BTEC national diploma in business 2013-2014 Essay

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|Unit Title: Controlling Business Data |Unit Code: 26 | |Lecturer: Gaye Snook | | | |Assignment Name: Managing Organization Information | |Assignment: you | | | |Principle Objectives Evaluated: | |1 Understand the significance of information to organisations | |2 Recognize how organisations employ business data | |3 Be able to preserve an information program | |4 Be able to create information to aid decision making in organisations. | | | |Key Abilities Competence: | |N3. 1, 3. two, 3. several | |C3.

1a, three or more. 1b, a few. 2, three or more. 3 | |ICT3.

1, 3. 2, 3. three or more | |Date Set: Sept 2013 |Date Due: Dec 2013 | | | |Scenario You are in charge of for the info management with all the Box Company a company developing storage bins. You will be asked to | |firstly write a statement about the effective administration of information.

You are also asked to carry out functional tasks for information | |management and to survey and present the studies of you information revendication. | | | |Task 1 | | | |Write a report following an investigation of The Container Company, within the following points | | | |Describe the characteristics of the information which the Box Firm needs | |(this tackles P1) | | | |Characteristics: types of information (qualitative, quantitative, main, secondary); top quality of information (valid, complete, correct, | |timely, fit-for-purpose, attainable, cost-effective, intelligible) | | | | Explain the sources of details needed inside the Box Firm | |(this address P2) | | | |Sources: internal (financial, HR, marketing, purchasing, product sales, manufacturing, etc); external (government, trade groups, commercially | |provided, databases, research, rival information) | | | |Describe how information is employed for three distinct purposes in The Box Firm (this address P3) | | | |Purposes: record transactions and activities; screen, control, co-ordinate and strategy activities; evaluation (patterns, trends); prediction | |(extrapolation, imagine if? ) | |Describe the legal and ethical problems the business must consider in using business information | |(this address P4) | | | | Info Protection Action 1998, Pc Misuse Work 1990; moral issues (privacy, access, organisational IT protocols, codes of practice from the | |Information Commissioner’s Office(ICO) and the United kingdom Computer Culture (BCS) | | | |Explain for what reason business details is important for the success of the organisation, offering several instances of how it really is used to support decision | |making | |(this addresses M1) | | | |Decision producing (operational, trickery strategic); administration; promote effectiveness; develop competitive advantage; maximize market share; | | | | | |Write a written report to evaluate how a selected company could improve the quality of its organization information to aid decision-making. | |Prepare a presentation from the information plus your recommendations. You’ll certainly be assessed within the appropriateness in the formats chosen. | |Remember to rationalize your advice in your statement. | |(this addresses D1) | | | |Tracking fast and slow shifting sales will suggest to a retailer tips on how to adjust the product range.

Monitoring staff lack will allow | |absenteeism patterns to be discovered and lack reduced. Bettering the quality of the knowledge will improve the company. | |A senior supervisor will be likely to appreciate information offered in a formal report, a junior helper may be better suited assimilate | |information within a visual structure. A poor choice of format prevents communication in the message. | | | | | | | | | | | |Task two | | | | You are required to conduct practical physical exercises on a data management system. You no longer need to create this system; your instructor will provide | |this to suit your needs.

Undertaking the following tasks, formatting the presented data management system into a appropriately presented and useful program by | |completing this tasks | | | |Format Desk | |Add grid lines | |Add formatting to headers | |Format cell type (i. e. text/numbers) | | | | Add acceptance rules to appropriate cellular material | | | |Add profit line (use formula) | | | |Update Table | |Add new sales for next 3 months | |Customer 128 has gone out of business, delete this customer | |Add customer 129 Bins R All of us, 145 Train station Road, Maidenhead, Sl4 9UY, 07788 6589652. Anticipated require from this customer will be 30 of | |product B each month from July | |Change speak to for client 125 to 07799 8745698 | | | |Following the above, in the presence of your tutor that will observe you, interrogate the machine to provide conditional data e. g.: | | | |a.

Total sales every product | |b. Total profit every product | |c. Total sales per customer | |d. Total profit per customer | |(this details P5) | | | | | |Task several | | | |Building upon job 2, develop information that can be used to support the next business decision.

Scenario the company can be thinking of| |launching a fresh product, however , due to the potential of the development line it may only do that if is stops producing one of the existing | |products. Use the above analysis in task 2 and the particulars on the potential cool product use to warrant your decision proposal. | | | |A ) Develop information in four ideal formats to compliment decision making This could include the following: using an electric organiser | |to organise a meeting to go over the information, including an agenda of items/issues to talk about; circulating helping information, because | |attachment to email; producing a report outlining the key findings of the analytical info and producing tables and so forth to highlight the key | |findings. | |(this addresses P6) This will end up being supplemented by observations in the tutor. | | | |B) Review the features of different types of software in making information to support business actions, e. g. word control, | |spreadsheets and databases, commenting within the appropriateness of using every single for a presented purpose. (This addresses M2) | | | |C) Analyse the info from above and explain the significance to the enterprise of the info that has been from the | |system. Recommend appropriate activities to respond to the given situation, which has to be supported by the info generated. (This addresses | |M3) | |Tutor Personal unsecured: GAYE SNOOK | Particular date: | |Pre-Verified: |Internally Tested: | | | | |Date: |Date: | M2 compare the characteristics of different | | |different purposes within a selected |types of software used in producing | | |organisation [RL, CT] |information to compliment business | | | |activities | | |P4 describe the legal issues a great |M3 examine information manufactured in | | |organisation need to consider in applying |different formats to support business | | |business information |decision making. | | |P5 input and manipulate your data entered | | | |into info management software [CT, TW, | | | |SM] | | | |P6 develop information in suitable | | | |formats to support business decision | | | |making. [IE, CT, SM] | | |

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