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The manual is definitely organized in four areas. The initially section delivers some tips for taking the CBP Officer Entrance Examination. The second section provides preparation materials for the Logical Reasoning Test and incorporates a practice test with explanations for the answers towards the practice test out.

The third section provides prep material pertaining to the Arithmetic Reasoning Test and includes a practice test with explanations to get the answers to the practice test. Finally, the fourth section provides preparation material for the Producing Skills Ensure that you includes a practice test with explanations pertaining to the answers to the practice test.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Officer Entrance Examination

Section I Test Taking Tips

1 . You can expect to do your best around the test in the event you stay calm and calm. Take a few deep, slower breaths to help you maintain your quiet.

2 . Pay out careful attention to any or all directions prior to starting. 3. Response the easier inquiries first. Neglect questions you find to be really hard and come back to them after.

4. For each question, read the entire query and all response options thoroughly before deciding upon an answer.

your five. If you do not understand the answer to a question, eliminate the response options you know to be incorrect or almost certainly incorrect after which guess from the remaining response options. punished for responding to questions improperly. Therefore , you must answer every question, possibly questions that you have to guess.

6th. Your scores are based only on the quantity of questions you answer appropriately.

You aren’t

7. In the event you finish prior to time increased, go back and check your answers. 8. Be sure you mark your answer sheet correctly. If you have to change an answer, erase the first solution before observing the new answer. If you skip a question, make sure to answer the next question in the ideal place on the response sheet. positions are selected randomly and no way to enhance your possibilities by guessing based on a solution sheet pattern.

9. Disregard any habits of As, Bs, Cs, Ds, or perhaps Es in your answer bed sheet. These appropriate answer


Preparation Manual for the CBP Police officer Entrance Evaluation

Section 2 The Logical Reasoning Evaluation

Intro Purpose of it

The goal of this section is usually to help you make to take the Logical Reasoning Test. Test described with this section assess how very well applicants can read, understand, and apply critical thinking skills to truthful situations. CBP Officers must read and research laws, legal commentary, and regulations. They often times must make crucial decisions that want superior reasoning skills. Because of this, they will acquire training that will need that they examine, understand, and also apply a wealth of detailed, drafted information. Although some information should be memorized, a good deal of the information that CBP Officers uses must be discovered through independent reasoning. This kind of test was created to select trainees who will be able to handle the very demanding academic workload with the training schools and that will subsequently have the ability to handle intricate reasoning and decisionmaking conditions on the job. This section of the manual will familiarize you with all the test and the instructions and may give you a chance to study some sample queries and answers for the proper answers to each question. You will possess an opportunity to see what the evaluation looks like also to practice acquiring questions a lot like those around the test.

Well-informed Guessing

There is not any penalty intended for guessing on this test; consequently , you should response every issue. If you guess blindly, you have one chance in five of getting the ideal answer. Yet , your potential for choosing the right answer just by guessing is considerably improved simply using a little mental detective job to eliminate more than one response choices that are likely or absolutely wrong. A poor guessing strategy is to try to determine the next answer based on its letter or upon some pattern of letters among the answer choices. There can be several Ds or While or any additional letter in a row, or there is probably not. Trying to uncover some design in these words and estimating based on that pattern can be not an powerful test-taking approach.


Preparation Manual intended for the CBP Officer Entry Examination

Preparing For Logical Thinking Questions

Logical Thinking

Thinking is the single most important expertise for successful performance in the CBP Official job. Accurate reasoning is useful for decision-making and problem solver, activities that prevail on the job. In this portion, you will examine some valuable information about reasoning correctly. The questions with this examination are created to test your ability to understand complicated written material and to derive correct results from this. The kind of examining that these queries ask you to do is different from ordinary reading in which you merely follow the general meaning of your series of paragraphs to see what the writer considers a topic. It is the kind of browsing you have to do with complex material when you plan to take a lot of action or draw several conclusion based upon that material. The test requests you to make logical conclusions based on details you receive in various paragraphs. These results need to be based only within the facts inside the paragraph. Therefore , answering requires careful reading and concentrated thought about what information is given and what information can be not provided. The following

information will provide you with some suggestions about how to approach the questions and a few information about ways to develop your thinking skills.

Browsing the Passage

Every studying paragraph in the test can be drawn from some form of written material relating to CBP or Authorities work. There can be facts in a paragraph which experts claim not in fact apply to all of the Federal Government or that may not always always be true just about everywhere. In answering the concerns, it is important that you accept every single fact inside the paragraph as true. Keep in mind that you are not staying judged on your knowledge of details, but rather in your ability to browse and purpose on the basis of given facts. Only a few information features the same type. There can be information regarding events and there can be information about groups (or categories) of things. Data can also be great or unfavorable. Usually, info is positive (for case, “these car tire tracks are a variety days old), but relief of knowing that something is not the case is also beneficial information (for example, “these tire songs are not from a truck).


Preparing Manual intended for the CBP Officer Entry Examination

Examining the Lead-In or Basic Question

From this test, you will see a passage, followed by a lead-in key phrase that demands you to complete a sentence employing one of several response options tagged from (A) to (E). The lead-in phrase can be either great or negative: “From the info given above, it can be validly concluded that or “From the information provided above, this CANNOT be validly concluded that It is important to focus on the lead-in phrase at the outset of a question to determine whether it is confident or bad. Do not skim over the lead-in phrase. Great lead-in keyword phrases are then four incorrect conclusions and one valid conclusion. Your task is to find the valid one.

Adverse lead-in phrases, by contrast, will be followed by four valid a conclusion and only one invalid bottom line. The task in these questions should be to determine what may not be validly determined based on the reality in the paragraph. The lead-in phrase can also limit the possible answers in some way. For instance , a lead-in phrase including “From the data given previously mentioned, it can be validly concluded that, through the 1990s in California ensures that there might be distinct answers based upon other times and places, but also for the purpose of the test question, just conditions in California throughout the 1990s (as described inside the paragraph) should be considered.

Reasoning Regarding Groups or Categories

As was explained before, not all information is of the same type. There can be information regarding events or situations, and there can be information about individuals and groups (or categories). Subsequent, we discuss how to deal with info on groups or categories.

your five

Preparation Manual for the CBP Official Entrance Assessment

“All Claims

A statement about two groups that commences with the phrases “all or perhaps “every will give you some information and facts about how both the groups will be related. The words “all and “every let you know that anything in the first group is additionally in the second group. For instance , in the declaration, “All legislation enforcement officials on the circumstance are Federal law enforcement officials,  the first group, consisting of law enforcement officers on the case, is completely included in the second group, consisting of Federal police force officers.

“All and “Every are KEY WORDS that signify important information about how two teams are related.

The “all statement would not provide sufficient information to ascertain

whether or not all associates of the second group will be included in the initially group. Guess that a librarian told you “All the catalogs on this pair of shelves will be about law enforcement.  Out of this information, you could be tempted to conclude that all of the libraryŸs literature on law enforcement (the second group) are on that group of shelves (the first group), but this kind of conclusion can be invalid. The books in those racks might just be part of the entire group of ebooks on law enforcement. The phrase does NOT showcase whether or not additional law enforcement literature are placed somewhere else in the library. The following examples provide an “all statement (all of Group A happen to be Group B) followed by an invalid “all statement (all of Group B will be Group A). To develop a great grasp of the concept, make an effort to create a few examples of your own. Desk 1: Unacceptable Conclusions by “All assertions

True: Invalid Conclusion: The case: Invalid Summary: True: Broken Conclusion: Each of the people at my party speak Spanish. Every one of the people who speak Spanish have reached my get together. All Great Court justices are lawyers. Almost all lawyers will be Supreme The courtroom justices. Every U. S. Presidents had been elected officials. All officials who were elected are U. S. Presidents.


Prep Manual to get the CBP Officer Access Examination

Stand 1, extended

Authentic: Invalid Conclusion: True: Invalid Conclusion: Every CBP Expert works pertaining to the U. S. Government. Everyone employed by the U. S. Federal government is a CBP Officer. Just about every U. S i9000. Senator is a member of the U. S. Our elected representatives. Every member of the U. S. Congress is a U. S. Senator.

Every “all statement supplies sufficient info to determine that at least some members of the second group are included in the initially group. Time for our earlier examples, we can validly consider that “some Federal law enforcement officials officers are recorded the case and that “some of the ebooks about law enforcement officials are on this set of cabinets.  Developing numerous cases on your own of any true “all statement (all of Group A are Group B)

and a “some statement (some of Group B will be Group A) will help you to develop a mastery with this concept.

Desk 2: Valid Conclusions from “All Assertions

True: Valid Bottom line: True: Valid Conclusion: The case: Valid Bottom line: True: Valid Conclusion: Accurate: Valid Summary: All the people at my get together speak The spanish language. Some people whom speak The spanish language are at my party. Every Supreme The courtroom justices are lawyers. Some legal representatives are Substantial Court justice. All U. S. Presidents were selected officials. Some officials who had been elected happen to be U. S i9000. Presidents. Every single CBP Expert works intended for the U. S. Federal government. Some personnel of the U. S. Govt are CBP Officers. Every single U. T. Senator is part of the U. S. Our elected representatives. Some people of the U. S. Congress are U. S. Senators.


Prep Manual intended for the CBP Officer Entry Examination

Reasoning From inch None  and “Not Statements

Info that something happens to be NOT true is advantageous information. For example , you may master that one band of things can be NOT part of another band of things. This can be a same as saying there is no overlap at all between the two sets of things. In this article, you can bring conclusions regarding either group as it pertains to the various other since you may count on the truth that the two groups do not members in keeping. If you can say that ” None of the stolen cars recovered from the railroad yards had been cars stolen from Canada,  you can even say that ” Probably none with the cars taken from Canada were reclaimed from the train yards mainly because you know that the first assertion means that you cannot find any overlap involving the two organizations. In the evaluation, you will see key phrases or conditions such as “It is not the case that or “Not all of or words and phrases that commence with the prefix “non-.  All of these are ways to say that a negative reality has been established. “No and “not happen to be KEY WORDS that signify information about how two groups happen to be related.

Occasionally, our regular speech patterns can cause all of us to hop to findings.

Many people would not help to make a statement such as “Some of the pizza does not have pepperoni unless of course they are looking to suggest concurrently that a few of the pizza has pepperoni. In comparison, a investigator might make a statement such as “some of the bloodstains were not man blood due to the fact only part of the samples experienced come back in the laboratory. The detective is intending to claim that at least some of the bloodstains were not human being blood. The rest of the bloodstains may well or is probably not human blood. As you function with the practice test, think about each unfavorable phrase or term you find. Take care to assume simply as much as is unquestionably indicated by the facts as given, with no more.

Thinking About Regions of a Group

The word “some can be an deliberately imprecise reference point. For example , inside the statement “Some CBP Agriculture Specialists take specialized training,  the definition of “some CBP Agriculture Specialists refers to a mysterious number of CBP Agriculture Professionnals. The fact that people know that “some CBP Cultivation Specialists take specialized training implies nothing at all about the complete group of CBP Agriculture Professionals: there may or may not be CBP Culture Specialists who are not acquiring specialized teaching. Unless details is supplied in the paragraph to the on the contrary, treat “some as that means “at least some. 


Preparation Manual to get the CBP Officer Entry Examination

Statements that consider a portion of the set may well contain other terms just like “most,  “a handful of,  or “almost most.  Also, as reviewed in the previous section, they can be adverse, as in “Many CBP Representatives are not fluent in People from france.  From this statement you could be tempted to infer that there are at least a few CBP Officers whom are progressive in The french language, but that might be jumping to a conclusion. Using this statement alone, you do not find out about the entire group of CBP Representatives and if they are fluent in French. In these cases, you must remember that the definition of refers only to a part of the group

and that out of this information on portion of the group you can infer everything with the rest of the group. Neglecting this principle of sound reasoning can cause high priced errors.

Except if information can be provided inside the paragraph towards the contrary, treat “some as meaning “at least some. 

When you see a section describing parts of a group, look at the paragraph cautiously to see if that description will be based upon knowledge of the whole group or only upon knowledge of portion of the group.

Reasoning About “If-Then Statements

As was explained before, there might be information about occasions or conditions, and there may be information about people and groups. Previously, we discussed how to cope with information about groups. Next, we all discuss how to deal with information about the marriage between incidents or conditions. We are all acquainted with the idea of a cause and result in which the one thing leads to one more thing, which in turn brings about a third point, and so on. For instance , “if a company00 suspects which a deposit of funds stems from criminal activity, the establishment is required to statement the deposit transaction towards the authorities.  In this model, a dubious deposit is known as a cause and the institution reporting the deposit is the effect. Cause and effect signifies that when the very first thing happens, the later celebration MUST follow. For instance , if Initially Salem Lender suspects that Mr. Tubill deposited funds stemming by criminal activity, First Salem Bank is required to report Mr. TubillŸs deposit to the government bodies.


