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Business functions

Caterpillar and Komatsu will be two of the biggest heavy gear manufacturers on the globe with total revenue of over $29. 1 billion dollars dollars pertaining to fiscal year 2001 between your two corporations. Caterpillar was established in 1925 after Dernier-né Holt and Daniel Greatest merged all their two businesses, both of which usually had been in operation for over more than 30 years each. Komatsu was founded in 1921 once Komatsu Iron Works was spun away as an independent corporation from Takeuchi Mining Industry, Ltd. Both companies, Caterpillar and Komatsu, possess since set up themselves on the market as frontrunners of weighty equipment manufacturing.

A review of the websites and mission claims for each firm speaks volumes regarding the company and the philosophy towards doing business. Every mission statement was examined for the following components as per the UniModule to get the study course: Customers, Goods and services, Markets, Technology, Concern for survival, development and success, Philosophy, Self-concept, Concern intended for public graphic and Matter for employees. In addition , each mission statement, plus the company website and company reports, was reviewed to ascertain how the priorities of the stockholders were addressed.


Caterpillar has both a eye-sight and a mission to operate a vehicle their organization. The perspective is basically mentioned, “Be a global leader in customer value (Caterpillar). This kind of basic assertion drives the four different facets of the quest and the firm as a whole. The vision also shows a powerful concern for survival and growth with a forward-looking eyesight to the foreseeable future. In addition , a simple vision such as this also hard drives the beliefs of the firm as they make an effort to be the very best in their marketplace.

The first section of the mission affirmation is as uses:

Caterpillar is definitely the leader in providing the biggest value in devices, engines and support providers for customers specialized in building the world’s system and developing and shipping its assets. We provide the best value to customers. (italics while included in statement) (Caterpillar)

While this section says, Caterpillar believes in supporting the customer through all aspects of its operations. This section also details Caterpillar’s viewpoint in their product or service by providing the biggest value to their buyers.

The second area of the objective statement says:

Caterpillar persons will increase aktionär value simply by aggressively pursuing growth and profit possibilities that leverage our engineering, manufacturing, division, information administration and financial services expertise. We grow profitably. (italics since included in statement) (Caterpillar)

This section addresses Caterpillar’s concern for shareholder worth by straight addressing their particular goals to enhance value within the statement, but not as a great afterthought. The straightforward line, “We grow profitably shows a strong faith within their future as a company.

The 3rd section browse:

Caterpillar will give you its globally workforce with an environment that stimulates selection, innovation, teamwork, continuous learning and improvement and rewards individual efficiency. We develop and prize people. (italics as incorporated into statement) (Caterpillar)

A strong matter for employees is shown in this area of the objective statement. Based on the Caterpillar internet site, the company presents extensive teaching and employee development, in addition to a multitude of benefits for their employees.

The final area of the objective statement can be as follows:

Caterpillar is focused on improving the standard of life although sustaining the standard of our globe. We inspire social responsibility. (italics because included in statement) (Caterpillar)

Finally, Caterpillar details their matter for people image of the corporation by handling environmental and social problems in their quest statement. Caterpillar is associated with several environmental and interpersonal projects in the communities they are a part of, if in the United States or just around the world.

Total, the eye-sight and objective statement intended for Caterpillar is definitely strong and clear, providing a valuable direction for the company in all aspects with their operation.


Komatsu has established a basic objective statement and a Code of Worldwide Business Conduct (Code) booklet that helps to guide the business in its global business transactions. This Code is updated annually to reflect any kind of new or changed details that may affect how the company performs over a global level. The objective statement, which is actually a position statement by the president in the company, Masahiro Sakane, scans as follows:

Komatsu is focused on Quality and Reliability because the very cornerstones of their management to increase its corporate value. Through business activities, we in Komatsu operate to enhance the organization value of Komatsu intended for shareholders and other stakeholders by endorsing activities to turn into a Strong Business, while concurrently observing the “Rules in the Business Community (the Rules) and satisfying the responsibility of corporate citizenship to become a Great Company. In this fashion, I believe we can improve the Quality and Reliability of management and employees. (Komatsu)

By digesting the opening statement, plus the pertinent parts of the Code, we can measure the company’s opportinity for addressing the differentrequirements from your UniModule.

A driving force lurking behind the Code is the solid commitment to quality and reliability for products. This is addressed inside the management course section of the code, which offers five guidelines for improving quality and reliability. The first standard directly tackles the customers’ needs and concerns, and also the product and services themselves, by “constantly providing safe and ground breaking products/service and systems in the viewpoint of our customers.  (Komatsu)

Additionally , product safety is described as one of the main aspects intended for quality and reliability. In accordance to Komatsu, “all employees place the top priority for assurance of safety when engaging in creation, production, purchase, sales, assistance and all additional stages.  (Komatsu)


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