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Introduction This case study is approximately a child that was born premature, at the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy. With the complication to be born that early the baby girl had many problems her first couple of a few months of existence. Being in the hospital to get five weeks she was fighting on her behalf life every day.

The child was hooked up to varied machines to keep her with your life. Doctors offered her a lot of attention although she was in the hospital. After being generally there for five months that they began to start seeing improvement in her capacity to breathe on her behalf own and gain weight thus she was launched from the medical center. Now she actually is a normal cheerful and healthy and balanced four year old.

The purpose of this case study is always to understand the development of a early child now that the child is within a classroom setting. The case study was conducted within my early discipline experience remark hours, a requirement for almost all core pre-education classes. This study looked into three study questions: (1) is there any difference between the ways this kind of and her peers who had been born full-term interact with one another? (2) Can there be any big difference in the way that the child interacts with teachers and other adults when compared to other children? (3) Is a premature child’s development delayed?

The methods utilized to conduct the case study had been observations and an evaluation of the participant’s behavior with teachers, peer, and other adults. Also I had brief interaction with the kid. Personal information was gathered about the child through the participant’s professors, and parents; including age, sexuality, race, education, personality traits, and family qualifications.

II. Individual and Developing Perspectives The participant can be described as four yr old African American woman named Her Doe. The lady was born upon November 24, 2007.

Your woman was provided prematurely at twenty-five weeks of pregnancy. This classifies her since extremely premature because the girl was born between twenty-three and twenty-eight several weeks of gestation. Statistically, simply a little above sixty percent of premature babies that are delivered that early survive. African American babies may survive when compared with all other contests, especially Dark-colored females.

Her Doe’s mother stated that she also offered birth to a male kid during this gestational period, whom unfortunately did not survive. Being premature is sold with serious health risks such as anemia, internal bleeding into the brain, infections, low blood sugar, breathing distress syndrome, jaundice, and severe intestinal inflammation. Luckily Jane Doe was not born with or developed some of these conditions; nevertheless she even now stands a higher chance of producing this permanent risks just like delayed development and growth, mental or physical disability or delay, and vision reduction or loss of sight. Physically, Jane Doe is a lot like any other several year old. She gets brown sight and darkish hair.

The lady weighs thirty-nine pounds and is also approximately 40 inches tall, which is exceptional because when they are born she just weighed 1 pound and thirteen oz . and was twelve in . long. Her height and weight happen to be right on target for her age. Her mind is slightly larger than most youngsters her grow older but that is certainly due her being mature, and her brain advancement is normal. She gets no development delays.

Your woman hit every her developmental milestones on time, except for creeping in which her mother conferred with a physical therapist and was told that not all kids creep but as long since she can easily crawl she’d be great. Her simply current health issue is acute asthma through which she is remedied with a nebulizer. She may climb stairs up and down with out assistance.

She’s able to execute self-help skills such as dressing herself, using the bathroom, cleaning her hands and feeding herself. Jane still requirements takes naps but the girl often tries to fight them. Jane is extremely smart. The lady understands the concept of shape and size.

For example , she will be able to tell you the particular one thing is bigger than the other and she forms things according to their color. She does not fully understand period yet, nevertheless she does know the months and the days of the week. Jane can also use collection word such as first, last, next, soon and later in regular conversation. She echoes very plainly and is in a position to have total conversations. The girl with very conscious of the daily schedule and what is meant to happen subsequent.

She has wonderful memory and a very creativity. She engages in parallel perform but is usually showing a brand new interest in remarkable play. The girl enjoys behaving as if she actually is a mom or a educator. As any 4 year old, Anne can be hard to deal with, especially when she is annoyed; however.

The lady can explain in words her worries with other folks. She makes decisions based on her feeling. She has a very dominate personality. She likes being around people. The girl responds very well to great attention and praise by adults.

She actually is not scared to ask for help; however she does not desire things to be performed for her, just guidance to obtain herself. She is very interpersonal and has many friends. Anne still has some separation anxiousness and when crucial people leave because she does not understand why she cannot come as well. She also gets upset the moment she is not really ready to leave but it is time for her to go. Your woman enjoys having fun with children, nevertheless since she is an simply child her mother stated that she’s around adults majority of enough time and is sometimes more comfortable around them.

She becomes frightened when ever she listens to loud sounds such as the bathroom flushing, or sees bugs. She also says that there are creatures. Jane is additionally very possessive. If the girl sees an additional child having fun with a plaything that she enjoys she’ll snatch the toy away from other kid or in the event her friend is playing with another good friend she may become upset. On the other hand she is learning to share and play with other folks.