Planning Manual for the CBP Officer Entry Examination

The main cause and impact relationship likewise informs you that in the event the effect under no circumstances occurred, the cause MUST NOT have occurred. For example , in the event that First Salem Bank is NOT required to report Mister. TubillŸs first deposit to the government bodies, then

First Salem Bank does NOT suspect that Mister. Tubill transferred funds stemming from felony activity. The wording we typically value to indicate this kind of cause and effect linkage between incidents includes the easy “if-then sentence in your essay in which the initial event is in a statement labeled by “if and the second event is at a statement labeled by “then.  The “if-then assertion can also be used to express relationships besides the cause and effect relationship. Permission is sometimes expressed making use of the “if-then assertion. For instance, if an individual wants to open a checking account anonymously, the individual might open the account. Requirement is also sometimes expressed using the “if-then statement. For example , in the event that an officer areas an individual underneath arrest, the arrestee must be provided with Miranda warnings. What cause and effect, agreement, and responsibility all share is that they relate one event or circumstance to another function or scenario. In this romance, two things are always true. 1st, whenever the first celebration or scenario occurs, the 2nd event or perhaps situation NEED TO occur. Second, whenever the 2nd event or perhaps situation have not occurred, then this first function or situation MUST NOT have occurred.

“If and “Whenever symbolize that important information is provided.

It is important to understand that the relationship expressed by any “ifthen statement performs in one way only: the converse in the “ifthen affirmation is invalid. For example , you learn that “If the aircraft engines happen to be reversed, then your speed in the plane is going to decrease extremely rapidly.  This phrase does NOT mean the fact that only possible cause of the plane decreasing velocity very rapidly is that the aircraft engines will be reversed. Therefore , from this data you cannot validly infer the converse affirmation, “If the speed of the planes decreases extremely rapidly, then the jet machines have been reversed.  There can be some other cause of the speed of the plane to decrease rapidly. This examples start with a true “if-then sentence, followed by an broken “if-then phrase with the marriage of the initially and second statements corrected (or “converted).


Preparation Manual intended for the CBP Officer Entrance Examination

Stand 3: Invalid Conclusions by “If-Then Assertions

True: Invalid Summary: True: Incorrect Conclusion: The case: Invalid Realization: True: Broken Conclusion: The case: Invalid Conclusion: If a person is a CBP Officer, the person is an employee of the U. S. Federal government. If a person is a staff of the U. S. Authorities, the person can be described as CBP Officer. If a felony receives a pardon, the criminal will probably be released. When a criminal can be released, the criminal has brought a excuse. If a person is found guilty of tough, that person is usually guilty of a felony. If a person is guilty of a felony, that person has been found guilty of killing. If a person lives in Indonesia, the person comes from Europe. When a person hails from Europe, the person lives in Australia. If a car has no gas, the car is not going to run. When a car will not run, the automobile has no gas.

Whenever the 2nd event or situation hasn’t occurred, then your first celebration or circumstance MUST NOT have occurred. This means that you are able to validly change (or “convert) the relationship of the two claims as long as the statements will be negated (made opposite). For instance , you learn that “If the jet search engines are corrected (the initial statement), the velocity of the aircraft will decrease very speedily (the second statement).  Given that the knowledge is true, this cannot be the case that the aircraft engines are reversed but the speed with the plane would not decrease extremely rapidly. Consequently , you can validly infer that “If the velocity of the airplane does not decrease very quickly (the negation or reverse of the second statement), then a jet search engines have not been reversed (the negation or opposite with the first statement). The following examples start with a true “if-then word, followed by a genuine (or valid) “if-then phrase with the relationship of the initial and second statements reversed and the assertions themselves built opposite (negated).


Preparing Manual pertaining to the CBP Officer Entry Examination

Desk 4: Valid Conclusions from “If-Then Assertions

Authentic: Valid Summary True: Valid Conclusion Authentic: Valid Realization True: Valid Conclusion True: Valid Realization If a person is a CBP Officer, anyone is an employee of the U. S. Govt. If a person is not an employee with the U. T. Government, the person is not only a CBP Official. If a felony receives a pardon, the criminal will probably be released. When a criminal is definitely not produced, the legal has not received a pardon. If a person is found guilty of homicide, that person is usually guilty of a felony. When a person can be not guilty of your felony, that individual has not been convicted of murder. If a person lives in Indonesia, the person comes from Europe. If a person does not live in European countries, the person will not live in Philippines. If a car has no gas, the car will not run. If the car works, the car offers gas.

If the effect within a cause and effect marriage has not occurred, the cause must not have occurred.

As was said ahead of, you can infer the opposite in the first assertion from the contrary of the second statement. However , you cannot infer the opposite of the second assertion from the opposite of the 1st statement. For example , you cannot validly infer that “If the jet motors are not reversed (the opposite of the initially statement), then your speed with the plane would not decrease extremely rapidly (the opposite in the second statement). The following examples start with a real “if-then sentence followed by a great invalid “if-then sentence where the first and second transactions have been produced opposite.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Officer Entrance Evaluation

Table your five: More Unacceptable Conclusions by “If-Then Statements True: Incorrect Conclusion: Authentic: Invalid Conclusion: True: Broken Conclusion: Authentic: Invalid Summary: True: Unacceptable Conclusion: When a person is actually a CBP Officer, the person can be an employee in the U. H. Government. When a person can be not a CBP Officer, the individual is rather than an employee from the U. S i9000. Government. If the criminal gets a excuse, the lawbreaker will be introduced. If a lawbreaker does not

receive a excuse, the felony will not be introduced. If a person is found guilty of killing, that person is definitely guilty of a felony. If the person is definitely not convicted of murder, that person is usually not guilty of any felony. When a person hails from Germany, the person lives in The european union. If a person does not reside in Germany, anybody does not stay in Europe. If a car does not have gas, the car will not operate. If a car has gas, the car will certainly run.

Some Final Cautions About Phrasing

There are test out preparation classes that train people to consider tests. In some of these classes, students happen to be advised against choosing any answer within a reasoning check if it starts with the word “all or the phrase ” non-e.  This can be supposed to be valuable advice since it is believed that most correct answers strike a balance among extremes and generally do not cover subjects that could be summarized in sentences you start with “all or ” non-e.  If you have heard these tips before, you must ignore it for this test out. “All statements and ” non-e  statements result from real-life circumstances and, therefore, you will be asked to work with all of them in this test in the examining paragraphs as well as in both accurate and inappropriate responses. On the whole, you should pay attention to any terms that provide information on groups or perhaps on connected events. This can include a wide range of bad words (such as “seldom or “never or “illegal or “prohibited) and unfavorable prefixes (such as “non- “un- or “dis-). It also includes great words (such as “all or “some or “most or “always). You should also watch for connectors such as “whenever or perhaps “unless or “except,  since these types of words at times contain essential information about relations among the details given in the paragraph.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Officer Entrance Evaluation

Look for KEYWORDS AND PHRASES such as “all,  “some,  ” none,  and “if and for adverse prefixes such as “non-,  “un-,  or “dis-. 

English language is a language that in most cases uses single negatives. The phrase “not,  by itself, does the job of creating a formal British sentence into its opposite: “That bird is usually NOT an novelty helmet.  About this test, if you read a sentence including “The wire is not really wound,  it means the cord continues to be unwound. When an English sentence in your essay has two negatives, the sentence has a positive that means. For example , a sentence that reads “This application is usually NOT unworthy means that mt4 worthy. The sentence “The bell do ring could be stated, “It is NOT the case the bell did NOT ring.  Finally, it is extremely important to pay close attention to the use of the word “ONLY.  A word such as “The door is going to open IF PERHAPS AND ONLY IF PERHAPS both secrets are used is a very strong statement which means that there is just one way to open the door”with both secrets. If the sentence in your essay just said, “The door will wide open if the key is used,  there may be a number of other ways to available the door. Nevertheless that is not the truth when the expression “if and only if can be used.


Planning Manual intended for the CBP Officer Access Examination

Pulling Probabilistic A conclusion

CBP Officers frequently must make decisions and draw results that have a few probability to be true tend to be not certainly true. On the test, there are questions that ask you to apply this type of logic. In each of the questions on this type, you’ll certainly be presented with a paragraph info and five response choices. Your job is to find the response alternative that can be validly concluded through the information succumbed the section. Use only the data provided in the paragraph. Tend not to speculate or make assumptions that go beyond this information. Also, assume that all information given in the paragraph is valid, even if it conflicts with a fact that is recognized to you. Keep in mind that each issue has only 1 correct answer. When you have information about a group, you may apply that information to an individual person in that group with a level of certainty. Basically, you can set up the likelihood that the data you have regarding the group applies to a single member of the

group. For example , if perhaps most felons are replicate offenders and K. M. is a felon, then you can deduce that K. B. is most probably a replicate offender. To be able to establish a statistical probability, you must have information about the complete group. Though it may not be right away obvious, proportions provide information about an entire group. For example , in the event you know that 30% of all CBP Officers have worked at a seaport, solutions only thirty percent of CBP Officers have worked at a seaport. The proportion does not mean that at least 30% of CBP Officers have worked by a seaport. Because only thirty percent percent have worked at a seaport, solutions the remaining CBP Officers have not worked at a seaport. Therefore , of most CBP Representatives, 70% (100% 30% = 70%) have never worked for a seaport. The entire number of CBP Officials has been made up: 30% been employed by at a seaport and 70% haven’t. Speaking more abstractly, were dealing with transactions about two groups in which a percentage is used to modify the first group. The percentage tells us that a part of the 1st group is included in the second group, but the remainder from the first group is not included in the second group. As a result, the entire first group can be accounted for. The subsequent examples begin with a true declaration expressing something about a portion of your group utilizing a percentage, followed by a true assertion expressing the opposite about the portion of the group.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Officer Entrance Evaluation

Table 6: Valid Results

Authentic: Therefore , The case: True: Therefore , True: Authentic: Therefore , Accurate: Of all Authorities employees, 5% work for the Department of Justice. Of Government employees, 95% do not work for the Department of Justice. Eighty-five percent of state crooks did not acquire parole. 20 percent of state bad guys received losung. Of all the australian visa applications, 10% were refused. Of all the australian visa applications, 90% were not refused.

To determine a probability, you apply the data about the group for an individual member of the group. For example , if you pick one from the CBP

Officers at random, your chances of choosing one who did at a seaport is usually equal to the proportion of CBP Officers who also worked for seaport. Mainly because 30% coming from all CBP Officials have worked for a seaport, you can consider that any kind of particular CBP Officer includes a 30% probability of having worked by a seaport. Furthermore, should you pick one from the CBP Representatives at random, the chance for picking individual who has not proved helpful at a seaport is usually equal to the proportion of CBP Officers with not worked well at a seaport. You can validly consider that any kind of particular CBP Officer includes a 70% probability of not having performed at a seaport mainly because 70% of CBP Representatives have not worked at a seaport. This examples begin with a true affirmation about a group, followed by two valid transactions expressing possibility about someone member of the group.

To ascertain a probability, you apply the information about the group to an individual member of the group.

Desk 7: Valid Probabilistic Results

Accurate: Therefore , The case: Therefore , The case: Of all Authorities employees, five per cent work for the Department of Justice. There is a 5% chance that a Federal government employee chosen at random works for the Department of Justice. There is a 95% chance that a Federal government employee chosen at random can not work for the Department of Justice.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Police officer Entrance Evaluation

Table several, Continued

True: Consequently , True: Therefore , True: The case: Therefore , Accurate: Therefore , Accurate: Eighty-five percent of state criminals did not receive losung. There is a great 85% possibility that a state criminal chosen at random did not receive leitspruch. There is a 15% chance a state legal chosen randomly received leitspruch. Of all the australian visa applications, 10% were refused. There is a 10% chance that the visa application chosen at random was refused. There is a 90% chance that a visa software chosen at random was not denied.

