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It is likely that somebody is going to loose their job because of the switch from socalled analogue to technological equipment. The new posts will require candidates who have had experience with basic technical gadgets and know how things operate.

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Therefore I believe when visiting choose these new candidates we will eventually realise the in work profiles and the different experiences which the prospects will have. The switch to scientific devices is going to most defiantly see new posts developed and jobs lost, nevertheless this is for the benefit to some as well as the disadvantage in front of large audiences. The new kind of devices which could be brought to the established context could be things like; 1 ) New till 2 . Bar code viewers 3. Bar codes some. Printing equipment 5. New computer systems six.

New courses These are just some of the things which were changed because of the effect of ICT. The old persons may not discover how to operate the brand new devices, and it will probably be more worth while pertaining to the company to introduce a fresh face towards the cinema with new staff who can perform the tasks that this old had been performing or have the advantage within the old kinds because of their expertise on technical devices. The old staff could possibly be reliable and worthy of their particular job, hence the cinema may decide to offer training to certain individuals.

This is possible for the cinema if they don’t want to loose some of their employees. The cinema has to think about the fact that training is more pricey then replacing the old staff with fresh staff. It might be easier to try this, but the theatre doesn’t understand how reliable the brand new staff may be.

This could be a problem to think about. They may have all the ability but they is probably not willing to act as hard of as efficiently as this staff. This might affect business in a good way.

You will find two choices; 1 . Changing the current staff 2 . Training the current personnel The system which I my personal have created is actually a major fact to be regarded as in this decision on what to do with the staff. It is more after that likely that new personnel will have to be introduced to maintain the site or staff can be trained to do it. The present staff may have a few experience with computer systems and different types of systems, but In my opinion that the new system that we have created for advertisement is totally different. The kind of things that have to be done to maintain boost the system is completely different to using the current program.

The staff must learn how to work with new courses and operate FTP programs. It is possible to offer new content for certain careers and to maintain some of the articles which are already at the theatre. The new posts could be offered to the people that can do things which others can’t. For example , maintaining the system. The type of jibs which may be kept would be selling seats and refreshments.

These are just some of the changes that can be made. Teaching can be offered to those on the tills so that they can adjust to the newest system. The main reason it is a good idea to keep a number of the old personnel and to get some new staff is because, in case the majority of your staff are dismissed since they don’t know how to make use of technical devices then there may be going to be considered a certain amount of anger towards the cinema, which could potentially damage the name of the business.

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