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I. Statement of economic Problem

Butler Timber Company can be facing the internal risk of not having enough funding power to continue operations since desired. The owner of the company has established a romantic relationship with a new traditional bank to increase all their borrowing electricity, however , based upon Butler Timber Company’s previous Operating Statement and “balance sheet”, the company is definitely expecting to continue substantial progress without considering external risks which may affect their very own business. Currently the company requires debt to take care of daily businesses and progress.

II. General Framework for Economical Analysis

An organization should keep higher fluidity ratios that may sustain working activities and desired progress, as well as permit the company to pay virtually any short-term debts obligations. One way to maintain bigger liquidity percentages is to collect on receivables timely, and use funds obtained to be given discounts offered on inventory purchases.

In addition , a business inventory should turn many times per year. Because sales happen to be forecasted a firm should enhance their inventory to allow forecasted revenue on a monthly basis, although keep as low as possible on hand.

Essentially, inventory could turn 10-12 times per year.

III. Application of the Economic Framework

Butler Lumber Company has skilled significant growth over the last couple of years. Their pricing has remained competitive compared to similarly available item. The company expects to continue developing at this level and to do it, requires the of credit from their lender to maintain current and improved inventory levels and to cover operating bills.

Butler Wood Company keeps a high level of inventory. Essentially, the company is definitely leveraging their credit and using that to maintain their high inventory levels. As the company expands, their products on hand purchases ought to bebased prove forecasted monthly sales. In 1990 their inventory was turning four. 67 instances per year, or perhaps every 2 . 5 several weeks. While continued growth may make this feel necessary, the business has failed to consider exterior risk factors that could influence their organization drastically. Although they’re sales are powered by not merely new residence construction, although home repairs as well, in the instance of an economic catastrophe home fixes would likely decrease. As a result, Retainer Lumber Company would have a large amount of wasted inventory on hand.

Butler Lumber Business sales possess increased, however so have their very own receivables. With receivables sitting down uncollected intended for 42 times, the company struggles to use that cash to pay their very own outstanding payables with special discounts or cover their working costs with no incurring debts.

Finally, you can actually liquidity proportions support their very own need for better cash managing. Their current ratio advise the company is definitely solvent and would be able to cover their initial liabilities in the event that needed. Nevertheless , the quick ratio for the company is very low every year. Their money on hand will not cover all their short-term financial obligations.

IV. Assumptions and Special/Mitigating Circumstances

Not any assumptions were made in this research. The company’s monetary statements plainly state their particular condition. Tips are based on that information.

Versus. Conclusions and Recommendations

Butler Lumber Company should screen their inventory levels carefully and maintain the particular inventory instructed to get them through 1 to at least one. 5 months of product sales. They should just use an extreme collections team to assist with collecting inside the terms of payment defined in customer agreements.


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