We looked at two types of valid a conclusion. These valid conclusions were deduced on making use of the given percentage into a member of the first group. Now, we will look at two types of broken conclusions. These kinds of invalid findings are based on mistakenly applying the given percentage to a person in the second group. Remember that a press release about two groups that begins with all the word “all gives you information about how the two groups will be related. The term “all tells you that every thing in the initially group is likewise in the second group. However , the “all statement will not provide sufficient information to determine whether or not most members from the second group are as part of the first group. Likewise, transactions that use a portion to describe the first group do not present sufficient data to determine the portion of members of the second group that are included in the first group. Having advice about the entire 1st group in the statement is definitely not the same as having information about the entire second group. For example , understanding that 60% of CBP Officials have recognized a fugitive (and, therefore, that forty percent of them possess not) is definitely not the same as knowing that of everyone that has identified a fugitive, 60% are CBP Officers. It might be the case that 60% of the people who have identified a meandering are CBP Officers, however it might not be the case. There is inadequate information about the entire set of individuals who have identified a fugitive for making exact percentage determinations about them. In these transactions that bring up two organizations using a percentage, the percentage offered only relates to one group. In our case, the percentage pertains to the first group, CBP Officers, to never the second group (namely, those who have identified a fugitive). This examples start with a true assertion followed by two invalid transactions where the percentage is incorrectly applied to the 2nd group.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Expert Entrance Examination

Table eight: Invalid Conclusions

Accurate: Invalid Conclusion: Invalid Realization: True: Broken Conclusion: Broken Conclusion: Accurate: Invalid Conclusion: Invalid Summary: Of all

Government workers, 5% improve the Doj. Of all personnel of the Doj, 5% work for the Government. Of most employees of the Department of Justice, 95% do not improve the Government. Eighty-five percent of state criminals did not receive parole. Eighty-five percent of the people who received parole weren’t state bad guys. Fifteen percent of those who received parole were state criminals. Of all visa applications, 10% had been denied. Of all the denied applications, 10% had been visa applications. Of all the refused applications, 90% were not visa applications.

Since the percentage is applicable to the initial group, not really the second group, any declaration of possibility that is depending on applying the percentage to the second group is usually invalid. For instance , there is inadequate information about individuals who have identified a fugitive to look for the probability that the person who offers identified a fugitive is actually a CBP Police officer. Also, there exists insufficient info to determine the likelihood that a one who has discovered a meandering is not a CBP Expert. The following examples start with a real statement accompanied by two invalid statements in which a probability is determined based on the inappropriate putting on the percentage towards the second group. Table 9: Invalid Probabilistic Conclusions

True: Invalid Bottom line: Of all Govt employees, five per cent work for the Department of Justice. There is also a 5% chance that an staff of the Department of Justice chosen randomly works intended for the Government. We have a 95% probability that an staff of the Department of Justice chosen at random does not work to get the Government.

Unacceptable Conclusion:


Preparation Manual for the CBP Officer Entrance Assessment

Table 9, Continued

True: Unacceptable Conclusion: Incorrect Conclusion: Accurate: Invalid Conclusion: Invalid Conclusion: Eighty-five percent of condition criminals would not receive

parole. There is also a 85% possibility that a person selected at random who received parole was not a state legal. There is a 15% chance which a person chosen at random who have received parole was a state criminal. Of all of the visa applications, 10% were denied. There is a 10% possibility that a denied application selected at random is a visa app. There is a 90% chance that the denied software chosen at random is not a visa application.

Remember These Tips When Taking Logical Thinking Test

1 . In concerns with confident lead claims, always pick the only bottom line that can still be drawn from the knowledge given in the paragraph. 2 . Remember To never use virtually any outside truthful information to achieve your summary. 3. Look at the lead-in word and the paragraph very carefully. Also, read all of the answer choices before you mark one you think is proper. 4. Pay special attention anytime the question uses words including “all,  “some,  or ” none of them.  Other conditions such as “unless or “except or “only are also important. These phrases help to establish the facts that you must pull conclusions. your five. Also shell out special attention when you see a negative word such as “non-” or a bad verb such as “disconnect or perhaps “unfasten.  These might be crucial to comprehending the basic information in the passage. 6. Disregard any guidance you may have received in the past regarding avoiding an answer that contains the word “all and also the word ” not one.  These may be signs of an incorrect response in a few tests, but not in this test out. You will find these types of words in both right and incorrect response alternatives. 7. Take the sample ensure that you study the real reason for each of the questions very carefully. This will help you fine tune your thinking on the real test.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Official Entrance Exam


The practice test contains queries that are just like, but not exactly the same as, the questions around the real test out. The practice test is followed by in depth explanations of each and every practice check question. These kinds of explanations

will give you details about why the correct response options are appropriate and so why the incorrect response options happen to be incorrect. Learning the reasons for the right and incorrect response alternatives should assist you in distinguishing among a right and wrong response on the test.

PRACTICE TEST OUT In inquiries 1 through 10, a lot of questions will certainly ask you to pick the only answer that can be validly concluded in the paragraph. These types of questions add a paragraph followed by five response options. Previous the five response alternatives will be the expression “From the info given above, it can be validly concluded that.  In other concerns you will be asked to select the sole answer that cannot be validly concluded from your paragraph. These types of questions include a paragraph accompanied by five response options. Previous the five response alternatives will be the phrase “From the knowledge given over, it Can not be validly concluded that.  You should use only the data provided inside the paragraph, without using any outside information whatsoever. It is suggested that you just take not more than 20 minutes to finish questions 1 through 12. The questions on this practice test are not on the true test, but the real concerns will be comparable in kind and difficulty to these. The explanations to get the correct and incorrect replies are found after the sample concerns.

1 . Often , crimes happen to be characterized because either malum in se”inherently evil”or malum prohibitum” criminal because they are reported as crimes by a legislature. Murder is an example of the previous. Failing to file a tax return shows the latter. Several jurisdictions no longer distinguish between offences malum in se and malum prohibitum, although many can still do. From the data given over, it can be validly concluded that A) B) C) D) E) many jurisdictions no longer distinguish between crimes malum in aprendí and malum prohibitum a lot of jurisdictions continue to distinguish between criminal activity malum in se and malum prohibitum some criminal activity characterized while malum in se are generally not inherently nasty some criminal offenses characterized as malum prohibitum are not declared by a legislature to be a crime sometimes faltering to file a tax return is characterized as malum in sony ericsson


Planning Manual for the CBP Officer Access Examination

2 . A trucking company can act as a common carrier”for retain the services of to the public at printed rates. Being a common transporter, it is responsible for any cargo damage, until the company can show that it was not really negligent. In case the company can easily demonstrate that it was not negligent, then it is definitely not liable for cargo damage. In contrast, a contract carrier (a trucking business hired by a shipper under a specific contract) is only in charge of cargo harm as spelled out in the agreement. A Claus Inc. tractortrailer, acting below common company authority, is at a 5-vehicle accident that damaged the cargo. A Nichols Inc. tractor-trailer, acting under deal carrier specialist, was involved in the same car accident, and its cargo was as well damaged. From the information provided above, it might be validly figured, in reference to the accident, A) B) C) D) E) if Claus Inc. is liable, then it can show that it was certainly not negligent in the event that Claus Incorporation. cannot demonstrate that it was certainly not negligent, then it is not really liable in the event Claus Incorporation. can show it turned out not negligent, then it is usually not liable if Nichols Inc. is liable, then it cannot show it is negligent if perhaps Nichols Inc. can show it is not negligent, then it can be not liable

3. A rapidly changing technical environment in federal government is advertising greater reliability on e-mail (e-mail) systems. As this usage expands, there are elevating chances of conflict between the usersŸ expectations of privacy and public access rights. In certain investigations, usage of all email, including individuals messages kept in archival documents and text messages outside the opportunity of the investigation, has been wanted and approved. In spite of this kind of, some people mail messages through e-mail that might never be said face-to-face or crafted formally. In the information offered above, it CANNOT be validly concluded that A) some e-mail messages which have been requested as part of investigations possess contained text messages that would never be explained face-to-face B) some text messages that people would not say face-to-face are submitted e-mail messages C) some e-mail messages have been expected as part of research D) e-mail messages have not been free from research E) a few e-mail messages contain data

that would be omitted by formal composing

4. Phyllis T. is known as a former Federal employee who had been entitled to rewards under the Government Employee Settlement Act due to a job-related, devastating injury. For the eligible Federal government employee provides such an harm, the benefit is dependent upon this test: If the beneficiary is hitched or features dependents, benefits are 3/4 of the personŸs salary during the time of the injury; otherwise, benefits are arranged at 2 to 3 of the wage. Phyllis T. Ÿs benefits were 2 to 3 of her salary when ever she was injured. In the information offered above, it could be validly concluded that, when Phyllis T. was injured, the lady A) B) C) D) E) was married although without household was not committed and had no dependents had not been married but had household was wedded and had household had under no circumstances been committed


Prep Manual intended for the CBP Officer Access Examination

five. Some 480, 000 foreign nationals were moving into a certain region in 1999. Even though most of these foreign nationals were not employed in professional occupations, many of them had been. For instance, many of them were designers and many of which were nursing staff. Very few of those immigrants were librarians, one more professional profession. From the info given above, it can be validly concluded that, in 1999, in the country defined above, A) B) C) D) E) most foreign nationals were both engineers or perhaps nurses it is not necessarily the case that some of the nurses were foreign nationals non-e of the engineers were immigrants almost all of those not employed in specialist occupations were immigrants a number of the engineers were immigrants

6th. Despite the fact that HIV is not easily sent, its dangerous potential requires that law enforcement officials officers protect themselves from becoming infected by it. In the Callen Area, officers just use disposable items for collecting evidence when blood is present. While looking into a particular offense scene wherever blood was present, Private eye R. C. of the Callen Precinct applied only disposable items intended for collecting proof. From the

information given above, it might be validly figured, when collecting evidence by a crime landscape, A) B) C) D) E) Private investigator R. C. does not always use disposable items when bloodstream is present when blood is usually not present, Detective Ur. C. does not use only disposable items Detective R. C. uses only disposable products whenever blood vessels is certainly not present simply no officers with the Callen Area use non-disposable items anytime blood is present some representatives at the Callen Precinct tend not to use throw away items entirely whenever blood is present

six. Impressions created by the side rails on the ends of the fingertips and thumb are useful method of identification, as no two persons have similar pattern of ridges. If perhaps finger patterns from finger prints are not decipherable, then they cannot be classified by simply general shape and contour or by pattern type. If they cannot be grouped by these kinds of characteristics, it is impossible to identify anyone to whom the fingerprints are supposed to be. From the data given over, it CANNOT be validly figured A) if it is possible to spot the person to whom fingerprints are supposed to be, then the finger prints are decipherable B) in the event finger habits from fingerprints are not decipherable, then it can be impossible to identify the person who the fingerprints belong C) if finger prints are decipherable, then it can be impossible to spot the person who they are supposed to be D) in the event fingerprints could be classified by general form and contours or by simply pattern type, then they will be decipherable E) if it is conceivable to identify anybody to whom fingerprints belong, then a fingerprints could be classified by simply general shape and contours or style type


Preparation Manual for the CBP Officer Entrance Evaluation

8. Explosives are chemicals or equipment capable of producing a volume of rapidly broadening gases that exert an abrupt pressure on their surroundings. Substance explosives are definitely the most commonly used, although there are physical and indivisible explosives. Almost all mechanical explosives are products in which a physical reaction is usually produced, including that brought on by overloading a container with compressed surroundings. While elemental explosives happen to be by far the most

powerful, all nuclear explosives have been restricted to military weaponry. From the info given above, it can be validly concluded that A) all explosives that have been limited to military guns are indivisible explosives B) no mechanised explosives are devices where a physical reaction is created, such as that caused by overloading a textbox with pressurized air C) some indivisible explosives have never been limited to military weaponry D) all mechanical explosives have been limited to military weaponry E) a few devices in which a physical effect is produced, such as that caused by overloading a container with compressed air, are mechanical explosives

9. The alphanumeric code of a finger-print is a systematic description with the main habits on the printing. Within a certain metropolitan section, 90% in the population have got fingerprints that may be alphanumerically coded. From the details given over, it can be validly concluded that the fingerprints of a person from this district, picked at random, A) B) C) D) E) can be alphanumerically coded, having a probability of 10% may be alphanumerically coded, with a possibility of below 90% cannot be alphanumerically coded, with a probability of 10% cannot be alphanumerically coded, using a probability of up to 90% can be coded alphanumerically, but the possibility is unidentified

10. Makes percent with the nationŸs incoming cargo storage containers are shipped to the interface of Cary, and 10% are delivered to the interface of Davidson. Merchandise that arrives at these plug-ins in storage units is shipped by simply truck and rail to its final destination in the United States. Cary is one of the biggest targets for cargo thieves due to the large volume of products shipped generally there. From the details given over, it can be validly concluded that, relating to a cargo pot selected at random from the freight containers transported to the Us, A) B) C) D) E) there is a 75% probability that the textbox was not sent to the port of Cary there is a 25% chance the container was shipped to the port of Davidson there is a 75% opportunity that the box was delivered to the port of Davidson there is a 25% chance that the container was not shipped for the port of Davidson there is a 90% opportunity that the box was sent to the slot of Cary


Preparation Manual pertaining to the CBP Officer Access Examination

Evaluation of Rational Reasoning Practice Test Inquiries

1 . Correct Response: B) some jurisdictions nonetheless distinguish between criminal activity malum in se and malum


This question is concerned with classification of crimes in sets”that is usually, with the classification of criminal activity as both malum in se or perhaps malum prohibitum. The last phrase in the last phrase tells us that many jurisdictions associated with distinction among these two kinds of crimes. Response B follows from that word, because if many jurisdictions make the distinction, some jurisdictions make the difference. From the fact that many jurisdictions make the variation, it can not be inferred that many do not make the distinction. Consequently , Response A is wrong. Responses C, D, and E are based on erroneous meanings of the two classes of crimes. The paragraph lets us know that all criminal activity characterized because malum in se happen to be inherently wicked. Response C is bogus because it cannot be the case that SOME criminal activity characterized while malum in se are generally not inherently wicked. The paragraph also lets us know that all offences characterized while malum prohibitum are reported as offenses by a legislature. Response G is bogus because it cannot be the case that SOME crimes characterized since malum prohibitum are NOT announced by a legislature to be a crime. In the passage, we are informed that submitting a taxes return late is malum prohibitum, rather than malum in se. Response E is definitely incorrect since it cannot be the situation that declining to file a tax come back is malum in ze.

