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Intro: –

Satyendra Dubey was a project representative at the National Highways Power of India (NHAI). He was murdered in Gaya, Bihar after preventing corruption in the Golden Cuboid highway development project.

Personal Life: –

He was given birth to at the village of Sahpur in the Siwan district of Bihar, India. The family of five women and two boys subsisted on a small piece of land, and Bageshwari also held a low-paying clerical position in a nearby glucose mill. Before the age of 15 he analyzed at the Gang Baksh Kanodiya High School in Sahpur and then joined community college at Allahabad, about three 100 kilometres aside.

He was confessed to the Detrimental Engineering Department of IIT Kanpur in 1990, managed to graduate in year 1994. Subsequently, he did his M. Technical (Civil Engg. ) coming from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University or college, and Varanasi in mil novecentos e noventa e seis.

Professional Life: –

He was selected intended for the American indian Engineering Service (IES) in 1996, India’s top executive bureaucracy and joined ministry of surface area transport.

While at the ministry this individual once called the authorities when presented a bribe In July 2002. Having been employed by the National Freeway Authority of India (NHAI). Dubey became the Helper Project Manager at Koderma, Jharkhand, in charge of managing a part of the Aurangabad-Barachatti portion of National Freeway 2 (The Grand Shoe Road). This highway was part of the Gold Quadrilateral Fermeture Project, the top Minister’s effort, which was executed to connect lots of the country key cities by four-lane limited-access highways totalling 14, 500 km, in a overall could prove costly than USD 10 billion dollars. During this period, Dubey got the contractor of the project to suspend three of his engineers following exposing severe financial irregularities. At a single point, he previously the company rebuild six kilometres of under-quality road, a huge damage for the street contract cricca.

The Problem Scenario

The Golden Twosided project experienced strict handles to ensure that the development work will be carried on by simply experienced companies with correct systems. An additional independent deal was given for supervision from the project. When working for his post, he found that the developed firm, Larsen and Toubro, had been subcontracting the actual operate to smaller sized low-technology groups, controlled by the community mafia. Dubey being an genuine and upright official wrote to his boss SK Soni (NHAI Project Director) and Brig Satish Kapoor (engineer) regarding the issue, however the matter was never looked after and having been transferred to Gaya, a transfer which this individual opposed since he believed that it would not serve the interests of NHAI.

In Gaya, he exposed mass flouting of NHAI guidelines regarding sub-contracting and quality control. Faced with the possibility of high-level corruption within the NHAI, Dubey wrote right to the Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich), Atal Bihari Vajpayee, describing the monetary and contractual irregularities inside the project. This kind of act of his composing the letter to the primary minister demonstrated very costly to him as the notification irked the responsible government bodies and On 26th November the year 2003, he was taken dead whilst returning back in his residence from train station.

Our Analysis of the watch case

Unethical Practices Used in the case: –

* Larsen and Toubro, had been subcontracting using the work to smaller low-technology groups, controlled by the local mafia * The Officials was not doing there jobs successfully and would not take the complaints into Consideration 2. The Government would not acted for the best of their citizens pursuits

Some Basic Honest Principles which were not Implemented in this case happen to be: – 5. Fiduciary ” It is derived from a Latina word ‘fiduciarius’ which means possessing in trust. It is a legal or ethical relationship of trust between two or more parties (persons). When ever Mr. Dubey wrote to his supervisor SK Soni (NHAI Task Director) and Brig Satish Kapoor (engineer) about the situation, they just ignored this matter. As Dubey trusted his boss and co-worker, he thought they can help him in preventing the local mafias but rather than helping him they simply want to bury this matter without anyone obtaining a clue about it.

* Visibility ” It really is implemented by a set of policies, practices and procedures that allow citizens to have availability, usability, power, understandibility, informativeness and auditability of information and process kept by centres of specialist. When Mister. Dubey arrived at know about the Larsen and Toubro(L&T) that they will be contracting small low-technology groupings for the completion of operate which are governed and managed by regional mafia bande, he discovered it to be unethical and inappropriate since L&T was hiding the data of the job that it ought to complete.

5. Reliability ” It is the potential of a person or system to perform and maintain its functions in routine circumstances, in hostile or unexpected conditions. But when Dubey asked his Boss and co-worker simply by bringing the subject in the lime-light. It was their particular duty to determine and check that all the work was going in an appropriate functionality fashion with no one interfering. Yet instead of producing the system to verify the cons from the problem they just transmitted him to a higher so that they (especially SK Soni) don’t have to end up being indulged in the matter of L&T function.

* Citizenship ” Citizenship is a member of a political community who enjoys the rights and presumes the responsibilities of membership. A person who will not have citizenship in any express is said to be stateless. But Mr. Dubey was a citizen of India and as a responsible citizen he published the notification addressing to Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of India Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee regarding the dishonest practises that had been in use by L&T plus the inappropriate conduct of the concerned people who had been in the style to hide all these illegal styles from the federal government and other concerned authorities so that they can easily continue their secrecy work with no-one getting a touch about it.

5. Responsiveness ” The quality of staying responsive to a specific situation. Here both the concerned officials and the Government failed to reacted to any of the characters of Mr. Dubey which were concerned towards the local mafia taking the tenders of the functions. And due to their lack of responsiveness Mr. Dubey was taken dead while he was coming back back from your railway stop for his home. All this happened because of lack of initiative of the authorities. Whistle Coming too played out a major function in insufficient the effort.

What is Whistle Blowing?

Whistle Blowing may be the Voluntary relieve of no public information, like a moral demonstration, by a affiliate or ex – member of a company outside the typical channels of communication for an appropriate viewers about unlawful and/ or immoral execute in an organization or carry out in an business that is opposed in some significant way to the public curiosity. In this case, Mr Dubey started to be a whistleblower by increasing his voice against the practices followed by a lot of people in the NHAI and attempted to bring it towards the notice in the government plus the people which usually showed his moral demonstration against the business.


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