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Although Carlos Ghosn’s leadership abilities can not be contested, there are particular aspects that needs to be taken into consideration once analyzing his leadership style. He is considered a successful head, given the results through Nissan and Renault and the recognition pachieved from his peers. However , the democratic and laissez-faire style made by Ghosn can lead to unwanted side effects on channel term and on long-term. The reason is , this relaxed attitude he encourages within his firms might determine some of the workers to not have their careers as really as they should. Their particular motivational levels might be decreased as a result. Consequently , Ghosn need to enforce a more firm leadership design.


Carlos Ghosn is among the most successful leaders in global level. His interesting approach to leadership and the effects he received through his companies possess determined specialists in the field to investigate his behavior. Their studies are very interesting for theorists and experts in the field.

Ghosn has managed to run large companies upon global level without impacting force and constraints. He focuses on adopting cultural selection and including it in his democratic style. The most important feature of his leadership style is represented by the fact that he motivates the advancement within his subordinates and encourages them to take motivation by regarding them inside the decision making method. This allows those to take better decisions by simply frequently training this activity, and to make decisions more rapidly, which increases their very own productivity and efficiency.

However , this type of leadership is certainly not suitable for all kinds of companies. In a few cases, it is important to take decisions on centralized level, which is quite the opposite of Ghosn’s management style. Ghosn organized his companies’ departments as individual unit centers that make their particular strategies and decisions. Professionnals in the field also consider that Ghosn should ensure modifications to his leadership style. They are really concerned with the very fact that staff in the firms managed simply by Ghosn might take advantage of his relaxed design and might reduce their function levels. This is often further converted in lowered productivity and efficiency for these companies. In addition to this, their behavior might influence customer satisfaction. Consequently , it is recommended that Ghosn increases the control level inside his corporations. In certain circumstances it is important to keep up strict control on the activities of the company.

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