Chocolate – a Health Food? Essay

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Is the fact heart – shaped package of sweets bad for the heart, or could that do some very good?

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Chocolate tastes so good, it just has to be guilty, right? Well, it may not become as awful as you believe. In fact , truth be told, chocolate could offer some health rewards. Nutrition specialists at Lace Southwestern The hospital at Dallas say that the cocoa veggie, the primary component in chocolate, is an excellent source of anti-oxidants, those effective compounds that help reduce the risk for malignancy and cardiovascular disease. In that respect, chocolates is similar to wine, grapes, tea, onions and apples.

When it comes to the way delicious chocolate affects the heart, things are mixed. Studies have shown which the primary fat in chocolate has a neutral effect on total bad cholesterol levels and levels of BAD, the bad bad cholesterol. In other research, chololate appears to increase triglyceride levels and decrease levels of HDL, the useful cholesterol.

Keep in mind that the good homes of delicious chocolate are based on powdered cocoa alone. Items change when ever it’s processed to turn this into sweets. That’s when ever milk and sugar happen to be added, raising the fat and cholesterol articles and diluting the antioxidant levels. Chocolates is lower in calories and higher in antioxidants than milk chocolate is usually. So what’s the bottom line?

Should you indulge a bit? Sure, says Lona Sandon, a LACE Southwestern nourishment expert and registered dietitian. Even if right now there may or may not be health benefits, a little chocolate every so often may possibly makeyou feel great.

Just remember to have it moderately.

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