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Wife of Bath’s Prologue, simply by Geoffrey Chaucer is one of the first pieces of literary works that introduces us into a smart, intelligent, and impartial woman. One of the most important facets of the wife’s character is her sexuality. In a day when ever women weren’t prone to speak out of the sexuality, the wife truly does and not only that, she boasts about how very much she likes sex. The wife is usually not scared of her libido and the lady wants everyone in her presence to find out this regarding her. She’s a shrewd businesswoman and men will not intimidate her. With the Partner of Bath, Chaucer produces a character that resists the patriarchal dominance, superiority of the day and motivates various other women to do likewise.

Chaucer establishes the wife’s persona early inside the prologue to offer readers a hint of her strength being a character. Once readers reach lines forty-five through 79, they have little or no question that they are dealing with a fierce and assertive woman. This portion of the text allows readers a view into the wife’s past and share them a sense of what kind of woman the girl with. This passage begins with all the wife declaring she has recently been married 5 fold and she actually is looking forward to her next husband. Marriage is important to the better half of Bathroom primarily as it allows her to have all the sex while she wants. She declares she does want to abstain from sex for long while she’s waiting for her next husband. She is trying to find him and when she locates him, she could welcome him whole-heartedly. The girl states, “Welcome the sixte, whan that evere he shal. Intended for sothe We wol nat kepe me chaast in al” (51-2). She guards her position on this matter by Quoting St . Paul, who announced women have time to get married to if their partners die. This tells us the fact that wife can be intelligent to consider for very little. She will certainly not let any person make her feel poor because she gets wed frequently and she certainly will not likely let them generate her feel bad for planning to marry again when the Bible clearly declares it is fine for her for this. She even tells visitors how Paul says marriage is better than “to brynne” (58). She dismisses people who gossip about staying married over and over again, mentioning the simple fact that Abraham, Lamech and Jacob were holy and married over and over again. Here we see the partner was wise enough to debate this kind of topic with anyone fearless enough to interact her. She goes 1 step further more, defending the act of sex simply by saying, “For hadde

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