2 . Right Answer: C) if Claus Inc. can present that it was not negligent, then it is not liable

The other sentence declares the liability secret for prevalent carriers: all common

carriers happen to be liable for valuables damage unless they can present that they are not negligent; in the event they can display that they are not really negligent, chances are they are not responsible for cargo harm. Claus Inc. is a common transporter, and appropriately this guideline applies to this. From this rule it comes after that if perhaps Claus Incorporation. can show it was not negligent, then it is not liable, Response C. Response A contradicts this rule by simply claiming that whenever Claus Incorporation. is liable it may show it turned out not at fault. Response N contradicts this rule by claiming that Claus Inc. is certainly not liable even if it cannot show that it is not at fault. Responses M and Elizabeth concern Nichols Inc., a contract carrier. However , the the Nichols Inc. contract were not disclosed inside the paragraph, thus neither response is recognized.


Preparing Manual to get the CBP Officer Entrance Examination

three or more. Correct Answer: A) several e-mail communications that have been requested as part of brought on have contained messages that would never be said face-to-face.

This is among the a check question using a negative lead-in statement. This asks for the final outcome that is NOT maintained the paragraph. That means that four with the statements are valid findings from the section while one is not. Response B (some messages that individuals would never declare face-to-face are sent in email-based messages) is known as a valid conclusion because it restates a fact given in the last word of the passage. Response At the (some email messages consist of information that might be omitted via formal writing) is valid because it restates the additional fact in the last sentence in the paragraph. The next-to-last word in the paragraph is the source of both response C (some e-mail emails have been wanted as part of investigations) and response D (e-mail messages never have been exempted from investigations). Both of these options restate details in that phrase, based on the fact that use of e-mail text messages was wanted and awarded. This leaves only the 1st option, response A (Some e-mail messages that have been asked as part of inspections have covered messages that

would not be explained faceto-face). This is actually the only decision that does NOT stand for a valid conclusion, because though we know from your paragraph that there is a group of email messages which can be requested in investigations and in addition that there is a grouping of messages which contain information that individuals would not state face-to-face, there may be nothing that says these groups overlap. We just do not know.

5. Correct Response: B) Phyllis T. was not married and had no household.

This query concerns an either/or condition. The paragraph states that benefits underneath the Federal Employees Compensation Take action are awarded at one level (3/4 of salary) if a beneficiary is wedded or offers dependents the moment injured with another level (2/3 of salary) if it is not true. Phyllis T. is eligible for benefits under the Action. The paragraph states that Phyllis To. Ÿs advantage level was 2/3 of her earnings. Given this advantage level, it truly is clear that Phyllis To. did not fulfill either of the conditions intended for the 3/4 level. Consequently , responses A, C, and D can not be correct (A states that she was married, C states that she acquired dependents, and D states that she both was married and had dependents). Response E goes beyond the facts provided because preceding marriages are generally not listed like a factor about it benefit. Normally the one correct realization is that Phyllis T. would not meet either requirement to qualify for the larger benefit level (3/4 of salary), and so response W is the right answer to the question.


Planning Manual to get the CBP Officer Entrance Examination

five. Correct Solution: E) a few of the engineers had been immigrants

Response E is proper because it restates the third phrase in terms of the overlap between immigrants and engineers in the area described inside the paragraph. Response A says that most immigrants are technical engineers or nurses, which are specialist occupations. Nevertheless , the second sentence in your essay says that most immigrants are not employed in professional occupations, thus Response A

is usually false. Response B is definitely false as it denies there is any terme conseillé between foreign nationals and rns, even though this overlap is apparent from the third sentence from the paragraph. Response C can be false because it denies the overlap among immigrants and engineers. Since the paragraph does not give full information about the non-professionals (immigrant and nonimmigrant ) in the country referred to in the passage, Response M is broken.

6. Correct Answer: D) no representatives at the Callen Precinct work with non-disposable items whenever blood is present

The 2nd sentence in the paragraph says that anytime blood exists, all representatives at the Callen precinct use only disposable things for collecting evidence. This is certainly equivalent in meaning to reply to D, that no officials use non-disposable items the moment collecting proof in the occurrence of blood. Response E contradicts the 2nd sentence in the paragraph by stating that some officials do not work with disposable items exclusively the moment blood exists. Responses A, B, and C label the evidence gathering procedures of Detective Ur. C., who may be identified inside the third word of the paragraph as earning a living for the Callen Precinct. Response A contradicts the feeling of the second sentence simply by stating that Detective R. C. does not always use throw away items when ever blood exists. Responses M and C refer to L. C. Ÿs evidence gathering when bloodstream is not really present. Nevertheless , the section does not give to us information about evidence gathering in this case.


Preparation Manual intended for the CBP Officer Entrance Examination

7. Correct Answer: C) in the event fingerprints are decipherable, it is difficult to identify anybody to whom they belong

This kind of question asks for the response option that cannot be validly concluded through the information inside the paragraph. The only response option that may not be validly determined is Response C, and so the correct answer to question several is

Response C. Response C is invalid because the passage does not provide enough information in conclusion whether or not it could be possible to recognize the person to whom the fingerprints belong in the mere fact that the fingerprints are decipherable. Response A refers to a condition where it is possible to identify the individual to whom finger prints belong. Depending on the final phrase in the section, this condition of fingerprints ensures that the fingerprints could be grouped by general shape and contour or by routine type. Based upon the second sentence in your essay, the ability to classify the fingerprints means that the fingerprints are decipherable. Since Response N refers to a problem in which little finger patterns via fingerprints are generally not decipherable, we all know from the second sentence that, in that circumstances, they cannot be classified simply by general shape and contours or simply by pattern type. From the final sentence inside the paragraph, we are able to infer that since they may not be classified by these features, then it is definitely impossible to identify the person to whom the fingerprints belong. Based on the second sentence, fingerprints can not be classified simply by general condition and shape or simply by pattern type when they are not decipherable. Consequently , if finger prints can be grouped by basic shape and contour or by design type, then this fingerprints should be decipherable, Response D. Based on the third sentence, it is extremely hard to identify the owner of a set of fingerprints when the finger prints cannot be classified by standard shape and contour or perhaps by pattern type. Consequently , if it is likely to identify anyone to whom fingerprints belong, then this fingerprints must be able to be grouped by general shape and contour or perhaps pattern type, Response Electronic. Notice that Replies D and E are valid based upon the same sort of reasoning. The first and second assertions of the second sentence were created opposite and reversed in answer D, and the first and second statements of the final sentence were created opposite and reversed reacting E.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Expert Entrance Evaluation

8. Appropriate Answer: E) some products in which a physical reaction is usually produced, such as that due to overloading a container with compressed atmosphere, are

mechanical explosives

The correct answer is At the. The third word states the overlap between all mechanical explosives and devices where a physical reaction is developed, such as that caused by overloading a box with compressed air. Using this, we can safely and securely conclude that some devices in which a physical reaction is usually produced, such as that brought on by overloading a container with compressed air flow, are mechanical explosives. Response A is incorrect for the reason that paragraph does not provide enough information to validly deduce that all explosives which have been limited to military weapons are elemental weapons. It can be that some types of explosives other than nuclear weaponry also have recently been restricted to military weapons. Responses B and C are incorrect since they confront the passage. Response B contradicts the next sentence, and Response C contradicts the last sentence. Response D is definitely incorrect for the reason that paragraph gives no info on whether or not physical explosives are restricted to military weapons.

9. Correct Response: C) the fingerprints of any person from this district, picked at random, may not be alphanumerically coded, with a probability of 10%

We know through the second phrase that 90% of the people in this area have finger prints that can be coded. Therefore , we know that 10% (100%-90%=10%) have finger prints that cannot be coded. With all this information, the chance of picking out a person out of this district with fingerprints that may be coded is definitely 90% and the chance of picking out a person from this district with fingerprints that cannot be coded is 10%. Response A is inappropriate because a probability of 10% is a great underestimate with the probability which the fingerprints of your person from this district may be coded. Response B is usually incorrect mainly because, like response A, costly underestimate. Response D can be incorrect since it is an overestimate of the likelihood that the finger prints of a person from this region cannot be coded. Response At the is wrong because the possibility that the finger prints can be coded is known to end up being 90%.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Official Entrance Evaluation

10. Correct Answer: A) there is a 74% chance the fact that container was not shipped for the port of Cary

Based on the first sentence, 25% percent of the nationŸs incoming valuables containers are shipped for the port of Cary. Therefore 75% in the nationŸs newly arriving cargo storage units are not sent to the interface of Cary. Therefore , there is also a 75% chance that a box taken at random was not delivered to the port of Cary. Responses W and C are wrong because there is a 10% chance that the box was shipped to the interface of Davidson. Response D is wrong because there is a 90% probability that the textbox was not shipped to the interface of Davidson. Response E is wrong because there is a 25% probability that the pot was transported to the interface of Cary.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Officer Access Examination

Section III Math Reasoning

This section supplies a quick review of basic statistical operations and concepts that will help you answer questions about Part N ” Math Reasoning. The fabric in this section is in no chance intended to be an entire, comprehensive guide to arithmetic. It can, however , offer a review of a number of the types of mathematical capabilities that you must manage to perform in solving the arithmetic expression problems inside the test. For those who have not labored on math concerns for some time, you must read this info carefully ahead of taking the arithmetic reasoning practice test. Take note that the methods to the illustrations given are only one way of resolving the problems. There may be other strategies to reach precisely the same right answer, and you may get those techniques to be more ideal for your way of thinking.


Mathematical Features

The arithmetic reasoning questions in the test include math term problems that need you to perform functions such as these listed below. Instances of math complications in these areas are provided in this manual. ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· Basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Multiplication and Label of Fractions and Mixed Quantities Calculating Percentages Calculating Proportions and Dimensions Basic Rules of Likelihood Calculating Charge Problems employing Distance and Time Determining Work Charge Problems Calculating Averages Solving for Unidentified Quantities Articulating Word Concerns as Equations Calculating the Area of an Subject


Prep Manual to get the CBP Officer Access Examination

Entire Numbers, Jeu, and Merged Numbers

Quick Reminders: A whole quantity is an integer (0, 1, two, 3, some, 5, ¦) which can be divided by itself through 1 . A fraction, on the other hand, is a quantity that presents a part of a complete number. A fraction is actually a division or ratio of two whole numbers, drafted in the subsequent form: 1/4. The top number in the small percentage is called the numerator and the bottom quantity is referred to as the denominator. A mixed quantity is the mix of a whole amount and a fraction. For example , 9 1/4 is a mixed number which represents adding or combining the whole quantity “9 while using fraction “1/4.  Any mixed amount can be become a small fraction by: growing the denominator of the portion by the entire number and adding this number towards the numerator ” [(4 x 9) + 1]/4 sama dengan 37/4. This kind of says that 9 1/4 is the same as 37/4.

