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For over a century, the Polytechnic College or university of the Israel continues to perform a significant function in nation-building and that remains steadfast in its handle to take part in the national and global academic area.

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The current school administration, with Dr . Emanuel C. Para Guzman with the helm, fortifies and features even further the role from the University within the manufacturing of important knowledge, information and ideas because aptly shown in the University’s vision to become an EPISTEMIC COMMUNITY. Regarding this, the University or college adopts an obvious, practical, and realizable University Research Plan (URA) designed and calculated to (1) unify the direction and framework from the research activities of the School; (2) line-up the research work of the University or college with the pushed and focus of the National government agencies, such as the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the Nationwide Economic and Development Organization (NEDA), Commission rate on Degree (CHED) and more; and (3) generate studies, scientific enhancements, speculative and theoretical paradigms which are expected to drive economic, scientific, sociable, moral and technological development.

The University or college Research Goal is classified into five general topics, to humor: (1) peacefulness, security and poverty reduction; (2) increasing infrastructure creation; (3) competitive industry and entrepreneurship; (4) social and cultural development; and (5) conservation, protection and rehab of the environment towards lasting development. 1 PEACE, PROTECTION AND LOWER INCOME REDUCTION This research theme addresses 3 important national and global issues that the human race is squarely faced: serenity, security and poverty. The University is in the belief that these issues are interrelated—solving one means solving others.

A. Serenity and Reliability Studies Tranquility and protection studies and researches are expected (1) be familiar with causes of armed conflicts, religious disagreements, ethnical clashes, warfare, terrorism, genocide, human legal rights violations yet others; (2) develop ways and devises in order to avoid and resolve identified serenity and secureness problems; and ultimately (3) build tranquil and just neighborhoods, systems, and societies. Certainly, these types of studies require interdisciplinary approaches and expertise.

Therefore, researches with the following issues could meet the above objectives: (1) Understand the causes of provided conflicts, spiritual disagreements, ethnic clashes, conflict, terrorism, genocide, human rights violations and more with focus or focus on: ACCELERATING FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT Consistent with the National Government’s thrust, the University is decided to impact significant monetary growth, individual development and social safety through velocity of facilities development. Undoubtedly, infrastructure creation is one of the significant priorities in the national government as it is plainly and concretely outlined inside the recent Nationwide Economic and Development Authority agenda.

The University, in support towards the government’s attempts, undertakes to supply the country with research-based studies, scientific and engineering innovations that would enable both the authorities and private sectors in speeding infrastructure creation. The University identified the next areas and topics to concentrate on: Hard Infrastructures and Software program Infrastructures.

Hard Infrastructureswhich are meant to support the drivers of economic progress such as travel, agriculture, sector, energy while others, specifically: COMPETITIVE INDUSTRY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP The University acknowledges the country’s need to reinforce the competition of its industries particularly those which will be driving the nation forward regarding economic development such as tourism, agriculture, skilled manpower in ICT and language skills, retail, export products, investments and banking. Furthermore, PUP can be one with the National Federal government in its goal of guaranteeing rapid and sustained expansion for the.

In view of this, the University or college with its different academic and research biceps and triceps, identify significant research topics and areas which could always be explored to expose important developments, issues and challenges confronting these sectors; and to discover devices and ways to treat these problems. The following research topics are hereunder identified: SOCIAL AND CULTURAL CREATION Culture and society will be linked to one another. Generally, lifestyle is an important component of social expansion.

The School, with its solid Academic/ Research Centers and Institutes related to cultural and social research, is curled to support the national government in the: (1) creation of intellectual potential; (2) building of man capital; (3) popularization of culture, disciplines and heritage; (4) forging social the usage; (5) promotion of national identity through local and national historiography; (6) avoidance of interpersonal pathologies; (7) initiation and establishment of cooperation; (8) advancement and promotion of national solidarity and patrimony; and (9) reduction of disproportions of private development of residents as a kind of social improvement. The following analysis topics are identified in order to direct the University study activities over the line of social and social development: Philosophical Research CONSERVATION, SAFEGUARD AND TREATMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Conservation, protection and rehabilitation from the environment can be described as significant take into account the maintenance of community`s sustainability.

It includes the sustainable use and supervision of the natural resources just like water, organic energy, air flow, wildlife and minerals. The University identifies this as a very important element of national expansion. The following exploration areas and topics have been completely identified to generate knowledge to supplement the present body of works regarding the management, proper care, use and exploitation in the natural resources:

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