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I am Asher Lev by Chaim Potek is known as a novel about a jewish son troubled by his personal artistic gift idea. The main issue with Asher’s artwork is that this combats his jewish parental input, and his dad makes it a spot that Asher’s “gift” is definitely “foolishness. inch Asher ultimately succombs to his creative fate, to get he chooses it over his own family. Aryeh Lev, specifically, is disappointed in Asher, which originates from Aryeh’s traits: being rigid, disciplined, and powerful.

Aryeh, Asher’s father, is very strict, besides making Asher work hard in school. A good example of this is on-page 124, for Aryeh confronts Asher after he takes advantage of her the Chumash. “‘The mashpia called me’ my father said, without preliminaries. ‘Did you know what you were doing? ‘” Aryeh’s uptight tone will help represent him as a stringent individual. Asher’s performance at school disappoints Aryeh, for Asher is not able to stick to his dad’s strict suggestions.

Aryeh does not desire Asher decorated, but would prefer to him end up being learning in school. “‘Your father came home and saw your images and your institution marks and was very upset. ‘” (167). During this time period, Asher experienced started to visit the museum, that was against Hasidic tradition. Because of Aryeh being absent, there is no one to hold Asher with, so to speak, and Aryeh feels as though Rivkeh can be not elevating Asher properly. Aryeh being strict on Asher may well have originated by Aryeh’s own rigid discipline.

Discipline can be one of Aryeh’s strong items throughout the new. Often , Aryeh would have to travel and leisure for the Rebbe, to make it his duty to comply to whatever job he was told to finish. For example , Aryeh would go to Washingon DC, most likely to go over Jewish national politics, for the Rebbe. “The next early morning, my father went to Washington pertaining to the Jüdischer priester. “(77) Aryeh never complains about needing to leave his family, however the reader can easily see that profound down Aryeh wants to stay.

Even if Aryeh comes home after work, his operate is never performed. “He showed up from Washington late Thurs night and went to his office Fri morning. inches (73). A lot of people would probably consider that Comes to an end, and the weekend, off. Aryeh decides to reduce sleep and go to job rather than reach relax acquainted with his relatives. It is because of Aryeh’s work ethic that he appears down on Asher when he is definitely not carrying out all he can in school. Aryeh’s hard work intended for the Rebbe also makes him an excellent person inside the Hasidic community.

Asher is cured with respect toward the beginning of the novel due to his powerful daddy. “I was treated with special treatment, for I used to be the boy of Aryeh Lev. ” (51). The Rebbe is definitely an exremely important figure in Asher’s community, and Aryeh is the Rebbe’s right hands man. Everybody knew Asher, only because of his dad. This acts to dissatisfy Aryeh when Asher starts painting anti-Jewish art, because it slanders Aryeh’s name. Asher is almost seen as an bastard kid through Aryeh’s eyes, Aryeh does not need to be affiliated with whatever conflicts using what he is taking care of.

Aryeh thinks of his boy as a failure by the time Asher starts his own skill show. Aryeh’s character attributes causes him to be disappointed in Asher. Aryeh is definitely strict about Asher, who also did not appear to listen to what his daddy said to get him to accomplish. Also, Aryeh is self-disciplined, whereas Asher does badly in school. Finally, Aryeh can be powerful, and gets effects from the community due to Asher. All in all, Aryeh sees Asher as a disappointment because of the attributes that Aryeh has.

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