Adding and Subtracting Domaine:

To incorporate or subtract fractions which have the same (common) denominator, put or subtract the numerators and retain the denominator: Case 1 . Model 2 . 5/8 + 6/8 = 11/8. Expressed as being a mixed number it is one particular 3/8. 4/5 ” a fifth = 3/5

To add or perhaps subtract domaine that do not have the same denominators, first

find a prevalent denominator, after that add or subtract the numerators. The least common denominator (LCD) is definitely the smallest number into which usually each of the initial denominators may be divided equally. Study the example beneath: Example a few. 1/3 & 1/2 & 3/4 =?

In this issue, the FLAT SCREEN for three fractions is 12 since 12 is a smallest quantity into which the numbers several, 2, and 4 can each become divided consistently. Although twenty four also is one common denominator for the three fractions, it is not the tiniest denominator. Break down the original denominators (3, a couple of, and 4) of each fraction into the prevalent denominator (12) and increase the result for each fraction by the numerator of every fraction. Following these guidelines for the first small fraction, we separate the original denominator (which is definitely 3) in 12 (the LCD), which in turn equals four; 4 times 1 (the numerator) equals 4. Therefore , the initial fraction turns into 4/12. Echoing this operation, the second small fraction becomes 6/12, and the third becomes 9/12. So , 4/12 + 6/12 + 9/12 = 19/12. Expressed like a mixed amount, this becomes 1 7/12. Example 5. 4/5 ” 1/3 = 12/15 ” 5/15 sama dengan 7/15


Preparation Manual for the CBP Official Entrance Examination

Multiplying Jeu:

To multiply fractions, multiply the numerators, in that case multiply the denominators. Example 5. 3/7 x 2/4 = 6/28. Reduced to its cheapest terms, this becomes 3/14.

Dividing Fractions:

To divide a fraction by simply another small percentage, invert the other fraction (the divisor), and multiply the numerators and denominators. Model 6. 5/8  3/4 = 5/8 x 4/3 = 20/24. Reduced to its cheapest terms, this kind of becomes 5/6.

Working with Decimals

A decimal can be described as fraction that is certainly expressed within form. Figures that begin with a period (called a decimal point) will be decimals (also called quebrado

fractions). For example , the numbers. seventy five,. 045, and. 009 are decimals. The decimal. seventy five represents the fraction 3/4. If you separate the numerator (3) by denominator (4), the result will be. 75.

Adding and Subtracting Decimals:

Example 7.. 35 +. 78 can even be written as. 35 +. 78 1 . 13

Example 8.

. 69 “. 13 =. 55


. 69 “. 16. 55

Observe that the fracción points are aligned and this in the quantity, the whole amount is placed to the left of the decimal point.

Spreading Decimals:

To increase decimals, you don’tneed to align the decimal items. Instead, you have to count the amount of decimal places (to the proper of the fracción point) in each quantity and add both counts with each other. After you increase the two quantities, place the quebrado point on the total number of places you counted. Example 9. six. 021 by. 4 ‘ 6021 x 4 sama dengan 24084;

Seeing that there are 3 decimal places in six. 021 and 1 fracción place in. four, the total quantity of decimal spots needed inside the result previously mentioned (24084) is usually 4. So , 24084 is written since 2 . 4084.

Dividing Decimals:

Separating decimals as well requires one to count the amount of decimal locations.


Planning Manual to get the CBP Officer Access Examination

Case 10.

In calculating installment payments on your 64 . 02, in other words to initially move the decimal level 2 places to the right in in every set of figures. This will give you 264  2, which is equal to 132.

Check: spreading 132 back button. 02 sama dengan 2 . 64 Example 10. 25. 164 . 06 = 2516. 4  6 sama dengan 419. some

Check: spreading 419. four x. summer = twenty-five. 164 Realize that the decimal point was moved 2 places to the right in each set of numbers previously mentioned.

Word Problems Using Decimals:

Example 12. Freight weighing 6, 520 loads arrived at the Marin Interface and was assessed a fee of six cents every ton. That which was the total amount examined on the shipment? 6 cents = money. 06; six, 520 back button. 06 sama dengan 391. twenty. So , the answer then is $391. 20. Example 13. If inspection stickers expense 30 cents each, just how many peel off stickers can be purchased pertaining to $12. sixty? 30 cents = money. 30; doze. 60 . 30 = 42. Therefore , the answer is forty two. You can also determine this problem by moving the decimals in each set of numbers two places towards the right then dividing: 1260  35 = 40


A percentage is an additional way of expressing a small percentage. Writing 100% is the same as producing the small percentage 100/100, and writing 23% is the same as 23/100. To change a percent into a decimal, approach the fracción point two places left and drop the percent sign: Example 14. 59% = 57. 0% =. 57

To get a percent of the number, change the percent to a decimal and multiply by the decimal: Example 15. 16% of 45 = 45 x. 16 = six. 40

To determine what percent one number is of an additional number, reverse the calculations above and divide: Example 16. What percent of 40 is definitely 6. 40 (also

expressed because 6. 45 is what percent of 40)?

Calculate six. 40  40 sama dengan. 16; push the quebrado 2 places to the proper in. of sixteen to obtain 16%.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Official Entrance Assessment

Calculating Percentages, Percentage Improves, and Percentage Decreases: Model 17. CBP Officer Crawford inspected 400 containers for undeclared products. If 18% of the pots held undeclared goods, just how many pots held undeclared goods? 500 x. 18 = seventy two. So , 72 containers placed undeclared items. Example 18. Each year the workplace was allocated funds to supply bonuses to all or any of it is employees. 12 months, the office received the same amount of bonus cash, but dropped 10% of its staff. By what percentage will the added bonus amounts maximize for the rest of the staff in that office?

A great way to solve the web to let completely represent the total staff at the office. 100% ” 10% sama dengan 90%. In case the bonus money previously directed at the 10% of employees who remaining were divided among individuals who remained, you would get. 15 . 85 =. 111 (11. 1% or curved to 11%). So , the bonus quantities for the rest of the staff would increase simply by 11%. Example 19. In June 2003, the number of CBP Agriculture Specialists employed full-time in one significant office was 80. One full year later, that number increased simply by 15%. What was the total number of CBP Farming Specialists used in the office in June 2004?

There are two ways to solve this challenge. One way is to multiply 70 x. 15 = doze; then add 12 & 80 = 92. One more, quicker way is to increase 80 x 1 . 12-15 = 80. The number 1 ) 15 is utilized because the official workforce improved from 100% to an added 15%, amassing 115%. Switching 115% to a decimal is usually expressed as 1 . 12-15. Had the officer labor force decreased 15% from Summer 2003 to June 2004, the calculations would have been 80 by. 85 sama dengan 68. (Note that the quebrado. 85 is employed because 100% minus 15% equals 85%, expressed since. 85 in decimal kind. ) This is the same as spreading 80 by. 15 = 12 and subtracting

80 ” 12 sama dengan 68.

Calculating Averages

To compute the average of your set of amounts, add the set of numbers and split the result by number of things in the arranged: Example twenty. To find the typical of some, 8, and 15, 1st find the sum in the numbers (4 + eight + 15 = 27); and then separate the sum by several (27  3 = 9). The typical weight of 3 canines functioning at a medium-sized airport is 135 lbs. plus the smallest puppy weighs 128 lbs. In the event the other two canines happen to be of similar weight, just how much does each of the two canines weigh?

Model 21.

To solve the problem, initial find the entire weight in pounds by simply multiplying three or more x 135 lbs. sama dengan 390.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Official Entrance Evaluation

Then, take away the weight of the smallest canine, 390 ” 110, to get the combined weight in the two outstanding canines, which can be 280. Since the two outstanding canines weigh the same, divide the result simply by 2: 280  2 = 150. Therefore , the 2 remaining canines each weigh 140 pounds. Check: The average of one hundred ten + a hundred and forty + 150 = 390  three or more = 140 lbs.

Solving for Not known Values

Some math problems could have missing or unknown values that you must determine or compute in order to solve the problem. To solve a math problem which includes one or more unidentified (not given) values, set up an equation to represent all the values inside the problem, substituting a notice of the alphabet, such as a, b, x, or y, for the unknown value. Case 22. A passenger acquired a classic vase from a skill dealer in Europe pertaining to $1, 210. She afterwards learned that the dealer marketed her the vase to get 110% of its actual worth. What was some of the value from the vase?

1st, think carefully about what you need to find to be able to solve the situation. In this issue, you want to get the actual value of the flower vase (the unknown value). Try this by substituting X for the actual worth. Since the classic vase was people paid $1, 210 and $1, 210 is usually 110% of its actual value, the equation should appear like the following: $1, 210 = 110% of X; this is also written because $1, 210 = 1 . 10X This is also the same as 1 ) 10X sama dengan 1, 210. Move your known beliefs to the correct side of the equation simply by dividing each side of the formula by 1 ) 10: 1 . 10X  1 . twelve = one particular, 210  1 . 12. The equation then becomes X = 1, 210  1 . 10, which can be equal to you, 100 or perhaps $1, 100. Therefore , you see, the value with the vase is $1, 90. A general rule to remember is usually: If you put or subtract the same benefit from both sides of an equation, the equality of the two sides is usually maintained. If you multiply or divide both sides of an equation by the same nonzero value, the equal rights of the two sides is maintained. In Example twenty two, both sides in the equation were divided by simply 1 . 12. Example 23. An expert rented a car for half a dozen days and was incurred $450. The vehicle rental firm charged 35 dollars per day in addition $. 35 per mile driven. Just how many miles did the officer travel the car?

The answer can be obtained by letting By represent the quantity of miles motivated and computing the following: 6th (35) &. 30X sama dengan 450 210 +. 30X = 400;. 30X sama dengan 450 ” 210;. 30X = 240; X sama dengan 240 . 30 sama dengan 800 (The officer drove 800 miles). The officer rented the car for 6 days in $35 every day, which is $210; $210 subtracted from the total


Preparing Manual intended for the CBP Officer Access Examination

impose of $450 leaves $240, the percentage of the total demand expended to get the mls driven. This kind of amount divided by the demand per mile ($240/. 30) gives the quantity of miles (800) driven by officer.

Ratios and Proportions

A ratio communicates the relationship in quantity, sum, or size between two

or maybe more things. Example 24. In the event you purchased time tickets to the 2002 football games and tickets pertaining to the 2002 ballet season in the percentage of your five: 3, then you definitely had 5 sets of football seat tickets for every a few sets of ballet tickets you purchased. Realize that this does not let you know the actual quantity of either kind of tickets you purchased”just that you bought the tickets inside the ratio indicated.

The following model shows a ratio utilized in a amount: Example 25. An importer under research sent 500 containers to the United States. 100 containers were shipped to New Jersey, plus the remaining containers were shipped to Pennsylvania and Va in the percentage of 2: several. How a lot of the containers had been shipped to Pennsylvania and just how many had been shipped to Virginia?

The ratio of 2 to 3 tells us that from every 5 containers, 2 had been shipped to Pennsylvania and 3 had been shipped to Virginia. Two out of 5 has the same that means as the fraction 2/5 or the fracción quantity. 45; 3 of 5 is equivalent to the fraction 3/5 or perhaps. 60. Since we are told that two hundred of the five-hundred containers had been shipped to New Jersey, this kind of leaves 300 containers that have been shipped either to Philadelphia or to Virginia. To determine just how many storage units were sent to Philadelphia, we build the percentage 2/5 = X/300. To solve for Back button, we combination multiply the 2 fractions and obtain 5X sama dengan (2)(300). Solving for Back button, we obtain the answer 120. Therefore, 120 in the containers had been shipped to Pennsylvania, and the remainder (300 ” a hundred and twenty = 180) were sent to Va.

