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The short story “Letters from My personal Father”, authored by Robert Olen Butler, as well as the poem “The Writer”, written by Richard Wilbur, both reflect family problems. “Letters coming from My Father” is about a Vietnamese lady who grew up without a dad because of problems with migration and when she is finally reunited with her father the girl debates in the event he really loves her. In “The Writer” the narrator can be worried about his daughter’s depressive disorder, but the girl does not desire to talk to him about it because of an inferred weak connection between the two. In “The Writer” and “Letters by My Father” both narrators have a bad connection with an important family member, yet , the two try to understand what has happened and wish to bridge the gaps within their relationships.

In both accounts, the narrators encounter an internal concern of where they may have let too much come among themselves and a close family member, and they are right now wondering whether they should get in the way in order to improve their relationships. In “The Writer”, the narrator has to evaluate if he would like to go into his daughter’s area when she pauses keying in because he by no means knows the end result of the breaks. When his daughter types, she is conveying her feelings and thoughts, however , when ever she ceases typing the end result could be harmful. The narrator metaphorically utilizes a bird to represent his daughter and says, “And retreated, to to affright that, And how for a helpless hour, through the split of the door, We watched” (Wilbur 1). He has allowed for his daughter and himself to grow a part, so much regarding make sound wonder if his girl would come to him for support. In this moment he amazing things if your woman truly loves him enough to trust him. The narrator, Fran, in “Letters from My Father” continues to be receiving words from her father telling her about how exactly much this individual loves her, but once they are reunited Fran can be not sure in the event that he really does. One day whilst her father was operating she says, “So I’ve been seated all early morning today inside the shack lurking behind our house, away here with all the tree roaches and the father ants and the smell of mildew and rotting real wood and I was sweating so difficult that it’s leaking of my personal nose and chin. There are many letters inside my lap” (Butler 5). For their separation in two incredibly distant countries and deficiency of contact revealing true feelings, the father and daughter’s romance has become practically no till recently. In this moment Fran wonders in the event her daddy truly loves her, similar to how the narrator of “The Writer” wondered if his daughter genuinely loves him. The pair of stories are very similar because the narrators must both face a defieicency of whether or not they fantastic loved by a pricey family member.

The main big difference between “Letters from My Father” and “The Writer” is that Fran realizes her father will always be there on her behalf, while the narrator of the “The Writer” will usually have fear of what is going to happen with his child. In “The Writer”, the narrator is merely able to really know what is going to happen in the immediate moment because of his poor connection with his daughter. The narrator discussions of a parrot, similar to his daughter, that falls and it is able to get up with simply a little bit of support. Even though the fowl is now free of charge, he will not know in case the bird can fall again and no for a longer time be able to fly. Sometimes his daughter breaks and types again, but there is no way for him to know for certain that she will constantly continue to type. Unlike the central persona of “The Writer”, in “Letters via My Father” Fran is usually confident that her daddy loves her. After examining her dad’s letters by which he efforts to help her get into the us of America, she says, “I know my father will be below soon. The lawn mower is over presently there in the corner and this morning he received up and said that it was going to always be hot today, that there are no atmosphere in the sky and he was likely to have to cut the yard. When he clears the way, I will allow him to see myself here, and I will request him to talk to me like in these letters, like when he was so furious with some unfamiliar person that this individual knew what you should say” (Butler 5). It is difficult for Fran to see that her father loves her, as their interconnection has destabilized over all their time aside, but viewing how hard this individual tried to obtain her in the country produced her understand how much this individual loves her.

Because said by Fran, the girl now knows that he will usually come back and they can discuss. In the end, only the narrator of “Letters Coming from My Father” receives an answer to the two stories’ theme of ‘they love myself, they take pleasure in me not’. “The Writer” and “Letters From My personal Father” the two share the regular question of whether or not a family member truly loves these people, but distinguish because only the narrator in “Letters coming from My Father” obtains affirmation that her father really loves her.

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