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Dual Credit Training and The Difficulties Students Include Transitioning into a Community College or university


Tobolowsky and Allen (2016) posits that dual credit courses refer to training that students can take where they be able to earn the two high school and college credit simultaneously. The students will not have to adopt any standard test to make certain that they earn credit. Dual credit rating courses had been found to get beneficial to the students in that they can take about 2 years of introductory university courses and this works toward them getting started with the college with vital credits. It has also been found that dual credit rating courses allow high school students to easily transition to college (Lile, Ottusch, Jones, Richards, 2018). It is often noted that students who have are the first to join college from their family members face quite a few challenges signing up and doing well in college or university. Students who come from community groups or come, low-income families, are also faced with similar challenges. It truly is for this reason that the dual credit courses were introduced not only for the best performing college students but for almost all students. This increased the probability of students getting started with college whatever the backgrounds (Jones, 2014). The challenges experienced were lowered and there is an increased volume of high school students who transition to school. Dual credit courses are affordable and minimize the cost of college education for any student (Jones, 2014; Lile et ‘s., 2018; Tobolowsky Allen, 2016). While the great things about dual credit rating courses happen to be noble and have been confirmed by simply numerous experts, it is disappointing to note that you have still challenges that college students face when they are transitioning to community college. These issues will be protected in our literature review.

Literature Review

The standard of instruction has been in question since that time the dual credit training begun. A majority of the extra educators that also teach advanced positioning courses include noted some concerns with the quality of instruction they give. According to (Lile et al., 2018) college instructors have also mentioned that dual credit classes do not offer the same standard of rigor that’s needed is of college pupils. This means that the students would still suffer and struggle to keep up with the realities of college. This kind of goes against the intention of dual credit courses, to prepare learners for the rigor and realities of college. The lack of therefore students will still have a difficult time transitioning from high school to school (Jones, 2014). The only difference is that

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with college life permit the student to get prepared for when they will join school fully.


There are many advantages that kids get after they undertake dual credit programs and these types of advantages are being forced by the proponents of dual credit programs. While it is valid that dual credit courses are good for students, there are some challenges that students happen to be faced with and several of these challenges have not recently been fully assessed in study. Therefore , there exists need to take a different sort of approach to evaluate the efficiency of dual credit classes with an aim to find out the root challenges while having been mentioned in the literary works review. Learners who simply undertake the courses inside their high school may have a hard time moving to college because they will not be ready for college lifestyle and only well prepared academically. Learners whose credit are refused by their desired college probably not further more their postsecondary education or perhaps they are forced to undertake the same course again. This shows the lack of standardization on the offerings of dual credit programs that should be investigated to ensure that simply no institution could reject a students credit. Standardization could also profit the students simply because they would be motivated to follow courses that could

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