Brief Remarks about Possibility

A few questions in the test will require you to apply some fundamental rules of probability. The example demonstrated below will help to refresh the memory of some of these basic rules. If you want additional guidance on the topic, you should consult a standard math or perhaps statistics text message. In addition , you can also find useful paperwork and courses about probability on the Internet. As you know, a variety of events occur in our environment. A celebration can be the tossing of a coin, the selection of an object from a team of objects, the occurrence of a test report among several test scores, etc . Case 26. If you need to know the probability of randomly tugging a citrus bar from a

bag of pastries made up of 3 citrus bars, five glazed doughnuts, and a couple of muffins, you would first ought to consider the whole number of pastries that are in the bag (3 + 5 + a couple of = 10). This total number of pastries in the tote is known as the “sample space.  The probability of pulling a lemon pub from the bag would be 3/10 or. 35 or 30%. The possibility of drawing a glazed doughnut through the bag would be 5/10 or. 50 or 50%, and the probability of pulling a muffin from your bag will be 2/10 or. 20 or 20%.

thirty eight

Preparation Manual for the CBP Officer Entrance Assessment

In foreseeing probabilities in math challenges, you must look at the problem cautiously and apply some thinking. For example , if you wish to know the probability of pulling a lemon tavern from the handbag and then later pulling the second lemon bar from the tote, you must consider or “reason that the “sample space can be reduced each time you pull a pastry in the bag. For example: The possibility of yanking the initially lemon pub from the bag is 3/10, as stated over. After having pulled the lemon pub, there are no longer 3 pubs in the tote; now there are merely 2 . So , the possibility of after pulling another lemon pub from the tote would be 2/9 or. twenty two or 22%. In order to solve the math phrase problems inside the test that require probability, you must be careful to work with reasoning in determining if you have deemed all of the data given in the condition or whether there is adequate facts given to calculate a likelihood. Consider the following example: There are numerous colored balls in a basket, including a lot of blue balls. Precisely what is the possibility of yanking a green ball from the basket? You obviously are unable to answer this kind of question because you do not have enough information. You do not recognize how many total balls (the sample space) nor how many blue balls are inside the basket. There are lots of very important rules to remember regarding stating the probability that an event can occur: ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· All possibilities fall among 0 and 1 . The sum of all of the probabilities inside the sample space is 1 ) 00 (for example, in the pastry example above, the proportions. 35 +. 40 +. 20 = 1 ) 00). The probability of your event which usually cannot arise is zero (for example, in the pastry example, there have been no

jelly beans in the carrier, so the possibility of drawing a jelly bean would be zero).

Solving Distance, Time, and Price Problems

Some math problems require you to calculate the interest rate at which an event or actions occurs. Review the following: Example 27. An officer went 300 a long way in 5 hours. For what rate (of speed) did the officer drive? Using the method, Rate = Distance  Time, 300  5 hrs = 60 miles per hour. So , the official drove for a price (speed) of 60 mls per hour.

In another version of the problem, you are given the pace and range, but need to calculate the quantity of time it will require to travel the space: Example twenty-eight. An official traveled three hundred miles in a acceleration of 60 mph. How long achieved it take the expert to drive this distance? Making use of the formula, Period = Range  Level, the time it took to drive was 300  60 mph, which can be equal to five hrs.

An additional variation provides the rate and time, but asks you to calculate the space: Example 29. An expert traveled your five hours in a speed of 60 mph, how many miles performed the officer travel? Making use of the formula, Length = Rate x Time, the distance influenced by the expert was 60mph x your five hrs, which will equals 300 miles. thirty seven

Preparation Manual for the CBP Police officer Entrance Exam

Now study the following case: Example 31. If Official Davis drove 520 miles in almost 8 hours, how much time would it consider her to operate a vehicle 650 miles at the same price?

Express the challenge as 520/8 = 650/X, where Times represents the amount of time it could take to drive 650 a long way at the same level as 520 miles in 8 several hours (a charge of sixty five mph). This kind of becomes 520X = 650 x almost eight = 5, 200, and X sama dengan 5200  520 sama dengan 10. Therefore , it would take Officer Davis 10 hours to drive 600 miles heading 65 advise. Other different versions of this form of math issue involve establishing the rate or perhaps amount of time delivered to complete a great assignment or task (referred to as a work level problem). Assessment the examples below: Model 31. Expert Hilton was asked to perform secondary inspection of 7 persons. After two

several hours, he had accomplished inspecting some of the individuals. Working with this same level, how long will it take him to finish all of the inspections?

This problem is solved making use of the same basic formula since that shown in Example 26. 4/7 X sama dengan 2 hours., where Back button represents the total number of individuals to get inspected. The condition becomes By = a couple of  4/7 = 2 x 7/4 = 14/4 = several. 5. Therefore , it would take him a few. 5 days to complete all of the examinations. Example thirty-two. Four staff were asked to stack 320 bins of materials. After putting 120 packing containers in 1 hour, they were joined by another worker who have helped stack the remaining boxes. How long can it take the new group to finish stacking the remaining 200 bins, if they continue to work on their same rate?

In this problem you must first determine how various boxes happen to be being piled by each employee in a single hour (120 boxes hourly  some employees = 30 packing containers per hour every employee). Ongoing at the same rate, 5 people would bunch 150 bins per hour (5 employees x 30 bins = one hundred and fifty boxes). Subtracting 150 coming from 200 leaves 50 containers that remain to be piled after 1 hour. The remaining 55 boxes will take an additional 1/3 hour to collection since 60 boxes  150 (the number piled in one particular hour) sama dengan 1/3. Therefore , the total time it would take those 5 employees to stack the remaining two hundred boxes would be 1 one-half hours. OR PERHAPS expressed algebraically: Since four employees collection 120 containers per hour, each employee piles an average of 40 boxes each hour (see Part A listed below, where times is the unknown number of boxes stacked simply by each worker per hour). To find the length of time it would take for a few workers, doing work at the same pace, to bunch 200 remaining boxes, use the formula partly B listed below, where back button is the unknown time in several hours.


Planning Manual intended for the CBP Officer Entrance Examination

Portion A (1) 120 sama dengan 4x (2) 120 sama dengan 4x four 4 (3) 30 = x

Portion B (1) 200 = 5(30x) (2) 200 = 150x

(3) 200 sama dengan 150x 150 150 (4) 1 1/4 = times

Expressing Term Problems since Equations

Some of the phrase problems inside the test need you to choose, coming from among many equations, the one equation that expresses or represents an answer to the issue. Review the example under: Example 33. An agency bought surplus laptop printers costing $220 every single. For every twenty printers purchased, the twentieth printer was purchased at a 40% discount. What equation presents the total cost paid, in case the agency acquired 100 from the printers?

The equation will be: 100 (220) ” [ 100/20 x 220 x. forty five ] The total selling price of the personal computers, without the low cost, is symbolized by 75 (220) sama dengan $22, 000. The number of machines that were bought at a discount (every 20th computer) is displayed by 100/20, which equals 5. Therefore , the cost of five printers priced at $220 can be represented simply by 100/20 by 220. A 40% discount for this price is represented by simply 100/20 back button 220 times. 40, the results which must be deducted from $22, 000 to get the total reduced price paid by agency. Note that this type of issue does not require you to actually solve the problem. Instead, you happen to be asked learn the one formula, from between a choice of 4 equations, that represents the correct way to solve the situation.

Final Tips: Review of Fundamental Formulas and Measures

Some queries in the test out will require you to work with the elements of period (hours and minutes) and certain types of actions (length, width, and part of a sq . or rectangle). It will be helpful to remember the subsequent basics: one minute = you minute; 1 hr = 1 hour; 24 hours sama dengan 1 day Area = T x W (the area of a rectangular or rectangular shape is received by spreading its length by the width) Price = Range divided by simply Time (R = D/T) Time sama dengan Distance divided by Price (T sama dengan D/R) Range = Level multiplied simply by Time (D = 3rd there’s r x T)


Planning Manual pertaining to the CBP Officer Entry Examination


The inquiries in this area of the test require you to solve mathematics word concerns involving businesses such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, determining percentages and averages, resolving rate challenges, and calculating simple possibilities. These procedures reflect the kind of mathematical procedures that are performed routinely inside the work of CBP Officers. Some of the questions in the actual test will be easier and some harder than the sample concerns presented in this article. It is suggested that you just take at most 14 minutes to answer questions 1 through 6th below. In the event the exact answer is not given as one of the response options, you should select response Elizabeth, ” non-e of these.  You should not use a calculator.

1 ) Staff for a police force training senior high purchases éminent at $32 each for all your graduates of the academy. The final training course graduated twenty-five new representatives. What is the total amount of money the academy personnel will spend for the éminent for these new officers, in case the badge supplier provided the Academy a 20% price cut on each logo? A) B) C) D) E) $ 800 bucks 790 money 640 $16 non-e of these

2 . The gross weight of items in a textbox examined by simply an expert was 108 pounds. In respect to coverage, the police officer was required to convert this kind of weight in kilograms. In case the formula for conversion is usually 1 . almost eight pounds for every kilogram, the fact that was the low weight in the container load in kilos (rounded towards the nearest tenth)? A) B) C) D) E) 194. 0 166. 6 60. 0 forty five. 0 non-e of these

three or more. An Cultivation Specialist and her doggie found an overall total of 1, 500 packages wrapped in simple brown conventional paper hidden in a sizable mail container. Upon inspection, the official found that some of the deals had legal CBP decals on them and some had against the law stickers via another region. The ratio of plans with legal stickers to packages with illegal stickers was 2: 3. How many deals contained against the law stickers? A) B) C) D) E) 1, 000 900

600 500 none of them of these


Preparation Manual pertaining to the CBP Officer Entrance Examination

4. While functioning the evening move, Officer K took eight hours to complete a activity at his work train station and Police officer M required 10 hours to complete the same activity at his work train station. How various hours will it possibly take Officer K and Officer M to total the same job working together, every single working by his individual work train station? A) B) C) D) E) on the lookout for 8 1/9 4 4/9 6 3/4 non-e of those

5. You will discover three puppies in a doggy team responsible for inspecting valuables at an airport terminal for prohibited fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Last week, one of those dogs determined 20 carte of forbidden fruit between 120 total cartons on a flight being released on the from international. Assuming that the dog selected the first documentation to be checked out totally at random, what was the probability that carton contained a shipment of forbidden fruit? A) B) C) D) E) 1/3 0.25 1/5 1/6 non-e of the

6. One day, Officer Ferong spent 4 hours processing passengers from a flight by Brazil for a price of of sixteen passengers just about every 40 minutes. The next day, the girl spent four hours processing individuals at a rate of 18 every 40 minutes. What was the typical number of people she refined during these two 4hour times? A) B) C) D) E) 283 204 141. 5 102 non-e of the


Preparing Manual for the CBP Officer Entry Examination

Approaches to the Arithmetic Reasoning Queries

1 . Correct Response: C $32 x 25 = 800; 800 x. 20 sama dengan 160; $800 ” one hundred sixty = $640. The second method to calculate the problem is, $800 x. 80 = $640. 108  1 . eight = 70. 0 kg Legal stickers = 2/5; illegal peel off stickers = 3/5; 3/5 by 1, five-hundred = 900. Let Officer KŸs hours be showed by 1/8 and Officer MŸs several hours be displayed

by simply 1/10. This kind of says that Officer E completes 1/8 of the task per hour and Officer Meters completes 1/10 of the job per hour. Collectively, they function 1/8 & 1/10 sama dengan 18/80 from the job each hour, which once reduced to its lowest terms, is definitely 9/40. Consequently , if Capital t is the length of time it takes the two of them to finish the job, then 9/40 of the task per hour by T (hours) has to similar 1 work. So , 9/40 x Big t = 1 and Big t = 40/9 = four 4/9 hours (four and four-ninths hours). 5. Appropriate Answer: M Twenty carte out of 120 total cartons comprised prohibited fruit. Therefore , should you randomly selected one fichier from the one hundred twenty cartons, the probability of selecting one of many prohibited planisphère of fruits is twenty out of 120 or 20/120 = 1/6. 16/40 =. forty (this says Officer Ferong processed people at a rate of. 40 each minute on the initial day);. forty x 60 = twenty four passengers hourly; and 24 x four = 96 passengers every single four hours. For the next day, the calculations are 18/40 =. forty five x 70 = 28 x some = 108. The average of 108 and 96 is usually 108 + 96  2 sama dengan 102.

installment payments on your Correct Solution: C three or more. Correct Answer: B 5. Correct Answer: C

6th. Correct Response: D


Preparation Manual for the CBP Police officer Entrance Evaluation


This guide have been developed that will help you prepare for the Writing Abilities Test. This guide provides details that will recharge your knowledge of some basic guidelines of English grammar, syntax, usage, sentence and passage organization, and punctuation. Only a short synopsis of each topic is supplied. For a more in-depth study, you might want to refer to The english language textbooks or perhaps writing hand books. A reference list with some suggested readings is usually provided. Also, this guide shows a sample from the types of questions you are likely to find on the Writing Skills Test combined with the correct answers and the explanation for them. FINDING YOUR WAY THROUGH THE COMPOSING SKILLS TEST OUT Sentence Construction

ï‚· ï‚·

A phrase is a grammatically independent band of words that serves as one of expression. A phrase normally contains a mentioned subject (the noun(s) and pronoun(s) the sentence is definitely about), and it must include a predicate (the part that says something about or directs the subject) that involves at least one phrase, a action-word. Even the single-word command Get! is a sentence in your essay because it has an unstated but implied subject matter  whomever or what ever is being given to go  and a verb.

Utilization of Phrases in Sentences


A expression is a number of related words lacking an interest and/or a predicate. A phrase can be utilised as a noun, adjective, attributive, or action-word. On the basis of their form, key phrases are grouped as prepositional, participial, gerund, infinitive, and verb key phrases.

