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The first short story under consideration is “Iron Child” by simply Mo Yan. The bit of literature deals with industrialization of China, which aimed at creating the socialist model of political system of america in the beginning in the second half the twentieth century. The outcomes of the political transformation of China, particularly, kid labor, happen to be described in the story. The storyline “Iron Child” is told about by a five-year-old boy (Yan n. pag. ). One other short story under examination is “Dogshit Food” by simply Liu Heng.

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The events of this story take place in the period with the so-called Wonderful Leap Forward (1958).

“Dogshit Food” deals mainly with the problems of interpersonal life in China and political change after the World War II. The author emphasizes the human understanding of magnificence and ethical aspect of interpersonal relations. The story is being sent in the third person unique, which indicates author’s narrative. The protagonist with the novel is definitely Yang Tiankuan (Heng in. pag. ). In spite of thematic diversity and differences in the formal understanding of subject matter in both short-stories, “Dogshit Food” by Liu Heng and “Iron Child” by Mo Yan, they have a a comprehensive portfolio of similarities.

In the short account “Iron Child”, Mo Yan deals with the problems of industrialization of Chinese suppliers establishing the socialist type of political program. The article writer also shows upon the most acute and burning cultural issues, particularly, child labor. It should be mentioned that Mo Yan produces the reality by which children appeared to be the most vulnerable in the face of decisions and choices of adults. The general sculpt of the story is ominous. The tempo of spinning the storyline is predominantly moderate, gravitating towards speeding. The surrealist vision gives this short story the taste of memory, since the publisher, apparently, is usually recalling and reconsidering his childhood. The aspect of the surrealist eye-sight is put in the Flat iron Child that is the protagonist’s friend. Iron Child is endowed with extraordinary skills of consuming iron (Yan n. pag. ).

However, “Dogshit Food” by Liu Heng, most importantly, accentuates the inter-personal relationships between Yang Tiankuan great wife and Yang Tiankuan and the associated with community inhabiting the Overflow Water Pit. According to the short story, the negative a result of reformatting the agriculture and economy of China is related to the issue of malnutrition. Apparently, the writer is sketching a seite an seite between the condition and the individual’s character. The conflict between your appearance, the outer surface, and person’s internal world can be revealed throughout the lens of Yang Tiankuan’s wife. Particularly, the author evaluates the way the girl treats Yang Tiankuan and others and, consequently, the way your woman perceives the earth (Heng d. pag. ). Therefore , the problems dealt in both books are sociable life in China in the age of the truly amazing Leap Forward, years as a child and the position of children in Chinese contemporary society, interpersonal relations, human belief, and learning the beauty.

The essence of social concerns and their effects and, consequently, the cause-effect relations managed in equally short reports constitute the commonness between these particular items of literature. Another observation to be made issues the aspect of distinctiveness and autonomy of Chinese literary works in general and Chinese the entire of the 20th century in particular. The phenomenon of distinctiveness and autonomy of Chinese literature was predetermined by geographical position of Chinese suppliers as well as medical, cultural, and political separateness of this region from the remaining portion of the world. Coalescence, i. at the. loss of individuality, of the Chinese language historic-cultural frontier in Asia represented itself as a noteworthy fact popular among the second half of the twentieth 100 years. Mo Yan and Liu Heng’s positions supported Chinese identity inside the context of culture by all means.

Considering the current situation, it is vital to declare the process of bringing out the realities of the Western world to East and China and tiawan in particular. We were holding assimilated in to Eastern ground. Mo Yan and Liu Heng’s brief stories were called, above all, to speak the idea of ethnical identity for the audience across the globe. In other words, these particular pieces of materials have no audience.

In its switch, the lack of target people indicates both equally self-sufficiency and self-sustainment of art in general and books in particular. Self-sufficiency and self-sustainment are the indicators of the postmodern art, viewpoint and the notion of world. Yet , social determination of the two pieces of art is usually obvious as far as their topic is concerned. During my considered view, the issues of identity, compression and sociable determination offered in equally “Dogshit Food” by Liu Heng and Mo Yan’s “Iron Child” are important when it comes to investigating and analyzing.

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