She can be very jealous occasionally if she feels as though one more child is getting too much attention. She may possibly lash away verbally yet she is very rarely physically. 3. Theories and Child’s Behavior Albert Bandura’s social learning theory says that one discovers a tendencies from others by seeing and imitating behaviors, especially aggressive behavior. (ref: Ormrod, L. E. (1999). Human learning (3rd impotence. ). Upper Saddle Riv, NJ: Prentice-Hall. ) Observing is simply watching a habit performed simply by another specific.

After seeing the behavior of another the will replicate or duplicate the same behavior to fit along with a crowd or perhaps group. Bandura stated that children who come from a great aggressive environment often repeated that patterns when placed in other adjustments. Bandura assumed that kids gradually be a little more selective in what they chose to imitate.

Jane shows indications of this theory when she observed that the when the girl does a thing that her mom does not like her mom points to her and tells her simply no, now the moment other children do something that she will not like your woman imitate the behaviour that her mother viewed. Also another one of the children inside the class was using unacceptable language (which was very likely observed by someone else) and Anne imitated that behavior as well. Sigmund Freud’s psychosexual theory stated that everyone is born with a all-natural sexual energy. That lovemaking energy offers stages of course, if an individual activities any panic related to a stage it might affect all the way into adulthood. (heffner media group, 2011).

He refers to this sexual energy as libido. Freud’s five stages happen to be oral, anal, phallic, latency, and penile. The common stage says that an infant’s pleasure centers on the mouth.

This stage lasts by birth to eighteen weeks. The anal stage says that the child’s pleasure concentrates on the rectum. This level lasts by eighteen a few months to three years of age. The phallic stage says that the child’s pleasure focuses on the sex organs.

This level lasts by three to six years of age. The dormancy stage says that the child represses lovemaking interest and focus on cultural skills. This kind of stage endures from six years old till puberty. The final stage is a genital level and this can be described as time of sex awakening intended for an individual.

This stage lasts for the rest of their life. This theory was based on one other theory based upon troubled adults. Jane shows this theory because the girl with currently in the phallic level and she is very curious about the structure of young boys and girls. Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory stated which a child obtained attitudes and skills by solving psychosocial issues within their own way.

He believed that advancement did not end after adolescence but was a lifelong process. (Cherry, 2010). Erikson widened on Freud’s theory and in addition had phases. His phases are trust vs . feeling, autonomy vs . shame and doubt, project vs . sense of guilt, industry versus inferiority, identification vs . identification confusion, closeness vs . remoteness, generativity or stagnation, and integrity versus despair.

The first level is trust vs . doubtfulness; this stage is for the first season of life because babies are totally dependent on their particular caregivers. In case the child concentration their caregiver they are less likely to have trust issues intended for the remainder with their life. Nevertheless , if the caregiver is neglectful the child will develop mistrust.

The second stage is autonomy vs . shame and doubt, this stage is usually from one to 3 years old because during toddlerhood is when children have an overabundance of a personal control. Erikson believed that learning to control oneself can lead to a sense of self-reliance. However , if this is not achieved it will cause shame and hesitation.

The third stage is initiative vs . guilt; this stage is via three to five years of age because this is definitely the age wherever children start to assert their power. This can make children feel as if they will lead other folks. However , in the event the child fails they may continue to feel accountable. This is that stage that Jane happens to be experiencing.

Once playing with various other children she may try to direct the kids into performing something the way in which she feels it should be performed. Sometimes she’s too assertive and the various other children usually do not respond to her. However when the girl gains esteem and does not abuse her power the various other children usually follow her. IV.

Synopsis of Results This case examine investigated the development of a premature child in a classroom setting. During this remark I found zero difference in the development of this child as well as the development of her peers. The lady displays similar methods of perform as various other children her age and she has precisely the same social qualities.

Her social skills continue to be developing and i also do not assume that she will ever have a problem producing friendships. Jane’s interaction with adults is additionally very usual. She responds very well to positive interest and reward from adults.

She is not afraid to request help as needed. She recognizes authority statistics and when asked to perform a job she generally complies with little hesitation. Jane is usually on goal with her development.

The lady achieved most of her breakthrough on time and has surpass everyone’s objectives. She is aware of the days from the week, the colours, the seasons, and is even beginning to read. She does not screen any proof of developmental holds off. V. Summary Even though Anne was born with many obstacles, the girl was able to get over every one of them.

When the girl was born a doctor did not think she was going to make it to her first birthday. She did not give up. For five months in the hospital she fought to survive. Even if she survived the doctor thought that the girl was going to have developmental holds off or physical afflictions. Today, this wounderful woman has neither.

She is an enthusiastic, ambitious, bold, foolish, eager and fun several year old.

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