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The difficulties often came across by instructors and learners in these case can be:

  • Problems of communication breakdowns between personnel and learners because of poor foreign language potential and pronunciation of the British language employed within the university.
  • Cultural differences among students or perhaps between the pupil and the teacher (what frequently occurs and typical in one culture it is not acceptable in another).
  • The lack of knowledge of distinct cultures, that leads to uncertainty concerning students’ manners.

Lecturer needs to be ready to accept other cultures and to make an effort to familiarize the students with the distinctions between the patterns of habit of the reps of various nationalities, sub-cultures, and so forth

The role with the teacher is important because the educator is the individual who builds the atmosphere through the class. Educator must be able to effectively facilitate learning for each individual scholar, no matter how culturally similar or different they are really. As an educator, it is important to get a dual responsibility to engage in a critical and continual procedure to examine how a socializations and biases notify my educating and thus affect the educational encounters of the learners. Teachers have got a responsibility to themselves to examine the lenses through which they will understand the people and happenings around them. Only if they have a feeling for how their own awareness are developed in relation to their life experiences they will begin to understand the universe and efficiently navigate all their relationships with all the people around them.

To get an effective and successful educator means that we should be in a consistent process of self-examination and alteration in order to suit the needs and also land on the same trail with the trends. Also far of a superb importance will be the transformation of schools and schooling. Student-centered pedagogy is an important task that teachers should take into account.

Students’ experience and opinions must be delivered to the center from the classroom, making learning energetic, interactive, relevant, and engaging. Traditional teaching strategies and pedagogical models ought to remain for the past. Most aspects of educating and learning in educational institutions must be focused and focused on the students. The accent must be placed on critical thinking, learning skills, and deep social awareness. Pedagogy must present all students with the chance to reach some level of maturity. All curricula must be analyzed and even converted and everything to be provided from different perspectives, corners and opinions.

Overall we can deduce that teaching may be very difficult and at the same time pleasant and desirable. The problems, the challenges and everything the difficulties this brings may have a great contribute and inflict in the personal and professional growth of the instructors that manage this environment. Among the positive things as well as the advantages which may result from this are the self-preparation, capability, expertise, proficiency as well as the experience that adds principles to the curriculum of the teacher and works on him to reach an international level in every method of his or her personality. The relationship between tradition and dialect is very good and it is hard to are present divided in one another. So , this makes crucial culture in teaching English language in order to make students have a clearer picture and better understanding toward many things.

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