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The situation started together with the dilemma confronted by the leading part, Jeffry Cheong when both these styles his key clients KiKi and Houida (European fashion houses) was writing to Jeffry to inform him that they may be getting excited about China while the prices are extremely competitive. Jeffry Cheong was managing overseer at Haute Couture Styles Bhd (HCF).

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Loss of the major two clients (KiKi and Houida) would be devastating to HCF as today the economic statement of HCF demonstrated HCF has become experiencing falling margins and profit over the last few years. HCF was established in 1974 by the Tan relatives with the 1st fully equipped factory in Penang Island. The president was Suntan Boon Kheong with a experienced master cutter machine, trained by British grasp cutter in the 1950 in Penang.

He started the HCF with a tiny but powerful business dressmaker men’s apparel in Argyll Road, Penang until his retirement in 1980. Peter Tan, the eldest kid of Color Boon Kheong was remaining to Europe when he was 20 years older and returned to Malaysia with a wealth of experience of equally men and women’s fashion. During that period, there was a trend of European garments manufacturers taking a look at Asia for outsourcing. By having that option, Peter started his business, especially with the European style houses. Because of limited production capacity, the 2nd factory was opened in Butterworth in July 80.

HCF’s product sales continued to experience growth through the early eighties to the middle of 1990s and number of clients had likewise increased. As a result, in 1990, HCF opened its third factory in Jitra, Kedah. In 1995, due to non-stop increasing with regard to its outfits, the fourth manufacturer was opened up in Chieng Mai, Asia.

However , over 10 years ago, Peter Color decided to power down the Penang Island stock to cut operating costs due to loss suffered by the HCF during that yr. After number of years, its profitability increased gradually and HCF pulled on its own out of the reduction making condition. Issues a few.

Closed down current production facilities (resale, tugging down or perhaps board up) If HCF decided to transfer China, then this factories in Malaysia and Thailand need to be closed straight down. This is because, in the event they were decide to maintain the current factories while having the new one in China then the lot of costs need to be received. According to Financial Controller, Daniel Tan, the industrial facilities in Butterworth and Penang have a fair value as the equipment were only just lately purchased in 2007. Additionally , HCF would be able to sell the land for any significant income as they had been located in an easy developing location. The industries would be able to promote around RM 8. 5 million.

Contrary to, factories in Jitra and Chieng Mai have really low resale worth as it had been located in non-urban areas. Because it was hard to sell both of these factories the sole option will be to shut down the factories. To do so, the factories have to be taken down that might cost HCF RM 1 ) 2 Million.

If certainly not, the factory will become a dreamland for drug addicts. In another approach, HCF can make to table up the industrial facilities for a cost of RM 2 hundred 000. Moreover, Daniel wants minimum redundancy payments around RM a few.

0 million besides the previously mentioned expenses. In the event HCF would have been to completely close down the Malaysian operations, many employees will have to be retrenched also to be unfortunate enough many of them have been with HCF for over 10 years.

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