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Scarce solutions are very important to the country. It is a source of revenue for the region and it can become sold away for money as raw helpful industrialization. As a result, countries would want to compete to get scarce solutions. An example is the Iceland-britian turmoil. As Iceland depends on the angling industry intended for survival, it is source of income comes from the fish found.

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In 1970s, the amount of fish, especially cod, dropped by one-half and just read was due to the above fishing of Belgium, the german language and britian on Iceland seas. Hence, Iceland offers came up with actions in controlling the number of fish caught to the UN but most were ignored. As 79% from the total foreign trade comprises of refreshing fish and fish items, it is important pertaining to Iceland to keep up a environmentally friendly levels of fish stocks in the seas about Iceland. Method to obtain economic survivals is vulnerable, Iceland had to fight to make sure that this source of natural resource is endured.

This conflict resulted in Iceland breaking displomatic ties with britian. If a country’s hard to find resources has been threatened, they must fight back since it is their primary source of earnings and success. Losing the key source of hard to find resource ewould lead to economic downfall, careers and sustenance at stake leading to poverty Diverse values and benefits. Countries fight over different principles and benefits due if they feel that it can be being vulnerable by other folks. This is evident in the Korean warfare.

Korea is being separated in 2 halves in the 38th parallel after the Japanese surrended in the 1945. The Russian occupied the north of parallel and the American occupied the to the south of parallel. Attempt of un to establish a single federal government failed because the north parallel did not want to have an election inside the north.

North korea was then created and became a communist get together whereas to the south korea was then produced and became democratic party. The two government stated that they have the legal rights to secret the Korean language peninsula. China, afraid the north korea would be influenced by the to the south korea’s democractic system, helped and recognized north korea in the battle of north korea and south korea to propagate communism. This kind of showed that whenever countries enter into conflict to extend their balue systems to other areas and also safeguard their value systems by being endangered to react

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