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Asia, Monarchy, China, France Indian Warfare

Excerpt from Research Conventional paper:

English Policy Burma and China and tiawan

Geographically, Burma lies in a situation of a organic trade rout and strategic centralized centre between two very desirable European trade locations, China and India. As, and independent monarchy, with heavy Chinese and Indian affects throughout the beginning of the colonial period its politics leanings, plus the pride of its monarchy provided a situation of resistance from the main European transact countries, Italy, the Dutch, the French and Brittan (Murphy 256, 314) though tries were made by both the Dutch and the British to establish transact stations and routs in strategic locations in the country, success was limited until the English successfully colonized Burma inside the early 1800s and made this a main of India, one of Brittan’s strongholds. The whole of the history of Burma is proclaimed by many years of strategic issue over control between competitive interests which include all the major players from the West along with their historic rival Cina. (Murphy 314-315) The monarchy of Burma even attempted to play control nations against each other by causing trade handles rivals, in the case of Brittan the Burmese monarch Min produced a transact deal with Italy in 1873. (315)

If the French plus the British were both dating Alaungpaya they will supported at this point the Burmans, and now the Peguers; that they occasionally built a common front and often transported their fidelity – and the arms – to whichever seemed to be the winning side, and therefore capable of make the most rewarding business connections.

Woodman 11)

Early Uk policy in Burma, subsequent northern control and then total annexation in 1886, was associated with seeking to extend control via already established networks in India, consolidating both nations into one to be regulated by the same colonial time systems. Which brought with them massive economic enlargement, that benefited the English and some substantial ranking Oriental immigrants and virtually manufactured the Burmese a group in their personal nation. (315) After the Indian connection to Burma became hard for the British to continue and nationalism became a force being reckoned together with the British govt made Burma an independent colony in 1937 and Burma was awarded independence 10 years later. (315)

Policy distinctions between Brittan’s dealings with Burma while apposed to China happen to be largely a matter of range, as the Chinese govt was relatively strong and well organized, when Burma, a far smaller land had what many named an gothic monarchy, that was not as well networked and organized as those of China, although China would eventually fall season to impérialiste influence, it had been only after many years of isolationist resistance. (314, 317) The Opium battles of 1839-1842, resulted in China being opened up to operate from many competing American interests, which include France, Brittan and the United states of america, and to

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