Building a Field House Essay

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Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

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I’m Sinclair Cunningham and I are entering my sophomore year at Kishwaukee College. We have met several times before,?nternet site am a part of our women’s basketball group. You were a part of my personal official visit to Kishwaukee and I have also seen you in several athletic events and banquets, assisting not only my personal team, yet also the department. I am very grateful for all of your support.

I was writing for you to share my own idea and proposal to get building a new athletic field house in Kishwaukee School. The current gym situation is incredibly nice although does not focus on our developing department. We could also very limited for space, and the locker rooms are falling apart. Building a discipline house will allow for Kishwaukee to improve on many areas include storage area, facility, time management, and recruitment. It could also profit the school by simply allowing teams to web host tournaments and fundraisers and may help increase money to get the building.

I would really prefer to be able to recommend funding to get our job and begin a formal process with you and the panel. I know you are very occupied but We would be privileged to sit back and discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks to the task and gain some of your ideas. I know there are several obstacles to the project, and I would like to discuss with you and take on them with each other. I would like to start raising money by early fall and can have a completed formal proposal to you personally before the August board getting together with.

I know simply how much you support the athletic department and all sorts of our student-athletes. I believe along with your help we could build this new facility which will benefit the college in many various ways. It will help with enrollment of future student-athletes, attract even more NCAA educational institutions on grounds, and can as well raise funds for the college by hosting various sporting events.

It will be a wonderful facility which usually other educational institutions will want to take part in and will value Kishwaukee intended for. I enjoy your time and am looking forward to sitting down with you in the next fourteen days to discuss the different areas of this new idea?nternet site begin this kind of proposal. Just like I stated, I will have a formal pitch for you to decide to use the plank for your August meeting and hope to get started the funding and the job in the early on fall.

My spouse and i look forward to ending up in you soon.

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