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In 1956, the Mondragon Supportive Corporation, or MCC, built a small come from Basque location of Italy, at the effort of five small engineers, influenced by a Catholic priest named Jose Helen Arizmendiarrieta. Today it has appeared as a truly multi-billion dollar international enterprise with a remarkably integrated network of 75 MCC cooperative enterprises and competes quite successfully with conventional capitalist corporations both locally and worldwide. The achievements of this alternative business model in predominantly capitalist system could be judged from the fact that today there are 750, 000 co-operatives worldwide with about 760 million members.

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There is abundance of information and literature telling the success of the Mondragon test and its comparative analysis with conventional capitalist corporations about various company aspects. This essay aims to put an exclusive focus on placement and take care of two essential stakeholders, investors and staff, while assessing MCC with General Motors (GM), a highly renowned US corporation. This kind of essay is definitely structured in to four sections: the initial outlines the historical advancement and honest foundation of the MCC in much close terms. The 2nd section offers a generic and ideological comparability the two corporations.

The third section adds granularity in similarities and contrasts with certain examples via MCC and GM. Your fourth section should touch upon the moral perspectives in the two companies and critiques the techniques. Finally, Section five, concludes the essay by showing key information from the MCC experiment intended for corporations in 21st century.

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