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1 ) One way major psychology can easily answer Dylan’s promiscuity is that it has become a learned behavior that this individual has never needed to correct/change. The study states that he have been promiscuous since high school and he views no purpose to change his ways.

installment payments on your To explain Dylan’s typical womanly interests being of generally the same physical attributes, has to do with is inborn drive for successful duplication. His interesting attractions to an athletic blonde of medium level, is what Dylan believes the very best fit to create healthy children.

Even though Dylan shows not any concern following your fact of having children, major psychology suggests that it is Dylan’s cognitive drive to find these types of women.

3. Such as Dylan’s evolutionary drive for an attractive partner to reproduce with, the women he agrees with online dating have some of the same drives to achieve your goals with their partners to recreate with. They could know of his wealth and great appears which may be some deciding elements for their choice of a lover.

It�s not until later on that the women find out the not so appealing attributes of a man in Dylan’s position.

some. Dylan almost certainly takes his dates to a rugby match, to try their physicality and athleticism. He may not want to bottom his decision on a lover just off from looks; he wants to know if they are sufficiently strong to bring him strong children. We look by human progression to justify this type of incident, even if this can be a cognitive (subconscious approach) to determining a mate.

a few. As we see in characteristics, many man species will not care for the offspring after birth. That job is left towards the mothers and this can describe Dylan’s thoughts towards his own kids. He feels he discovered a companion for a reason, to have solid children they can look after. This individual does not truly feel it is his part to make the children, when he has found a suitable lover, his job is done.

6. Dylan would not use birth control, because he seems it is the woman’s duty to keep herself from becoming pregnant if perhaps she would not want to be pregnant. Same applies to std’s, inside the relationship, in case the woman features chosen Dylan he is convinced she has built the choice to trust him. Dylan would use security if he did not trust that the woman this individual chose to become was clean or not suitable for duplication. He made a choice and so would the woman, he believes she has thought about most issues that may possibly arise and that is why she is not really worried about safety (in Dylan’s eyes).


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