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My whole life I’ve been told practice makes perfect. Whether it’s in the tennis court or in math class, the more you practice something, the better you become at this. In the last number of years I’ve found out that practicing and doing is different. Harry Callahan once explained, _experience is a good teacher_ and without a doubt it really is. You can sit five hours taking a organization class or perhaps 10 hours in a golf practice nevertheless until you go out to the real world and start doing business with other people or play a true tennis tournament you will not _really_ MASTER.

When experiencing things many of us make mistakes and making faults, in the wide scheme of things, great as long as all of us learn from all of them. Through the different experiences We’ve had through tennis, my personal musical escapades and my business offers, I’ve discovered from my own errors, chosen myself up from the ground, and ultimately cultivated as a individual.

On Aug 10, 2000 I stepped on to the golf court to get my 1st tennis lessons. I had previously tried to perform the sport although this day I used to be determined to start out a voyage in which I can master this. After my own first genuine tennis year, I better at an amazing pace, and went a summer for the world-renowned Chip Bolletierri Tennis games Academy in Bradenton, Sarasota. At only 11 years old, I found me personally without my children and in a mysterious place, but that did not stop myself from carrying out what I most loved, playing tennis. From then on summer My spouse and i fell in love get back sport and went another two summers to Saddlebrook Tennis Academy in Tampa Bay California, where We polished my personal skills and started to perform a few serious tournaments. The first tournaments that I played made me recognize that no matter how much I had utilized in the tennis games court, this did not include practice, and at the beginning, my lack of competition experience, impeded my capability to perform inside my utmost level. In the handful of tournaments that I played in Florida as well as the dozens of tournaments I have performed here, I’ve learned that rehearsing somethingand doing it were two different things. The greater I manufactured mistakes and the more I had been about to earn a game, however lost, were part of an event which through time made me a better participant.

Everyone likes music, and everyone likes it, yet there are some of us that absorb music and make its role of our everyday routine. I have always been a huge music fan in addition to 2003 I decided to buy a guitar. Contrary to my friends who also “heard music, I paid attention to it and analyzed it, taking this seriously and making it a part of my life. Following playing guitar for several a few months alone within my room My spouse and i formed a band by friends of mine, who at the time, distributed the same music taste as me. There were a lot of trouble at the beginning adjusting, because despite the fact that we each understood had to play our instrument, playing all together was plainly not the same.

After having a few months for cleaning up the sound of our music group, we went ahead and play before a crowd thus we agreed to the Gross annual School Expertise Show. We were so very pleased and confident of ourselves that we announced that to all of our friends and made a big deal regarding. On May twenty two, 2004, every day before my own fourteenth birthday, we walked onto the stage, facing our entire school, and started to play “Seven Nations around the world Army by White Lines, the only music we used for the past two months. Amid the performance we were all taking a look at each other seeing that everything was sounding filthy and chaotic.

As we had been playing all of us saw the faces of the friends in the crowd, who also tried disguising the fact we had played out terribly. After that talent demonstrate, and several different terrible self-humiliating performances, all of us decided we had enough embarrassment and had to improve as a band. After many months of strong practicing, plus the previous shameful experiences we had gone through, we all started to become better and better. A year . 5 after the terrible talent display performance we all found ourselves playing facing hundreds of people, and getting paid to do whatever we loved the most. Months after I stepped onto one other musical quest but this time in the Motion Picture discipline. I did start to make a show with a handful of friends that ended up receiving massive national attention.

Film production company started out as a project simply for us to savor but as the Musical Director and Business Producer, I knew we had some thing good in our hands and decided to maximize out of it. Eight months after it was viewedacross all the movie theaters in the capital and all the Movie Rentals in the country. The day after it was released in film production company theaters, we all did above 4 paper interviews, above 5 live television interviews and we were reading on all major papers the subject “Dominican Kids Make Nationwide Movie.  After the success of the film and my personal very acclaimed role while Musical Movie director, we received a contract in one of the biggest businessman inside the Dominican Republic, to immediate and generate his up coming upcoming film. As of understand we have just started to film that motion picture, but if this weren’t for all your times My spouse and i humiliated personally on stage, or perhaps all the times I had fashioned to continue playing in front of people that were fed up of listening and just wished for people to stop, If it weren’t for anyone experiences, I wouldn’t always be where My spouse and i am know.

Being the independent individual that I am, I do not like to ask for a lot of favors or presents. Since I was a child, my father has taught me a large number of vital lessons and one of them is that nothing is free and money is not easy to get but easy to spend. After not being able to obtain many of the gadgets that I craved as a child, I used to be left with this notion during my head which i had to produce money as I was youthful in order to have the things i want while not having to ask for this. At 12-15 I required action and talked to 1 of my best good friends and current business spouse about the options of making tshirts and selling it among my friends. After having a few months all of us hired a man, who has produced t-shirts for any living for over a decade, and paid him to make regarding one-hundred t shirts and offered them all in a period of a month. We produced a good profit and decided to take the business further. After months asking for a valuable meeting in Plaza Lama, the biggest mall in the Dominican Republic, My spouse and i finally received it after almost two hours of heavy marketing my partner and I finally landed an agreement of above 1200 tshirts to sell in their main retail store.

We quickly went to speak with our jacket manufacturer along with being to negotiate with him the prices, in order to obtain a reasonable volume of revenue, we got to the agreement. He was not as liable as he appeared and got more time than promised, nevertheless we were fine since the tshirts sold flawlessly in Plaza Lama and we were merely in time to obtain a new deal. As we were sitting in Plaza Lama in a meeting with the manager of the clothing department, we received news that ourmanufacturer was manufacturing really our tee shirts and advertising them to one other department store with no permission making himself a lot and not offering us the equal pay. After a profound exchange of words with the manufacturer, all of us decided to part ways and take control of our own future by manufacturing our very own shirts, due to the fact that we had received a new obtain over 3, 200 tshirts to sell whatsoever their nationwide stores.

Becoming inspired by an “outsourcing lesson within my economics category I spoke to my personal partner about the possibilities of manufacturing the t shirts outside of the capital, where labor and production was less expensive, in order to enhance profits. All of us did that and in six weeks we all produced all of the t-shirts at half the purchase price than before. There were to work harder seeing that we were the methods organizing and transporting all of them. After a large amount of hard work and effort, those t-shirts were almost all sold, i was paid and that we realized that each of our companies’ revenue had improved over 600% from the past set of t-shirts. Now we discover ourselves selling over 3 thousands t-shirts per month, earning a great amount of money, and starting to develop a webpage to supply our t-shirts to anyone interested in the Caribbean. Listening to advice from our blunders in the past, and learning not to put an excessive amount of trust on any individual, made all of us grow while business guy and most significantly learn that money, contrary to many people of my personal age do not know, is very hard to make and very simple to spend.

The experiences I have been through in life, possess taught me personally lessons even more valuable than any other educator has been in a position to teach myself in a class. When you go out and experience things and make mistakes, you discover from your mistakes, overcome those depressing occasions and ultimately become a better human being.


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