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Finally in the last stanza an interview seems to be out of the question while the interviewer talks for about ten direct lines, insisting the candidate is not adequate enough for the task in question. A splash is used by the end of line 37 to convey that the candidate has cut off the interviewers. The full ceases used in the interviewers response of Yes. Pity. highlight the disparaging nature of the reply. And you were born Yes. Shame. creates the effect that the interviewers are even considering that the customer is so unsuited to the work that they consider it was a pity they was born. This is extremely bloodthirsty and entirely flippant.

The last line of the poem is effective as it includes irony very well. The interviewers and prospect obviously don’t agree yet the last line is indeed glad all of us agree. The very fact that the interviewee is silenced throughout the poem is also quite effective as the insulting sub-text of the interviewers is easier to pick up on. Finally the composition effectively provides the awkward situation interviewees are place in.

Telephone Discussion, by Wole Soyinka can be described as telephone chat between a landlady and a prospective tenant. Both equally voices are present, whereas You will be hearing from all of us shortly, is an interview where only the interviewers voice is definitely heard. You will be hearing from all of us shortly, features varying collection lengths and is also written in verse paragraphs, to show various areas of the chat, such as, requirements, age and appearance whilst Mobile phone Conversation has a set structure for line length, which can be two extended lines accompanied by a short line which is not split into separate verse paragraphs or perhaps set with responses for the opposite part of the web page, to give Phone Conversation a rhythm of natural presentation.

The initially three lines of Cell phone Conversation, focus on the potential renter describing the property in question. The home is described as a nice place to live but a bombshell is then brought upon the reader in the fourth collection as the tenant pronounces that, Nothing remains although self-confession. This is negative in implication since it is hard to know why somebody in his placement would need to concede anything. Nonetheless it is important to recall currently that the composition was written in roughly the sixties where racism was a section of the culture for certain parts of the citizenry and so instead of wasting a journey the man confessed, I actually am Africa.

The confession also shows that the prospective tenant is aware of any prejudices the landlady may possess, in You’re going to be hearing from us shortly, this did not occur to the interviewee to confess he was not really a member of This School Connect. The response to the affirmation I i am African can be Silence. Silenced This one expression sentence and use of dingdong, much like the way in which Disturbing, utilized in You’ll be hearing from us shortly, is used to put an enormous emphasis after the word. The landlady did not respond with, oh that’s no problem! she responded with silence, which will shows that this might be a factor of her matter. The repeating and sibilance are very effective in line 6-7 because they create a quiet for us to find out what the Africans thoughts are in this exact moment.

This silence full by the Africa mans ideas on the situation, Soyinka uses symbolism and assonance to illustrate that the potential tenant is definitely picturing the landlady one the other side of the coin end from the line as being a stereotype of a rich, classy middle-aged female. You will be listening to us quickly, only displays one side of the dialogue whilst Mobile phone Conversation, can be portraying both these styles the characters sides in the story and also the African guys imagination. As it is a telephone conversation it is vital that Soyinka shows the Africans impression of the landlady so that it can be seen from his point of view rather than hers just as You will be meeting up with us soon enough, is proven from the solar panels viewpoint and not the interviewees.

Much like You will be listening to us soon, the response stands out from the rest of the text, nevertheless the fact that every capitals and a different font are used instead of spacing the response on the other side of the webpage as in You’ll certainly be hearing from all of us shortly, may well imply that the landlady begins to shout as she thinks the man being simple. The landlady inhibited HOW DARKER? I had not misheard ARE YOU LIGHT OR VERY DARK? The shock of the African character is presented by the use of both ellipses upon either aspect of the term I had certainly not misheard. This really is followed by Button B. Key A. Stench of musty fusty frouzy breath of public hide-and-speak.

Button N. Button A, expresses the choice of the African character. He has to set himself in a category. This individual has the range of being pragmatic in order to increase his likelihood of letting the house or to operate for himself. Perhaps this individual sees one other choice, to reply to the question nicely or discourteously, as the landlady with the wrong to ask such a racist issue. Why should this matter is the African is light or dark? The landladys uninformed question also highlights how ludicrous this kind of prejudice is definitely. The scent act of smelling is used inside the following sentence to accentuate the shock too precise minute. There is also phrase play after hide-and-seek, while the landlady on the other end of the range is hidden from the leading part.

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