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The writer Charles Dickens developed some of the most remarkable fictional testimonies and is generally regarded as the highest novelist in the Victorian period. He was able to represent features that were feature of this period. A clear example of this is ‘The Signalman that was written by mcdougal in 1865 and was based on a signalman who worked with the steam locomotives. There are two aspects of this kind of work that portray the Victorian period. One exclusive aspect is definitely the use of the supernatural gadget and the additional is the utilization of the prejudices which were standard from this time.

One essential requirement in the account that gives an image of the Victorianism is the utilization of the supernatural device. As the Victorian era developed, the great interest began to grow; consequently the Gothic genre started to gain in popularity. During this period literature reflected this fascination through the frequency of spirits, mysterious apparitions, and inexplicable sounds inside the literary works. (Craig, 2012)

Dickens tries to capture the superstitious beliefs that predominated during the Victorian period, making use of the supernatural motif in the tale.

It is shown through the signalman who is persuaded that he could be haunted or that there is a “ghost. In the meantime the narrator believes why these premonitions are only coincidences, and this there is not any fant?me but the wind flow. To sum up, Dickens tries to check out altered claims of brain by which having been fascinated within the last part of his life and which will bring about the development of the imminent modern mindset afterward. Another aspect is the use of the “prejudices in order to depict a crucial quality with the Victorian world. The story shows how the Victorian society was judged by simply class. In this case, the narrator is surprised that the signalman is an informed man which has a low get ranking job which usually would be well suited for a lower categorised person. It is shown when the narrator affirms ‘[¦]he had been learned, and (I hoped I might say without offence) maybe educated above that station¦’. (Dickens, 1907, s. 14 ).

By analyzing this remove it can be inferred that Even victorian society got their cultural classes precise andthat every class experienced its own standards. Thus, an educated person was expected to participate in middle or perhaps upper class as a result that person was supposed to have a job appropriate to this class. In general, indirectly, it may be said that the writer is concerned regarding the prejudices and requirements assumed to each social category. Nothing can easily detract from the fact that Charles Dickens was an outstanding article writer who came the attention in the reading open public exploring cultural themes that took place during those occasions. Indirectly, the author illustrated the era he lived in, describing aspects like the beliefs as well as the attitudes culture had during the Victorian Time. On balance, there isn’t a shadow of uncertainty that Dickens challenges and it is concerned within the popular Even victorian beliefs that some people were more prone to vice than others.


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