Use of Nature in Phrases


Classes are grammatical units that contains a subject and a verb. They can be both dependent or perhaps independent. A completely independent clause conveys the main considered the sentence and can standalone as a sentence in your essay (Example: The girl laughed. ). A reliant clause expresses an idea that is less significant than the idea expressed in the main clause and cannot standalone as a sentence in your essay (Example: Because she was laughing¦).


Preparation Manual for the CBP Police officer Entrance Evaluation

Restrictive and non-restrictive Keyword phrases and Clauses ï‚· A restrictive term or

clause supplies information that may be necessary to recognize specifically precisely what is being defined. A nonrestrictive phrase or clause delivers information that may be incidental towards the meaning of the sentence. In most cases, restrictive keyword phrases and condition are not segregated from the remaining portion of the sentence simply by commas. non-restrictive phrases and clauses will be separated from the rest of the sentence in your essay by interruption. Examples: The blue property that this individual built on a hill is quite large. The blue residence, which this individual built on a hill, is fairly large.


The initially sentence can be written about a man who constructed several green houses nevertheless only one over a hill. Consequently , the key phrase that he built on the hill is crucial for knowing which blue house is being referred to. The phrase is definitely therefore limited and is not separated in the rest of the sentence in your essay by interruption. The second model is revealed a man whom built only 1 blue house, and it is on a mountain. Therefore , which usually he constructed on a hill is not really essential for understanding which home is being referred to. The term is therefore free flowing and is also separated through the rest of the sentence by interruption. Examples: We have to congratulate students who gained the reward. Pat, who also won the prize, justifies our congrats.

In the first sentence the clause who have won the prize is vital for suggesting the person who have should be congratulated. The terms is for that reason restrictive and is also not segregated from the rest of the sentence by simply commas. Inside the second word, the person being congratulated can be identified as Terry, and the offer who won the reward is not really essential for figuring out the person. The clause is definitely therefore nonrestrictive and is separated from the rest of the sentence by commas. Action-word

Definition: A word or expression used to assert an action or state of being. Verb Voice


The voice of any verb reveals whether the subject performs a task (active voice) or gets it (passive voice). Model (active voice): The specialist wrote a proposal. Example (passive voice): The proposal was authored by the expert.


Preparing Manual pertaining to the CBP Officer Entrance Examination

Action-word Tense


The anxious of a action-word shows enough time of the action of the verb. There are the and a passive form of all tenses in English language. The 6 English action-word tenses will be: Examples of Active Voice she takes; the girl with taking the girl took; the girl was acquiring she will consider; she will bring she has taken; she has recently been taking your woman had used; she have been taking she’ll have taken; she could have been currently taking Examples of Passive Voice the girl with taken; the girl with being considered she was taken; the girl was being taken she will be taken she has been taken the girl had been used she will had been taken

Tight Present Past Future Present perfect Earlier perfect Foreseeable future perfect

ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚·

The current tense represents action that is taking place today. Example: She is attending teaching today. Earlier times tense represents action that took place in past time. Model: He wrote five albhabets yesterday. The near future tense places action at a later date time. Case: She will show up at the meeting later today. The present best tense presents action completed before the present time. Case: He features taken teaching. The past ideal tense symbolizes action that occurs before one other past action. Example: The girl counted the letters he previously written. The future perfect anxious represents actions that will be finished before a specific time in the future. Example:

By a few weeks, he will have completed the analysis.

Verb Mood


The feeling of a action-word shows if an action is definitely fact (indicative mood), some thing other than reality, such as a likelihood, wish, or supposition (subjunctive mood), or possibly a command (imperative mood). Example of indicative feeling: They are going to the ball game. Sort of subjunctive disposition: I persist that this individual go to the ball game. Example of essential mood: Go now! The subjunctive disposition is also accustomed to express a condition contrary to reality. Example: If only I were president.



Prep Manual intended for the CBP Officer Entry Examination

Various other Rules Related to Verbs

ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚·

Transitive verbs require direct items to complete their which means. Example: The baseball person signed the autographs. Intransitive verbs usually do not require direct objects to complete all their meaning. Model: The boat has docked. Connecting verbs are not action verbs; rather, they will express a state of being or existence. The different forms of the verb being are major linking verbs. Linking verbs never have objects however instead, hook up the subject into a word or perhaps idea in the predicate. Good examples: It was he who bought the entry pass. His proposal is undesirable. Some pups are edgy. The action-word to be could also be used with one other verb like a helping (auxiliary) verb to make a verb phrase. Examples: Plane tickets have been late. The deal will have to be analyzed.



Definition: A great infinitive is a form of a verb that expresses action or presence without reference to person, number, or tense. Model: To run can be relaxing. The form consists of the job “to as well as the verb. ï‚· A divided infinitive has a word or several words and phrases between the to and the verb following this. Splitting a great infinitive is generally considered inappropriate, especially if several word intervenes between to and the verb. Incorrect model: You should try to, if you can, attend the conjonction. Correct utilization: You should try to attend the briefing, if you can. A great infinitive can be used as the subject of a word or since the object of a verb or perhaps preposition. Model: To become champ has been her lifelong desire. An infinitive may be used since an adjectival modifier. Case: He had a lot of papers to examine during the trip.

ï‚· ï‚·


Definition: A gerund is the type of a action-word ending in ing which is used as a noun. In fact , one more name for the gerund is known as a verbal noun. ï‚· ï‚· A gerund may be used as the subject of a sentence. Case: Drawing was his beloved personal activity. A gerund may be used as the object of a verb or possibly a preposition. Case: She preferred walking above bicycling. Going for walks is the thing of the action-word preferred and bicycling may be the object with the preposition more than.


Preparation Manual pertaining to the CBP Officer Entrance Examination


Definition: A participle is a type of the action-word used as an qualificative. Simple participle forms end in ed or ing. Good examples: The prospect felt tricked. The New YearŸs Eve get together was fascinating. ï‚· Every time a participial phrase seems to change a word that it cannot sensibly modify, it is a hanging phrase. Wrong example: Sailing on the open up sea, a large number of dolphins had been spotted. (Sailing does not alter dolphins. ) Correct use: Sailing within the open sea, we noticed many dolphins.


Classification: A noun is a expression that brands a person, place, point, quality, thought, or actions. ï‚· ï‚· A common noun identifies one or more of a course of persons, places, things, qualities, tips, or actions that are likewise. Examples: The woman chained her bicycle for the fence. An appropriate noun identifies a particular person, place, thing, top quality, idea, or perhaps action. (Note: Proper nouns must be made a fortune. ) Examples: Joe Darkish drove his Lincoln Towncar to the Kennedy Center. A collective noun identifies a group of people or items that are related or acting as one. Good examples: The jury arrives at the courthouse every day at nine in the morning. The platoon trips by evening in order to avoid detection. Collective nouns are one in amount; thus, they get a singular action-word. ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· If the individual people of the group happen to be referred to, then this plural action-word can be used. Case: A group of staff are sharing supplies together.


The possessive of your singular noun is formed by adding an apostrophe and h to the noun. Examples: the boyŸs cardigan; AliceŸs car The possessive of a plural noun finishing in h is formed by adding an tollé only. Good examples: officersŸ wages; workersŸ union


Definition: A pronoun is a term that is used instead of a noun, most

frequently to remove monotonous repetition of the noun. There are nine types of pronouns: ï‚· ï‚· Demonstrative pronouns speak about a specific person or point. Examples: this kind of, that, these kinds of, those Everlasting pronouns consider people or things generally rather than particularly. Examples: most, any, anybody, anyone, nearly anything, both, every single, either, every person, everyone, every thing, few, a large number of, most, much, neither, no one, nobody, probably none, nothing, one, other, several, some, a person, someone, something, such 47

Preparation Manual for the CBP Police officer Entrance Assessment


Verbs used with everlasting pronouns must agree with the pronoun in number. Cases: none is usually; much is; many people are; many are ï‚· Not one is mostly used in one sense. If you feel of none as no one person or perhaps thing, then it is easy to see that it is novel in that means and takes a singular verb. However , when non-e can be used in the sense of not two or no sum, then a multiple verb can be used. Example: non-e of the associates are in agreement.

ï‚· ï‚·

Interrogative pronouns are accustomed to ask questions. Cases: who, what, which Relative pronouns bring up a subordinate part of a sentence towards the main offer. Examples: who also, whoever, whom, whomever, whose, which, whatever, what, that Who and whoever are used as subjects in a sentence in your essay or phrase, while who and whomever are used as objects within a sentence or perhaps phrase. Illustrations: Who will get the tickets? Whoever is going can buy the seat tickets. I need to offer tickets who? The seats will be given to whomever I see first.


Personal pronouns refer to folks or issues and change contact form in 3 different folks: first person (the person speaking), second person (the person spoken to), and third person (person or point spoken about). ï‚· ï‚· ï‚·

First person pronouns: I, all of us (used while subject of sentences and clauses) me personally, us (used as objects of verbs and prepositions)

Second person pronoun: you (used pertaining to singular and plural, intended for subjects and objects) Third person pronouns: he, she, it, that they (used while subject of sentences and clauses) him, her, this, them (used as items of verbs and prepositions)

Examples: Expenses and I ready. She told Sally and me. ï‚· Possessive pronouns determine possession or control without using an apostrophe and then an h. Examples: my personal, mine, the, ours, yours, his, hers, its, their, theirs (Note: it’s can be not a possessive pronoun; it is the contraction of it is. ) Reflexive pronouns refer returning to the noun or pronoun used as the subject of the sentence. Cases: I burnt myself. You are misleading yourself. Ruben excused him self. Intensive pronouns are used to focus on the previous noun or pronoun. Examples: You yourself need to register. Anne herself need to finish it.

ï‚· ï‚·


Planning Manual pertaining to the CBP Officer Entrance Examination

Adjective and Form word

Definitions: A great adjective is actually a word that modifies a noun. A great adverb can be described as word that modifies a verb, a great adjective, yet another adverb. ï‚· An qualificative or a great adverb must be placed so that there is no doubt concerning which word it changes. Example: The angry boy quickly threw the ball. Angry is usually an qualificative modifying the noun youngster. Quickly can be an adverb modifying the verb plonked. Adjectives and adverbs present degrees of top quality or quantity by means of their very own positive, comparative, and outstanding forms. The positive form expresses no comparability at all. The comparative form provides an -er to the great form of the adjective or adverb or prefixes the positive form with

the term more to express a greater level or a evaluation between two persons or perhaps things. The superlative type adds an -est for the positive kind of the appositive or disjunctive or prefixes the positive kind with the word most to express the greatest degree of quantity or perhaps quality amongst three or more persons or perhaps things. Examples: Positive brief beautiful big quickly ï‚· Article


Comparative shorter more beautiful bigger faster

Superlative shortest most beautiful biggest most quickly

A large number of adverbs have characteristic ly ending. Example: quickly, gradually, angrily

Explanation: An article can be described as word that refers to a noun and provides definiteness or perhaps indefiniteness to the noun. ï‚· The British articles are a, an, plus the. A and an are definitely the indefinite articles or blog posts. They are utilized for general adjective or if the audience will not know which in turn thing you are referring to. A can be used before phrases that start with a consonant, and a great is used before words that begin with a vowel. Good examples: An attorney will certainly meet you today. Folders is missing from my desk. The is the particular article. It can be used when the audience understands which thing is being referred to. Example: The attorney that you just met with the other day has went back your contact.


Planning Manual intended for the CBP Officer Access Examination


Definition: A preposition is a word that connects a noun for some other phrase in the word. Prepositions generally establish a romance of time or perhaps location. The use of a preposition immediately creates a prepositional phrase. Cases: in a month; after a season; on the table; lurking behind the door ï‚·

You will find over 45 prepositions in English, some of which are: regarding, around, prior to, at, below, by, pertaining to, from, in, of, on, to, through, up, after, and with.


