as a registered nurse with a great ADN level, I may be inclined to dress the wound as bought and deal with the diabetes as purchased without considered to why or perhaps how this happened. Using a higher degree in nursing practice, I will not only have a better understanding of how to ensure that the wound treat quickly and properly ccompanied with the correct tools, although I will also have a better comprehension of the people underlying diagnosis of diabetes and how I can help the patient understand what type of treatment will be provided at the medical center in addition to accessed care out in contemporary society to ensure that this particular problem will not arise once again. I, almost certainly will have a better understanding of outdoors resources that I can pass on to the sufferer before release so that he might better deal with his general health at home.

I will hopefully be able to instill through this patient the necessity to educate himself on his disease so that the trips to the medical center are irregular. The higher the education level, the more confident the nursing diagnostic category are. In other words, as a health professional with a baccalaureate degree, I feel I will discover how to articulate towards a more productive approach to ensure that the individual gets the finest explanation of what concours are being performed and why. Using a higher education, I ought to feel certain in my skills to perform any tasks required on a daily basis to help my individuals.

I was very privileged to have nursing staff in my workplace that value education and think along the same lines as Grand Canyon University or college when it stated in its Medical Philosophy, “Students are educated to provide, direct and evaluate client-centered care while focusing on the person because an integrated whole.  (Grand Canyon University or college [GCU], 2011, 9). One large advantage to becoming a highly educated health professional is that I will feel much more comfortable when talking with multidisciplinary groups about sufferer care.

The majority of colleagues that people come in contact with of these meetings “are educated on the master’s level of higher level.  (Rosseter, 2012, p. 2) Some examples will be; case managers, social staff, speech pathologists and pharmacists to name a few. I actually am at the moment a impose nurse around the diabetic floor of my hospital and i also work with these folks every Tuesday to discuss individual flow. I could see the standard of confidence they have in their functions having been informed at a higher level than me personally and I cannot wait until I can feel that same level of confidence as my personal co-workers.

In conclusion, those of us which can be continuing each of our education should certainly encourage different nurses to advance their careers and education level too. We all can benefit from higher education and lots of studies have been completely done to confirm this theory. It makes sense that if we happen to be left responsible for a patient’s well-being, we ought to know, confidently that we performing our job to the most of our potential. One thing that is constant in nursing is change and the way to keep up with modify is through continued education.


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