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Excerpt via Case Study:

Catholic Problem

The Case Examine of Paula: A Catholic Dilemma

Paula is by Madrid, The country of spain. She is 29 years old and married to Carlos the past 7 years. She works to get Air Europa as a air travel attendant. She still comes from Madrid, Italy with Carlos. Patricia and Maria older 6 and 3 years correspondingly, are the couple’s two children.

In terms of educational background, Paul and Carlos attended Catholic school inside their home associated with Madrid. Managing Carlos and her two daughters the girl with experiencing an emotional problem concerning the gentleman she is at present dating and has been internet dating for one season, Pedro. She wants to leave Carlos intended for Pedro. Especially because Carlos’ mother is definitely increasing stress and tension between Carlos and Paula.

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Paula is Euro. She is through the Basque location. Therefore , she’s Caucasian, via Southern European countries. She looks heterosexual with her relationship and internet dating preferences staying of the reverse gender (male). She is operating class to middle class, having a job as flight attendant. Flight attendants will not earn large salaries and Pedro’s work was not mentioned. Raised like a Catholic, they believe in Christ and rely on marriage. Catholics do not like the idea of divorce, preferring to settle married (Gerner, 2008). She’s Caucasian and European, surviving in Europe. Consequently , her traditions reflects that. For example , Italy is area of the European Union (EU). The EU has a system where any individual from the EUROPEAN UNION can visit and from your countries without need for a visa (Boratynaski Brzezinaski, 2006).


The presenting is actually Paula cheating on Carlos with Pedro. She is a married woman with two young girls. She also has to cope with the relationship Carlos has together with his mother. The girl with Catholic. These all play a role in how the lady deals with the problem of infidelity. Should the girl divorce Carlos to be with Pedro, she may be ostracized from the culture your woman grew up with and lose her support program.


The key issue Paula has is to use the idea of creating instability on her two small daughters and abandoning her roots and beliefs being a Catholic. Pedro is trying to get Paula to leave Carlos, although fails to know what she may relinquish in the process. This potential loss of home, of traditions may create more challenges for Paula then staying with her partner Carlos. Consequently why she gets conflicted.


Being coming from Spain, Catholicism is a significant part of many Spaniards lives. The issue of divorce is something frowned upon for a lot of Catholics. To get Paula to even look at a divorce after having an affair is usually major issue. Most people would look down on upon her having an affair. Also realize a divorce, it may spell complications for her over a moral basis and via a The spanish language culture point of view.


Paula’s main coping strategy is always to have an affair with Pedro. Carlos great mother generate stress to get Paula. When she feels anxiety, she runs to Pedro and partcipates in romantic actions with him as a sort of stress relief. Your woman does love her children and enjoys being a mother and a Spanish female. This can be seen as an strength because she is aware of how this case could adversely impact her two daughters.


Since Paula comes from Spain and is also a Spaniard, she has no experience with racism. She works together people from Spain. Pedro is a colliege. She is also not discriminated against. As a woman doing work as a airline flight attendant, she is not in a job where she is being treated less than due to going over the

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