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India is a property of towns. It is said that real India lives in villages. About 70 per cent of its population lives in villages. India is definitely undergoing ground-breaking changes. It is villages are not untouched by simply those improvements.

The changes are reflected in every single walk of life. These changes have already been brought by various agents. Such as science, technology, and spread of education, advent of multimedia in countryside areas, industrialisation, urbanisation and migration. Therefore the lifestyle, attitude and pondering have changed greatly in rural India.

In fact these types of factors include combined to modify the ritualistic rural society into a dynamic society.

Customarily, Hindu world has been caste ridden. Caste-based division has become prominently visible in countryside India. The people of top caste cared for themselves better than the people of lower peuple. Discrimination against them was obviously a commonplace event. People of upper caste did not consume or beverage anything actually touched by the lower famille people. Even they were not allowed to take normal water from the common by the uppr caste people.

They can be not allowed entry in wats or temples. Such unjust distinction depending on caste, colour and community was widely prevalent in Indian contemporary society.

But things are rapidly changing now. Persons do not care tor any such distinction. There exists an interdependence existence in society. There exists a close conversation of people of various castes, creeds and religions, among them to get various functions. The prospect of the villagers has undergone sea change. They have begun to see things in wider context. This is an excellent sign.

The access of media has taken big changes in their lifestyle. Now they have realised the value of education. They no longer hold back all their girls coming from going to universities and colleges. They have commenced to come out of the four surfaces of their homes. They have started out sharing responsibility with their man counterpart. Naturally, it has a impact on culture.

Agriculture, which is the pillar of country economy, is additionally being influencedby the wind gusts of changes sweeping throughout various walks of life. It is not anymore left for the mercy of Nature. The agrarian reforms, increasing application of science and technology are bringing marine changes in the confronts of villages. Availability of a safe drinking water supply and electricity has made the life span of the villagers easier and comfortable. Mass media has also contributed a lot to change the your life of the towns. Now rituals and superstitions have started fading aside. People have begun to see issues in the mild of cause and reasoning.

There is a superb awakening in the villagers. Vehicle politically and economically informed and sound. There is no longer casteism in rural world. These adjustments are likely to include good effect on overall improvement of India.

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