Description: A association (also known as the connective) can be described as word that joins with each other sentences, nature, phrases, or perhaps words. ï‚· Conjunctions that connect two or more parts of a sentence that are of equivalent rank (Example: two subjective or verbs or phrases, etc . ) are called coordinating conjunctions. Examples: and, however or, neither, for, and frequently yet Subordinating conjunctions connect dependent (subordinate) clauses to independent (main) clauses. Subordinating conjunctions contain though, in the event that, as, the moment, while, and since. Example: Seeing that he required the study course for his own progression, his workplace wouldnŸt pay it off. Correlative conjunctions are pairs of words and phrases that hook up sentence components that are of equal ranking. Correlative conjunctions must always seem together in the same word. Examples: either-or, neither-nor, whether-or, both-and, rather than only-but likewise Examples utilized in sentences: Nor the administrator nor automobile had a reasonable solution to the problem. Whether he stayed home or went to work depended on a change in his symptoms. Both the software office as well as the budget business office agreed on the rise in funding for the brand new equipment. The girl was exceptional not only in her academic homework but also in her fitness schooling. Avoiding Action-word, Noun, and Pronoun Adjustments



ï‚· ï‚·

Unnecessary shifts in person, number, tense, or perhaps voice mistake readers and seriously weaken communication. The examples beneath indicate these kind of errors. A shift face-to-face occurs if a writer adjustments back and forth one of the primary, second, and third folks. Incorrect example: If you want to

the physical, an individual has to work out daily.


Preparation Manual for the CBP Police officer Entrance Exam


A shift in number occurs when a multiple pronoun is utilized to refer back to a singular predecessor or the other way round. Incorrect example: Anyone who shops in that department store must you should consider their spending budget. Unnecessary alterations in tight more commonly arise within a paragraph rather than inside an individual word. Incorrect example: After the vem som st?r spent for several hours describing the armiesŸ approaches, he provided a horrifying account from the attack. He points out in great fine detail what is going on in the minds of each of the military. A switch in voice occurs every time a writer makes unnecessary changes between the lively and the unaggressive voice. Incorrect example: My spouse and i wrote the journal article; the book chapter was also written by me. (In this model, the initially clause can be active tone of voice and the second shifts to passive tone of voice. ) When ever two sentence in your essay elements happen to be joined with a conjunction, they need to have parallel structure. Accurate example: Your woman was exceptional not only in her academic homework but also in her fitness teaching. Incorrect case: She was outstanding not only in her academic coursework but also she excelled in fitness schooling.




Sentence Organization inside Paragraphs


A passage presents a larger unit of thought compared to a sentence can contain.

A paragraph must meet selected requirements:   A paragraph needs to have unity, that is, internal persistence. It should not digress in the dominant idea expressed in the topic phrase. A section should have completeness. It should present enough in depth information about the topic sentence to resolve any standard questions you may include. More specific concerns would need additional sentences with fresh topic phrases. A passage should have coherence. Sentences should certainly flow into each other so that the reader experience the section as a built-in unit, not as a collection of independent sentences. A paragraph needs to have order. Just like structure in a larger function, order in a paragraph increases partly out of your material and is also partly enforced by the article writer. Most sentences and documents follow among the two patterns that follow.  From the standard to the particular: This type of section begins having a topic sentence that serves as an introductory summary of the topic. The 51



Preparing Manual pertaining to the CBP Officer Entrance Examination

paragraphs explain or illustrate this kind of statement, so that the idea turns into increasingly obvious as the paragraph moves along. The topic sentence is usually at or near the beginning of the paragraph.  From the particular to the general: This sort of paragraph is the reverse with the previous design. It starts with a series of explanatory or perhaps illustrative claims that lead to an over-all statement or perhaps summary. The topic sentence is usually at or perhaps near the end of the paragraph. A paragraph can be viewed as a microcosm, an exact parallel in little of the entire work:    It has a major idea, generally expressed in a topic sentence. The dominant idea is developed by illustrations, comparisons, explanations, or arguments to make the that means of the matter sentence clear. There may be a concluding restatement of the topic idea.


Definition: Increased is the utilization of capital albhabets to place exceptional emphasis on particular letters to create them removed from lower-case characters. ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· Sentences constantly begin with a capital notice. The initially letter of any quotation is usually capitalized. Appropriate nouns, that may be, nouns that name particular persons, spots, or items, must be made a fortune. Examples: Appalachian Mountains, Mississippi River, Brooklyn Bridge Titles that go before a proper name are capitalized; those that adhere to proper name are not. Good examples: Chairperson John Smith and John Johnson, the chairperson


Explanation: Punctuation is a use of durations, commas, semicolons, colons, question marks, exclamation points, dashes, apostrophes, conference, parentheses, slashes, and quotation marks to convey the pauses and signals that we use in speech to clarify and emphasize meaning. ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· Make use of a period to get rid of a sentence in your essay. Example: She went to outdoor. Use a period after abbreviations. Examples: Mister. Ms. U. S. Corp. Use a comma to separate independent clauses within a compound sentence in your essay. 52

Preparing Manual intended for the CBP Officer Entry Examination

Model: Suzanne manufactured a presentation at the conference, and then she spent the remainder of the day traveling the city. ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· Make use of a comma to split up an preliminary phrase or clause from the main terms of a phrase. Example: After completing the work, the contractor kept the site. Create a comma every item within a series. Case: The new workplace is fitted with a workplace, a computer, two chairs, and a source cabinet. Several adjectives that modify the noun that they precede will be separated simply by commas. Case in point: The cool, windy morning was not a great beginning for his or her vacation. Interruption are used to trigger the items within a date. Example: On Monday, August 17, 1998, he became your head of the office. Commas are generally not used when ever only the month and year are given. Case in point: August 2002 A

semicolon can be used to separate components in a series when a few of the elements already contain interruption. Example: Sally wishes all of us to attend the first, third, and sixth sessions upon Wednesday; the 2nd, fourth, and sixth periods on Thursday; and the initially only on Friday. A semicolon is used to join two closely related independent clauses that are not became a member of by a combination. Example: The project commenced slowly; thereafter, additional staff were assigned to it.




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Preparing Manual pertaining to the CBP Officer Entrance Examination


It is suggested that you take no more than 15 minutes to reply to questions one particular through almost eight below. Pertaining to questions one particular, 2, a few, and four choose the 1 answer that represents a correction that ought to be made to the sentence. If perhaps no modification is necessary, select (D). 1 ) Once a obtain to carry guns into a international country happen to be approved, a CBP Police officer must notify the Office of Foreign Procedures for skill of the obtain. A) B) C) D) change to

carry to for carrying transform are to is usually change skill to choosing no static correction is necessary

2 . Supervisor Johnson knows that it is vital for his CBP Cultivation Specialists to know each of the critical principals that apply to all methods of coaching your beloved dog. A) B) C) D) change knows that to knows which modify each with each and every one change rules to concepts no correction is necessary

three or more. The geographical area producing much of the edge between the United States and South america is considered to possess a desert local climate. A) B) C) D) change among to from put in a comma after location change should be to are no modification is necessary

some. When writing a report on the drug smuggling incident, it is important to add most dates, occasions, names, and quotes affiliated from the case for future reference. A) B) C) D) change to around alter incident to incedent change from to without correction is necessary


Prep Manual to get the CBP Officer Entry Examination

Intended for sample concerns 5 and 6, opt for the one word which is right in sentence structure, syntax, punctuation, and punctuational and which in turn exemplifies use suitable to a formal notification or survey. 5. A) B) C) D) The effect of this teaching requirement will probably be measured by number of fresh CBP Representatives who efficiently complete the probationary period. The impact that training need has will be measured by number of new CBP Representatives who efficiently complete the probationary period. The impact with this training requirement will be measured by the volume of new CBP Officers which usually successfully full the probationary period. The effect that this training requirement provides will be scored by the quantity of new CBP Officers which in turn successfully full the probationary period. The alienŸs use of a fraudulant document was a hindrance for the identification from the alien The

alienŸs use of a fraudelant doc was a hindrence to the identity of the strange. The alienŸs use of a fraudulent file was a burden to the recognition of the unfamiliar. The alienŸs use of a fraudelent file was a burden to the id of the unfamiliar.

6. A) B) C) D)

fifty five

Preparation Manual for the CBP Officer Entrance Exam

For inquiries 7 and 8, select the correct section order to produce a passage that may be well-organized, crystal clear, and logical. If no correction is important, choose (D).



First utilized on a wide level in 1970, narcotic detector dogs save many staff several hours in locating narcotics in vehicles, snail mail, unaccompanied suitcase, and on shipment ships. A puppy and its handler can examine 500 packages in 30 minutes; it would have a mail reviewer, evaluator several days to inspect numerous. At edge ports, your dog can examine a vehicle in about two minutes; the same search with a CBP Expert would consider at least 20 minutes. Therefore , the application of narcotic metal detector dogs has greatly improved the fight against illegitimate drug smuggling into the United states of america. While not accurately high-tech, a distinctive tool in CBPŸs drug fight can be its pressure of narcotic detector dogs, their instructors, and the CBP Officers who also work with these types of canine sensors. This fight continues today, extending into the high-tech regarding the modern world. Through persistance, close inspection, sophisticated technology, and the sacrifice of lives, CBP provides given an outstanding account of itself in fighting the flow of illegal drugs into the us. Since the repeal of Forbidance in 1933, liquor smuggling has naturally decreased. In later years, however , the illegal access of narcotics and dangerous drugs increased

to threatening dimensions. During the 60s, ž70s, and ž80s, Federal Officers experienced the practically overwhelming process of fighting the influx of opium, heroin, crack, hashish, weed, and amphetamines into the United States.




A) B) C) D)

4321 3412 2341 no a static correction is necessary


Preparation Manual for the CBP Officer Entrance Examination






Task Shield America will have two operational components. The first will be to reach out and form partnerships with U. T. manufacturers and distributors from the sensitive technology, weapons, and equipment searched for by terrorists. The second is to investigate and halt all those attempting to get and unlawfully export guns components to groups intent on harming America. Beginning quickly, field offices will determine the specific U. S. organizations in their areas that make or spread materials of

curiosity. Agents will visit these types of firms and provide them with components about Task Shield America, information about U. S. foreign trade controls, and data about the items desired by terrorists. Most importantly, the agents can encourage these kinds of firms to notify agents if they are approached by clients looking to get and export their products unlawfully. In sum, under the banner of Project Shield America, we is going to partner with U. S. industrial sectors to prevent all their technological achievements from getting exploited simply by terrorists. Even though some of these supplies may seem fairly innocuous and have relatively tiny monetary value, they can have substantial strategic value in the hands of America’s adversaries. These “minor scientific goods can easily end up being the necessary components for major weapons advancement by terrorist groups or rogue international locations. At the same time, brokers will improve their efforts to investigate and prosecute individuals who attempt to get and illegally export hypersensitive technology, weapons, and tools to international terrorist companies. These work will include private probes and other investigative approaches. The Office of Strategic Research will redirect its assets towards the objective of denying terrorist companies access to these types of materials. The help of U. H. manufacturers and distributors will be crucial from this effort.

A) B) C) D)

1423 1432 1243 no modification is necessary


Preparation Manual for the CBP Expert Entrance Examination

Answers to the Writing Expertise Questions 1 . Correct Answer: B A verb need to agree with its subject in number. The topic, “request,  is single and, therefore , the action-word should be transformed from “are to “is.  installment payments on your Correct Solution: C The proper use of the word “principles refers to rules, laws, or criteria that are used on the method of dog training. By comparison, the word “principal means 1st or most important in importance. 3. Accurate Answer: Deb No in order to the sentence is necessary. some. Correct Answer: C The right

term is “associated with but not “associated coming from.  Objects are “associated with each other, which means they may be related to one another in some way. your five. Correct Answer: A The right answer is definitely (A). The sentence ought to read the following: The impact with this training will be measured by number of fresh CBP Officials who effectively complete the probationary period. This is a well-constructed phrase in equally grammar and syntax. 6. Correct Answer: C The words “hindrance and “fraudulent are spelled properly in this sentence in your essay while numerous incorrect spellings of these words and phrases are used in A, B, and D. several. Correct Answer: A One of the most logical purchase of the pathways is 5, 3, a couple of, 1 . Not necessarily logical to begin with the pathways with sentences 2 or 3, since indicated in Responses W and C, because they look to total information that has been presented previously and, therefore , depend on details in the additional two sentences in order to be comprehended. This as well eliminates Response D. This leaves Response A, which will begins with paragraph four. The paragraphs presented through this order contact form a well-organized, coherent passing. 8. Right Answer: C The most rational order from the passages is usually 1, a couple of, 4, several. The 1st paragraph introduces Project Safeguard America and defines both the operational pieces of the job. Accordingly, paragraph 1 needs to be the first paragraph. Paragraphs two and four elaborate on both the operational pieces of the project introduced in paragraph one particular and therefore are required to follow paragraph 1 . Paragraph a couple of logically comes before paragraph 4 since paragraph two elaborates around the first operational component of the project although paragraph 4 elaborates on the second detailed component. Finally, paragraph three or more is plainly the concluding paragraph since it provides a summation and closing for the entire verse. The paragraphs presented with this order type a well-organized, coherent passing.



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