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In Washington Irving’s short tale “The Devil and Tom Walker”, mcdougal depicts the key character being a very unoriginal character with little personality. Tom’s activities are easily expected and his ultimate downfall is used to illustrate the story’s moral.

Mary Walker is definitely a typical one-dimensional character. He could be purely bad with not a bit of benefits. From the very beginning of the story, the reader is shown that he is a lying, cheating, conniving miser who cares intended for no one (ofcourse not even his own wife) but him self.

He does his far better to cheat his wife out of money and things that ought to be common real estate in a matrimony. When his wife vanishes (presumably this wounderful woman has been killed by the Devil), he is not really concerned whatsoever for her wellbeing. Instead he joyfully snatches her apron down by a shrub, supposing this to retain the household valuables. When Mary opens the apron and finds a heart and liver, he can not terrified as most persons would be in the event that they found that their spouse had been slain; rather, he can saddened that his house is lost and overjoyed that the Satan has done him the favor of getting gone his partner.

Only the most simply evil person would feel this way.

Mary Walker’s activities are predictable because he is a simple-minded greedy gentleman. He’s extremely one-dimensional; he represents the greed that inherent to being human, but he could be totally used by it. The reader can imagine because Ben is so carried away, he will sooner or later sell his soul for the Devil as a swap for riches–and so he does. Likewise, because this form of story (man meets satan, man offers his soul to satan, man suffers dire outcomes in the end) is quite standard, it is easy to anticipate the ending of the storyplot (it appears that the Devil takes Tom to hell).

The moral of “The Satan and Jeff Walker” is that greedy people will suffer ultimately. Tom makes a deal with the Devil–his soul in return for prosperity. In the end his riches turn into worthless fantastic property is definitely burned to the ground. A black equine whisks Mary away to his loss of life, and this individual presumably visits Hell, seeing that his spirit now belongs to the Devil. Jeff has paid out the ultimate price for his greed–eternal struggling.

Washington Irving uses his predictable and stereotypical personality Tom Walker to illustrate the moral of “The Devil and Tom Walker”. The moral is that money grubbing people will suffer in the end. In return for his miserly life fantastic deal with the Devil, Tom is dealt the worst destiny imaginable–death and unremitting anguish in Terrible.

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